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I'm gonna make you an offer you cant refuse

Goblin Squad Member

We protect our friends, cabrone. You want to be our friend, yes? It would be unfortunate if something should happen to your lovely establishment. There are many evil men about, and a shopkeeper needs someone to protect him and his goods. I'm sure we can come to an accommodation, yes?

I knew it was you Spanky
I knew it was you ...

Your lack of faith is ...disturbing

But game of Thrones kicks back on April 1st! =DDD

May your daughter spawn many fingerlings, and may the majority of them elude the seagulls and grow to be strong goombahs.


I wish you every blessing, on this, your wedding day.

May you have many male children!

Sleeping wit' de fishes means somethin' different when you're a merfolk mafiosi ...


Deep within the heart of the Sandflea District, the hidden opulent headquarters of the Black Pearl Guild seethes with activity. Members run to and fro spreading rumors, cementing alliances and storing weapons in safe houses.

At the center of the spiderweb of intrigue an old sea elf grown to a bloated size sits among his lieutenents and ponders war.