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Full Name

Doctor Drokk


more effects:
M Half Orc


Fighter 1 (unbreakable) / Alchemist 10 (beastmorph) | Current AC 23 T 11 FF 23 | HP 92/92 | F +16 R +13 W +8 | Init +1 | Perc +14/16 darkvision 60'


active effects:








Common, Orc, Goblin, Giant, Tien, Dwarven, Infernal


Alchemist, Hellknight

Strength 23
Dexterity 12
Constitution 14
Intelligence 18
Wisdom 10
Charisma 7

About Doctor Drokk

"Judgement in the face of depravity!"

Doctor Drokk is a hideous mishapen hunchback of a half-orc.

An equally disgusting creature vaguely resembling a grey, naked monkey can sometimes be seen sitting atop his shoulder.

Doctor Drokk
Male half orc Fighter (unbreakable) 1/ Alchemist (Beastmorph) 10
LN Medium humanoid (human, orc)
Init +1; Senses darkvision 60 ft.; Perception +14 (+16 to find hidden stuff or identify potions)
AC 23, touch 11, flat-footed 23 (+12 armour, +1 Dex, +1 insight when flat footed)
hp 92 (11 HD; 1d10+10d8+32)
Fort +16, Ref +13, Will +8 (+1 insight bonus to saves in surprise round or when flat footed; +2 to saves vs curses)
CMD 25 [Mutated CMD: 27]
Defensive Abilities: diehard, deathless initiate, lingering spirit, spontaneous healing + healing touch (50hp), preserve organs (25% fortification), mummification
Immune: cold, nonlethal, paralysis, sleep
Speed 20 ft.; fly 40 ft (good) [base speeds 30' landspeed, 60' flight when mutated]
CMB 14
Melee +1 nodachi +15/+10 (1d10+10/18-20x2) or
. . cold iron morningstar +14/+9 (1d8+6/x2) or
. . alchemical silver light mace +14/+9 (1d6+6/x2) or
. . alchemical silver warhammer +14/+9 (1d8+6/x3) or
. . armour spikes +14/+9 (1d6+6/x2) or
. . whip +14/+9 (1d3+6/x2 nonlethal) or
. . 2 x claw +14 (1d6+6/x2) +2d6 vicious and
. . bite +14 (1d8+6/x2) +2d6 vicious
Ranged alchemist bomb (15/day) +10 ranged touch 5d6+4 fire (Ref DC 18) or
. . alchemical grenade +10 ranged touch, various effects or
. . composite longbow +9/+4 (1d8/x3)

Alchemist Extracts Prepared (CL 10th; concentration +14)
(2/day). . 4th : echolocation, [open]
(4/day). . 3rd : displacement, thorn body, countless eyes, resinous skin
(5/day). . 2nd : alchemical allocation (2), false life, ablative barrier, barkskin
(6/day). . 1st : long arms, enlarge person, heightened awareness, expeditious retreat, true strike, [open]

Admixture vial infusion: thorn body + displacement
Poisoner's glove 1: enlarge person
Poisoner's glove 2: true strike

Beastmorph feral mutagen (+4STR, -2INT, wings (60' good), pounce, grab, +2NA, 2 claws, bite)

formula book:

4th - death ward, fire shield, echolocation
3rd - displacement, fly, remove disease, haste, protection from energy, remove curse, remove blindness, amplify elixir, cure serious wounds, undead anatomy 1, thorn body, burrow, communal resist energy, resinous skin, absorbing touch, communal delay poison, countless eyes
2nd - alchemical allocation, alter self, levitate, cure moderate wounds, perceive cues, cat's grace, stalwart resolve, false life, invisibility, barkskin, vine strike, bull's strength, resist energy, lesser restoration, vomit swarm, spider climb, ablative barrier, see invisibility, bear's endurance, darkvision, ghostly disguise, elemental touch, focused scrutiny, delay poison
1st - crafter's fortune, adhesive spittle, bomber's eye, targeted bomb admixture, long arms, enlarge person, shield, true strike, comprehend languages, cure light wounds, heightened awareness, touch of the sea, monkey fish, ant haul, expeditious retreat, identify, disguise self, reduce person, endure elements, illusion of calm, anticipate peril, detect secret doors, detect undead


Str 23, Dex 12, Con 14, Int 18, Wis 10, Cha 7
Base Atk +8; CMB +14; CMD 25

Power attack (-3/+6,+9), Endurance, Diehard, Extra bombs, Throw anything, Extra Discovery (4), Deathless Initiate

accelerated drinker, bruising intellect

(armour check penalty -5)
acrobatics -1 (jump -5) (armoured)
appraise 10
climb 5 (armoured)
*craft alchemy 18 (28 to make alchemical items)
*disable device 6 (armoured)
*fly 14 (armoured) (beastmorph)
intimidate 11 (14 in heavy armour; 15 in heavy armour and mutated)
*know: arcana 17
know: dungeoneering 12
*know: engineering 10
know: local 8
know: nature 10
*know: planes 15
*perception 14 (16 to find hidden stuff, detect spoiled food, identify potions)
sense motive 0
*spellcraft 18

* = +1 rank added at level 11

Conditional modifiers vs hellknights: +5 diplomacy, +2 bluff, +2 intimidate

common, orc, goblin, giant, dwarven, tien, infernal

Special qualities:

alchemy (alchemy crafting +10); extracts, bombs, beastmorph feral mutagen (gain three of darkvision 60', lowlight vision, scent, climb 60', swim 60', fly 60' (good), pounce, grab, trip; physical stat +4, mental stat -2, +2 natural armour; duration 100 minutes; 2 x claw and 1 x bite)
discoveries (tumour familiar: monkey, infusion, enhance potion (4/day), feral mutagen, lingering spirit, spontaneous healing, healing touch, preserve organs, mummification)
city raised (proficient in whip and longsword)
sacred tattoo
darkvision 60'
orc blood


gear from current scenario:

combat gear:
weapons as above
spiked fullplate +3 (features hatches for tumour familiar access and egress)
vicious amulet of mighty fists
cloak of resistance +3
cracked green prism ioun stone (saves) (implanted)
discerning wayfinder, fitted with clear spindle ioun stone
boro bead (level 1)
boro bead (level 2)
cold iron arrows (9)
ghost-salted cold iron arrows (10)
silver arrows (10)
poisoners' gloves (normally worn by Nigel)
golembane scarab (normally worn by Nigel)

alchemical weapons:
tanglefoot bags (1)
alchemists' fire (4)
alkali (3)
holy weapon balm (5)
silver weapon blanch (12)
holy water (6)
ghost salt blanch (2)

alchemical remedies:
antitoxin (1)
antiplague (3)
meditation tea (1)
smelling salts (1)
salix (3)
twitch tonic (1)
bloodblock (3)
water purifying sponge (1)
fortifying brew (3)
gravelly tonic (1)

greater magic fang
elixir of solar vigour
oil of daylight
oil of bless weapon (3) (2)
shield of faith (+2 deflection)

true strike
touch of the sea

other gear:
handy haversack
formula alembic
admixture vial
iron vial x 20
formula book
confluence of 5 elements (formula book with preparation ritual: 1/day, one of your bombs is a blinding bomb)
trader's outfit
alchemy crafting kit
masterwork thieves' tools
50' silk rope
smoked goggles
griffon-mane tabard
spring-loaded wrist sheath x 2
belt of giant strength +4
traveller's anytool
headband of vast intelligence +2 (infernal; know: planes)
wand of cure light wounds (11 charges remain) - in sheath
wand of comprehend languages (24 charges remain)
wand of shield (44 charges remain)- in sheath

left at lodge:
alchemy lab

wealth: 10167gp

tracked resources:

Bombs 16/16
Enhance potion 4/4
Spontaneous healing 50/50
Boro bead lvl 1 1/1
Boro bead lvl 2 1/1
Mutagen 1/1
Poisoner's gloves 2/2
Admixture vial 1/1
Blinding bomb 1/1
Archivist 1/1
Enduring Scholar 1/1
Alchemical efficiency boon 6/20
gm reroll 1/1


Male "monkey"
Tiny magical beast (tumour familiar)
Init +2; Senses lowlight vision; Perception +5
AC 16, touch 14, flat-footed 14 (+2 natural armour, +2 Dex, +2 size)
hp 46
Fort +9, Ref +9, Will +4
Base Atk +8; CMB +8; CMD 14;
Speed 30 ft.
bite +12, 1d3-4/x2
grenade +12 vs touch, various
Abilities Str 3 Dex 15 Con 10 Int 15 Wis 12 Cha 5

Extra item slot (hands), tiny familiar weapon finesse

Skills (20 ranks)
Acrobatics 10
Climb 10
Fly 6
Perception 5 (1 rank)
Stealth 10
Swim 2
Know.religion 15 (5 ranks)
Know.history 15 (5 ranks)
Know.geography 14 (4 ranks)
Know.nobility 14 (4 ranks)
Know.planes 7
Know.arcana 7
Know.nature 7
Know.local 7
Know.dungeoneering 7
Know.engineering 7
Linguistics 3 (1 rank; Common)

Special abilities
lowlight vision, master gets +3 to acrobatics checks, improved evasion, share spells, empathic link, deliver touch spells, speak with monkeys, dazzling intellect, sage's knowledge

Poisoners' gloves (usually loaded with alchemist infusions); golembane scarab

Discerning Wayfinder; Armiger, Hellknight (Order of the Gate); see conditional skill modifiers above.

Bot me!:

Drokk is a melee combatant first and foremost. Bombs can be useful, but generally Drokk will prefer to engage claw to claw.

Longrunning buffs are consumed when Drokk is expecting trouble or entering a dungeon. These normally include:

  • Strength beastmorph mutagen: STR +4, INT -2, AC +2 natural, pounce, grab, wings (fly 60')
  • Enhance Potion: greater magic fang (+1 enhancement bonus to natural attacks for 10 hours), heroism (+2 morale bonus to attack, saves, skill and ability checks for 100 minutes)
  • heightened awareness (+2 to trained knowledges and perception checks for 100 mins, can burn for +4 initiative when combat starts)
  • countless eyes (all-round vision, cannot be flanked) for 100 mins
  • Ablative barrier (converts first 5 points of damage to nonlethal, which Drokk is immune to, up to 50 damage total) for 10 hours
  • Resinous Skin (DR5/piercing and weapons striking Drokk need a DC17 Reflex Save to avoid getting stuck) for 100 mins
  • Echolocation (blindsight 40') for 100 mins.

Drokk will engage with natural weapons if this method will hurt the enemy, or will use his nodachi if it is preferable to physical contact or if making three vicious attacks is deemed too risky.

Drokk likes to have a shield extract in place when combat breaks out, and will consume one or activate his wand of shield if it is not running, unless foes seem like they might do little hp damage. He will use a "battle extract" for a boss fight (prepared with admixture vial); this is often pre-loaded into the poisoners' gloves and delivered by Nigel.

Buffed attack sequence with feral mutagen, greater magic fang, heroism:
2 x claw, +18 (1d6+9/x2) +2d6 vicious
bite, +18 (1d8+9/x2) +2d6 vicious

Drokk will power attack unless target is hard to hit, gives -3 to hit and +6 damage on natural attacks.

Thorn body adds +1d6 to all natural attacks, causes 1d6+10 damage to anyone striking Drokk with a melee, unarmed or natural attack (not with a reach weapon), and causes 2d6+10 damage to anything successfully grappling Drokk.

Nigel, the tumour monkey familiar, will re-attach to (merge with) Drokk to heal (fast healing 5) if reduced to 10hp or less. When emerged, he will sometimes throw alchemical weapons such as alchemists' fire and tanglefoot bags.

buff with infusions if cannot attack
attack with natural weapons if mutated
attack with nodachi if not mutated
bomb if cannot reach target to melee (if this does not hit allies)
blinding bomb if spellcaster enemy (1/day)
employ mutagen and battle infusion for boss fight


Prized find: gain 1PP when you fail a secondary success condition, 1 only
You be goblin! +2 bonus on social skill checks vs goblins
Sight of the Unseeing: +1 insight bonus to AC and saves in surprise round and when flatfooted; cross off this boon to add 1d6 to a d20 roll before rolling, or to adjust a d% roll of a divination by plus or minus 1d6
Scholar: 1 per scenario, purchase a scroll of 1 spell at 20% discount
Darklands Study: +2 sense motive vs darklands humanoids, +2 to knowledge checks about these creatures
Upstanding Archivist: get 1 item from Overflow Archives at 75% of normal cost
Master of Secrets: 1 only, +4 intimidate vs named NPC
Skilfull barterer: 1 only, in settlement of at least 100 people, exchange up to 300gp of nonmagical goods
Blessing of Malikeen: 1 only, endure elements (cold) and resist altitude sickness
Leyline Scholar: +1 caster level in certain parts of Tian Xia (Amanandar, Jinin, Wanshou, Zi Ha)
Spirits of the Past: 1 only, gain a use of the Medium Shared Seance ability
New Recruit: 1 only, as a standard action direct new pathfinder J.Dacilane to cast a spiritualist spell; spell level up to 1/3 of your character level, caster level = character level -3, with Wisdom score = 17. The spellcasting originates from your square. (Some examples: bestow curse, clairaudience/clairvoyance, ethereal fists, fly, gaseous form, haste, magic circle, greater magic fang, speak with dead, tongues, invisibility, see invisibility, surmount affliction, feather fall, cure serious wounds)
Kaboom! Kablam! Cross off this boon when lighting a nonmagical firework to double the damage it deals and increase the DC of any saves against it by 2.
Mercy's blessing: 1 only, reroll a save vs poison or disease and take better result
Nira's gratitude: Gain a soulbound doll as an improved familiar OR 1 only, reroll a knowledge, perception or sense motive check with a bonus equal to 6 + character level.
Azlanti historian: +1 know. history regarding Azlant, +2 linguistics to interpret Azlanti writing. 1 only, gain +2 to any know. history roll.
Curious pipefox: gain a pipefox improved familiar OR 1 only, get a result of 25 or a +5 bonus on a know: religion or know: history roll, even if not trained.
Darklands delver: +2 to all knowledge checks re dangers of the Darklands, and can make checks untrained. This bonus is +4 regarding Duergar. Cross off this boon to take 20 on a knowledge check re: Duergar.
Hellknights' Respect: eligible for free retraining into Hellknight prestige classes
Reinforced Alliance: +2 diplo, bluff, intimidate vs members of a Hellknight order
Coiled Companion: access to unique variant animal companions
Jikaru's respect: 1 only SLA from the following list (caster level = character level, CHA 17). dispel magic, invisibility, longstrider, mirage arcana, stone shape, wind wall
Righteous Redemption: free stuff - 6 holy water, 1 oil of bless weapon
Worthy foe (scoundrels): 3 only, vs humans, swift action: +2 attack, +2 weapon damage, +2 dodge to AC OR +2 on caster level checks vs spell resistance, +1 to save DCs vs my abilities and spells, +2 to my saves against their spells and abilities. These bonuses last until beginning of my next turn.
Archivist: 1/adventure, gain a +3 bonus on any knowledge or linguistics check. Learn an additional language.
Hex adept: +2 to save vs curses
Enduring scholar: +2 to one save vs spell per adventure, must choose to add the bonus before you roll the save.
Genie Grudge (earth): 2 times only, you or your familiar gains one of the following effects. (1) immediate action, get +4 to save against an (earth) spell or an ability created by a creature with the (earth) subtype.
(2) as an immediate action, gain +4 to AC vs attacks of an (earth) subtype creature until beginning of your next turn.
(3) as a free action gain +4 to an INT, WIS or CHA based skill check to identify, influence or study a creature of the (earth) subtype. If the creature is a genie, the bonus is +6.
Martyr's Shard 1: Free action, 1 only. Grant 1 weapon you wield a +1 enhancement bonus and the ability to overcome DR and regeneration as if it was cold iron and good for one minute.
Scarred champion: 1 only, if you would fail a save against a spell or SLA from an undead creature you may gain 1d6 added to the save. This leaves a hand-sized scar on your body courtesy of the empyreal lord Vildeis.
Ankhili's gratitude: if you need to eat and drink and have no access to food and water there is a 50% chance that a bowl of heated rice and a cup of drinking water appears, sufficient for one medium creature. This can successfully happen 1/scenario.
Fossilblight's saviour: for one scenario only you can borrow the minor artifact Fossilblight.
Tapestry Fast Travel: Amanandar - Absalom. When in either location, you are treated as being in both locations for the purpose of boons and vanities that are location dependent. (see also Leyline Scholar Boon above).
Alchemical efficiency: cross boxes off this boon instead of expending alchemical consumables (12/20 remain).
Accumulating an Army: Riftwardens (benefits when directly commanding Riftwardens).
Blackfire Ally: 1 only, cast Summon Monster IV as an SLA to summon one fiendish or evil subtype creature.
Riftwarden Magic: gain access to some spells from Demonslayers' Handbook as if they appear on Additional Resources.
Zahra's tactics: 3 only, gain a +1 insight bonus to attack and damage against a genie. You can stack these into a single attack.
Aquel's favour: 1 only, gain a holy aura that functions as a double strength (+4) Magic Circle vs Evil for 1 round/level, as a standard action.
Elemental Conduit: 1 only, cast Cone of Cold or Control Water as an SLA at your level, with CHA as your casting stat. OR use the boon to raise the Caster Level or DC of a Cold or Water spell by 2.
Water affinity
Welcome in the Boundless Sea: +1 diplo vs undines and creatures with the Water subtype. Gain a potion of water breathing or three elixirs of swimming, OR gain a discount on certain magic items.
Writings of Rachikan: +3 to knowledge checks regarding Jistkan Imperium and its constructs. Cross off this boon to reroll an attack against a construct with a +2 bonus.


XP: 30 Fame: 59 Prestige: 33
1. Mists of Mwangi; 1xp, 2PP
2. The Wounded Wisp; 1xp, 2PP
3. We Be Goblins!; 1xp, 1PP
4. Legacy of the Stonelords; 1xp, 2PP
5. The Overflow Archives; 1xp, 2PP
6. Out of Anarchy; 1xp, 2PP
7. Between the Lines; 1xp, 2PP
8. Voice in the Void; 1xp, 2PP
9. School of Spirits; 1xp, 2PP
10. We Be Goblins Free!; 1xp, 2PP;
11. To Judge a Soul 1: the Lost Legacy; 1xp, 2PP
12. To Judge a Soul 2: Karma Reclaimed; 1xp, 2PP
13. The Twisted Circle; 1xp, 2PP
14. The Traitor's Lodge; 1xp, 2PP
15. The Sun Orchid Scheme; 1xp, 2PP
16. Beyond Azlant Ridge; 1xp, 2PP
17. The Deepmarket Deception; 1xp, 2PP
18. Captives of Toil; 1xp, 2PP
19. Orders from the Gate; 1xp, 2PP
20. Ward Asunder; 1xp, 2PP
21. From the Tome of Righteous Repose; 1xp, 2PP
22. The Solstice Scar (A); 1xp, 2PP
23. What Sleeps in Stone; 1xp, 2PP
24. The Fabric of Reality; 1xp, 2PP
25. Port Godless; 1xp, 2PP
26. Forbidden Furnace of Forgotten Koor; 1xp, 2PP
27. Fingerprints of the Fiends; 1xp, 2PP
28. Fury of the Fiend: 1xp, 2PP
29. Torrent's Last Will: 1xp. 2PP
30. Fate of the Fiend: 1xp, 2PP