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I'd like to cancel all my subscriptions after the last KingMaker module.

Thank you.


Pleases, Could you cancel my subscriptions to Pathfinder Companion and Pathfinder Module?



Thank you, Cosmo!

The Order #1249145 shipped the 09/02 via USPS Package Service has not yet arrived, must I worry for it?

Thank you for your time.

Oh my god!, Karzoug is Mr.Burns!!!

Actually I'd prefer that PC don’t know the truth about drow, but other DM told me that all elves should know that.

Thanks for your help! I like the possibility of a elven party who is unaware of the drow.

My players have proposed an all-elf party for this AP

Do PCs born in Kyonin know something about the drows, bearing in mind that they are young and inexperienced? Or ignore it?

In my opinion the list of creatures for the summoning spells should be expanded,not only fiendish and celestial animals.

Sueki Suezo wrote:
There are a LOT of spells that need to be re-balanced in Pathfinder. Some of them need to be improved (I'm looking at you, Summon Monster/Nature's Ally Spells), but most of them need to be downgraded in power, need to have their save mechanics changed, or need to have vague wording in the spell description clarified to prevent arguments from breaking out at the gaming table.

I have mastered D&D for almost ten years and rarely i had problems with the spells. What you say is only an opinion, not an universal truth. Anyway, each Dm is free to nerf the spells at his his game, of course.

Great! Thank you, Cosmo!


I received an e-mail (Paizo Order #1049662) with the following products of my subscriptions:

1 x Pathfinder #15 -- Second Darkness Chapter 3: "The Armageddon Echo" (OGL) Print Edition (preorder)
1 x Pathfinder Chronicles: Gods & Magic (OGL) Print Edition (preorder)
1 x Pathfinder Companion: Elves of Golarion (OGL) Print Edition (preorder)
1 x Pathfinder Module D4: Hungry Are the Dead (OGL) Print Edition (preorder)

Pathfinder Module LB2 (Treasure of Chimera Cove (OGL) Print Edition) was missing. Can you please ship me the module with the shipment?

Thank you so much! Paizo rocks!

I want the campaign setting, but it does not appear in my order history. Can you ship it this month with the rest of books?


Perfect! ^_^

Thank you very much, Vic

Iridal wrote:
Please: in gold edition, the spells should not suck

True. I agree. Pahfinder's magic is very sad

If the pathfinder's magic sucks.... is better don't change it.

Could you please add #1002654 order (Pathfinder Chronicles subscription) to my august shipment (order #1004603, Pathfinder 12 & 13), please? could you combine all my subscriptions this month? Or isn’t possible?