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Pillbug... In... SPACE!!! wrote:
Limeylongears wrote:

Angel Blade?

Winged Shard?

All three of whom supported 'Diamond Head' on their 1987-1994 tour of Belgium.

How did you get that word past the swear filter?

G@!!~~n it, I bet it was Bill, or Tom! Those f*#%ers!!

There isn't anything they won't edit.

Do you know how many f&*%ing movies I've been in!

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Cap'n Yesterday's Spring Fever wrote:

It's still winter. >:-(

I'd elaborate, but it would only be f@~&ing swears anyf%#*ingway. G%!*%&n s*~~ f%#+ing cold ass f&##ing s$&*ty ass weather. >:-(

So, I can say ass, but not my name, despite being a f#$%ing legend.


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My favorite oddity of the censorship thingy is I couldn't make a Dick Van D%@! alias.

I get it, it's the last part, but the man is a legend of the silver screen.

Of course, I didn't let that get in my way. :-)

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Well, that's a tier 1 class! You can't play that! We'll all die!

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Redbeard the Scruffy wrote:

Bit of a euphemism, given for some reason t@$! is is filtered.

But ass isn't. Weird.

Try saying dick van d$!~, poor guy, a legend of american cinema, and he can't even use his real name. :-(

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Well don't look at me, they're all at Bill's house!

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Don't f$$~ing get me started on the g@&&$*n auto censor the f~!&ing thing won't even let me say Dick Van D$%+, an institution of American Cinema! what kind of s!%$ is that!

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Dirk Von Duke wrote:
Mary Poppins wrote:
On the one hand I should be happy no one had Mary Poppins.

Chim chiminee chim chiminee chim chim cheroo!

Awn ver rooftawps ov Laaahndan Oi swept out 'er flue!

But, where's Harvey! That f~~+ing Rabbit's really starting to piss me off, f$*#ing a$@!+&*, always hiding, well guess who looks like the crazy a@%#&&+! Me! That's f*~!ing who!!!