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lol she's got a Hordak belt buckle, must be She-Ra's antithesis!

Hesitant to lay out $50 for this book, I finally did & couldn't be happier. Convinced my D&D 4E group to give it a whirl and in one session we are converts, felt like the old days.

Thanks Paizo

I just heard a rumor that this was canceled? Can paizo confirm or deny this???

I put a 6mm die on the miniature base, not the miniature on the die. Plan on grabbing a set of flying stands soon, I always used white foam discs under the mini's base to indicate flying, several in fact, each disc represented a different altitude. Thinking I can use those stands with a 6mm die on the base to determine altitude...

These are GREAT! I'll post links to picks when next we game. I normally use a red 6mm die placed on the mini's base to designate who carried the torch or were it was set down/thrown, etc...

Ended up with the same problem, even with great care the hinges eventually broke! Not to fear, I found a solution! You can purchase the MAGNETIC ADAPTER KIT and attach them to your bendy walls. Now with a piece of sheet metal under my battle mat I don't even need the hinges, I've cut them all off & position the magnetized wall sections on the fly, quick, easy, & surprisingly strong. Sheet metal can be purchased at any local hardware store.