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As Jason has already mentioned work is beginning on books supporting 2.0 I'm not sure how much time there is going to be by the end of the play test for Paizo to make many major changes to the rules set.

One or two changes, like tweaks to the hotly disliked resonance system may well already be in the pipeline, but I feel that time constraints alone mean what you see is, to a greater extent, going to be what you get.

I personally don't like it. There is nothing I've found in the play test that is better than 1.0. There is different, which runs the gamut of just as good to awful, but no one single thing stands out to me as better than the rules we already have.

There will need to be a lot more changes than I think Paizo can manage for this to hook me.

Just found your post so I'm going to download episode 1 and give it a try.

I agree with several of the OP's points and am pretty much of one mind on the marks out of 10 for the individual books. Book 5 is just so bad,it's like someone phoned it in as a bad 1st edition AD&D module and as I played 1st edition for many years when it was the only edition I have some experience in that area.
Not only is book 5 such a huge disappointment book 6 is not better enough to make sitting through book 5 a decent payoff. I tend to find all AP's have at least one book weaker than the rest of the AP but book 5 of Runelords is one of the weakest of the lot.

Still thanks to the OP for posting his thoughts I found it an interesting read even though I've already done the AP myself and it's interesting to read what issues others have had. Most of all though congrats on sticking through 8 years that's a dedication few people would put into running one adventure Path.

Jacob W. Michaels wrote:
I believe they’ve said the results of this AP (and others) will be reflected in canon material that comes out with Pathfinder 2nd Edition.

That makes sense now you've said it. Thanks

I'd like ask this question, does anyone know if this AP is going to have a major effect on Taldor as a whole in the future?

I'm asking in opposition to say Hell's Rebels which makes it quite clear at the start you're influencing a local area and Hells Venegance with also states it's not there to undo it's predecessor.

So I'm asking I guess has anyone read anything that suggests Taldor is going to be a lot different to the recent source-book after this AP?

So the question I'm most interested in right now is whether the 3 actions and a reaction is now all she wrote about attacks per round?

Has the fighter and their subclasses lost their extra attacks relative to other classes as they level up?

Also does anyone else think they've gone way too far with making the components of casting a spell each separate actions? There's a lost of interesting stuff in the play test but I thought this was just so bad.

I decided to give this a try as I'm always up for a new podcast. Both DM and player are very good and despite the fact we join in book 2 there is a good synopsis for what happened in book 1 to cover what we missed.
However, and this is a deal breaker for me personally, someone is babysitting during the sessions and I find it very concentration breaking. I gave it to episode 3 but cannot go on.
I wish Sugar Filled Gamers luck with their future endeavours though as they otherwise produce a very interesting podcast.

Now up to episode 7 and it's getting better by the week. I really recommend you check this out, I'm loving it

Definitely Desna and she feels like the right goddess for most adventurers to pick to me.

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I like that, very 13th Warrior if you've seen that movie. Okay it's the bad guys who use the animal style masks in that but it's still cool!

Well I promised you some feedback and after listening to Episode One. I'm sorry to say I won't be joining you and your friends for the rest of the pod.

I wish you all the best with it and your DM is doing a superb job, but I found two problems. Firstly the DM and one or two of the players have perfect audio while Asharok was to me almost entirely inaudible every time he spoke. I have a hearing issue so that may be me but it does make hard to follow.

Secondly and I'll make this as polite as I can as this is your friend, I really felt the urge to mute Percy almost from the off and it continued through the episode.

I hope you don't take offence at this as it's purely my opinion and others may well have a far different listening experience to me. I apologize if I have upset you in any way with my candor but I cannot in good conscience tell you a lie either.

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I'll offer this as a thought. Maybe the problem the Vigilante has to overcome is partially created by the Iconic Vigilante. He's at first glance Batman for fantasy, even the costume echos the Batman Family look he could easily be the next Red Robin.

Now I personally found that amusing and read on, but I can imagine differing types of people who would be put off, annoyed or even outraged by that concept and never really move beyond it to discover there is much more in the class to discover.

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I'm new to Pathfinder but I'm long experienced in RPGs and I'll happily use different versions of spells as I've always done. Picking the version I like best.

For those with very long memories, remember how 2nd edition rushed to change Sepia Snake Sigil? Well I ignored that from the very off and still use the 1st edition version.

It's the same for the party as it is for the NPC's.

From a purely playing perspective I'm not sure I'd want to spend a feat on your definition of a cohort.

Out of interest, you appear to be trying to stop them being of great use in adventures so what are you actually expecting the players to use them for?

Cool, I've book marked it for a listen so I'll hit you up on twitter in a few days with my opinion in case you're interested.

Is this an AP play through or home brew within Golarion?

Thanks for the advice

Check out Adventure Awaits It's a really fun podcast that's not long started doing the Ire of the Storm module.

They're only four parts in so far, fifth part drops this week, so it's still easy to catch up on. I have nothing to do with this pod personally but I'm a huge fan and just wanted to share my find

Basically am I allowed to share a link for a new actual play Pathfinder podcast I found in case anyone is interested? New to the boards so i felt I should ask first before posting a link