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i played a bantrid. it was fun. hated stairs and rolling over liquids and everything that could stick.... great time

a summoner class would be nice... i mean we have so many races...

maybe a... portal conjurer ?

well i got one important question: are there reality tv shows/soaps only with contemplative?

it rly is an awesome hack and probably op.

but mending doesnt work on pcs unfortunately, since it targets only "one object of up to 1 bulk" so u cannot combine it with optimize tech

anyway. thanks for the list

any hollow knight references?

Payton Smith wrote:
It's earlier start times currently due to folks schedules around the office. Once things calm down we will try to transition it back to it's old time slot to best fit with viewers times. This should be temporary as we get things sorted on our end.

i totally appreacheate earlier starting times!! much better for european folks.

and also glad its returning.... be rdy for my question barrage....

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paizo just answered me on yt. sfw will come back after gen con :O

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thanks dan. the streams were a blast. hope we can keep them

awesome chris. thanks for the additional effort. u mentioned your email adress. are we allowed to send u more questions to aballon, triune and androids in general?

since dan did not ask all my questions (i think they were only a few. a humble request for some small questions) i ask all my left over questions here:
Q: are the anacites themselves the first ones without knowing?

Q: how big is the biggest mass fabricated anacite?

Q: can u rly not build near the first one cities like the myriad accident showed or was that a coincidence?

Q: whats inside ubiquity?

Q: what is the biggest secret of aballon?

Q: why didnt the first ones left some kind of culture?

ps: thanks for aballon, triune and androids. they are BY FAR my favorites

a stream about aballon pls? PLEASE? DAN?

im not rly more smart then before. it just is the new race boost with additional skil lboost.

will there be a rule to craft ur own backgrounds??
im not sure if i like these determened things....

and also. wtf is pf society skill?

gj! i wanna play that paladin now

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so u can craft a master sword now?? has nintendo already contacted you?

so since u only talked about hightening spells.
what about other metamagic? is it still a thing?

- what about our all favorites grease and color spray? give us some hints!

-did u balance or deleted some old op spells like phantasmal killer?

Hey, since Triune followers praise the Starstone and all other driftbecons, wouldnt it be natural to make the headquarters of the triune church next to the starstone?

does any1 know something about that?

i wonder how this will be balanced. isnt this going to favour some skills over others? for example diplomacy will be insanely strong.

i like the complexity like others already said. and the wide range of possibilities. the combat is fun and the rollplay part is also fun. just a great system.
char creation can be fast or rly tricky. but its always fun to dig in

are there any changes to the hp system?

we already know u get hp from class and race now from the podcast.
but there wont be a stamina system like in sf?

i like the fact in sf that u can replanish ur stamina points after a short rest and stay in a dungeon without the need of a healer.

how is it done in 2nd ed?