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1.  Toff Ornelos
Candlemere Tower
Thread (76 posts),

Useful for kingmaker



3.  Varisian Wanderer
Re: What would make High Level Play (12+) easier?
Post, by Aelryinth

4.  Abadar
Question for DMs: What spells from APG and Ultimate Magic are now must haves for your optimized casters?
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5.  Glass Dragonfly
Making Caravans Profitable
Thread (14 posts),

6.  Tarrasque
Let's talk about Stealth and Perception
Thread (161 posts),

7.  Dwarf
Re: Noble House Statistics
Post, by Diego Rossi

8.  Adam Daigle's private flumph
Re: Android Race from Inner Sea Bestiary
Post, by Adam Daigle