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Balentyne has burned. The PC's got there, spent a fortnight plotting, then struck. Killed the troupe of actors and left the desecrated remains on the road to draw out a patrol, then ambushed the patrol. Framed the dwarven Leader for theft, timing it so when the captains came to question him he'd be drunk and argumentative, leading to him quitting and taking his lads with him. Played Eddarly and Mott off against each other(Mott got a critical and beheaded him with the first swing of the duel). Lord Havelyn, the Magister, Mad Martin, Father Donnegan and Captain Barhold all died swiftly while in the radius of Silence spells, while a score of rank and file lay sick from poison in their barracks. Having opened the Gates, our vile villains stood on the bridge of death and took on all comers till Sakkarot and his lads cracked the seal and flooded through to take the defenders from the rear.

Awesome campaign, players are loving it, plotting like loons and cackling randomly.
Can't wait for book two, DEFINITELY buying it.

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Thanks Are, but what Hit Dice does he get? It IS level 4 we're proposing starting at, so that'd suit...