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Update, damn your black hide!

Hey guys,
Recently moved to SW London, interested in joining a gaming group at some point in the next few months. Still getting sorted out with work at the moment, so I'm not sure what nights/days I'll be available. I'm mostly just checking to see who's in the area with a view to setting something up at SOME point. I mostly play Pathfinder, D&D 3.5/4th Edition, but I'm open to having a go at other systems. I'm generally quite good at picking up new systems.
If you need someone to bash, burn or shoot bad guys while dropping corny oneliners, give me a shout.


You answered my googled query 6 months in advance....
Truly, thou art a ninja.

Ummm.... Roughly how many minions should the PCs have in Ghastenhall?!?!

Indeed yes, I am.

Are the various creature options balanced? Is the lycanthrope option balanced?

Is she balanced, PJ? My players want to be lycanthropes, and really like this. I'm tending towards the shifter barbarian from Wayfinder no5...

heheh, whoops. I mucked that up!

Meh, my players are happy to wait. I've got them and Tiadora stopping off at various wee unsuspecting coastal villages for a spot of.... recreation....

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Balentyne has burned. The PC's got there, spent a fortnight plotting, then struck. Killed the troupe of actors and left the desecrated remains on the road to draw out a patrol, then ambushed the patrol. Framed the dwarven Leader for theft, timing it so when the captains came to question him he'd be drunk and argumentative, leading to him quitting and taking his lads with him. Played Eddarly and Mott off against each other(Mott got a critical and beheaded him with the first swing of the duel). Lord Havelyn, the Magister, Mad Martin, Father Donnegan and Captain Barhold all died swiftly while in the radius of Silence spells, while a score of rank and file lay sick from poison in their barracks. Having opened the Gates, our vile villains stood on the bridge of death and took on all comers till Sakkarot and his lads cracked the seal and flooded through to take the defenders from the rear.

Awesome campaign, players are loving it, plotting like loons and cackling randomly.
Can't wait for book two, DEFINITELY buying it.

Dear Gary,
Any idea yet what time in february? Mid, late, whatever - cause I got some evil players here gettin' mighty antsy....
Seriously though, awesome work. Players having a blast, and I'm enjoying running it.

'Ok guys, I'll disguise self so i look like a street urchin, fling a pebble at the evil priest dude we need to quietly spirit off the streets, when he chases me he'll run past you guys, trip him, knock him out, chuck him in the sack, we'll interrogate him later.'
*flings pebble*
*Rolls 20, followed by twenty*
'Cool, max damage!'
DM had houseruled that a twenty/twenty crit meant you didn't roll, you just got max damage. Including sneak attack and whatnot. Was also using massive damage thresholds for both lethal and nonlethal.
Level 15 rogue. 54 damage. Failed Fort save. Concussed evil priest!

A Magekiller Golem.
Pops up, runs at the fighters without a sound because it's got a constant Silence effect, then bamf - Cape of the Mountebank/Dimension Door right past em so it can get ugly with the wizardy/archer types. Maybe have it so the fighters have to take Perception checks to realise what just happened, give the golem a round to lay some hurt on. I was thinking something panthery looking.... Just an idea!

In the Chronicles campaign setting, there's an option for your cleric to give up his domains and gain BAB and HD bonuses - what would be the best option for doing something similar with a wizard?

One of my players has come up with an idea for a weapon which is entirely new as far as I know. He wants a scythe which, with a push of a button/twist of the handle, has the blade extend up and straighten, so it becomes a polearm. The idea being that with Exotic weapon Prof and this weapon, he can use a swift action when he gets charged to suddenly become braced for the charge with the weapon.
We've figured that he'd need Exotic Weapon Proficiency, and that anyone trying to sunder the weapon would get +2 to the roll, due to the semi-collapsible nature of the haft. Also, I should stress that this is for a BBEG NPC in a campaign he's planning, not for a PC, so it's likely not going to totally unbalance the campaign or anything, just looking for ideas as to what damage/crit multipliers it'd have, and want to know if anyone has any ideas to make it cooler....

Goth Guru wrote:
Yeah, broken ones, like that.

Broken ones?

Send them to go take out a bandit camp cause they've been hitting caravans, try and set it up so that get ambushed, take out most of the bandits, pursue the remainder only to find that they're from a small village who your BBEG has organised draconian taxes against because he needs something in the area or some such... Good PCs will fight all the harder, and hate him all the more, to redeem themselves... Imagine if a paladin PC chases some bandit through the woods, covered in blood, only to burst into a wee village and find out he just made a bunch of orphans!
Just a thought!

From David Gemmell books. They're an amalgam of human with a bear, wolf or other beast. Kind of like a Worg, but some of them retain traits and memories from their past lives. I imagine it'd be a template kind of jobby, and I think it'd be a cool tool/calling card for a recurring villain. PC's fond of the curmudgeonly old Druid they befriended? Oh, dear, he's been forcibly melded with his lion animal companion and is now a danger to the population and NOW YOU HAVE TO KILL YOUR FRIEND, BWUHAHAHAHAH........

*And with a wave of his hand, Are hath banished all difficulty*
Go forth with thanks, my child!

Also, at what point would he become Large, if he would?!

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Thanks Are, but what Hit Dice does he get? It IS level 4 we're proposing starting at, so that'd suit...

Thanks for the help you guys, but has anyone seen savage species? 3rd or 3.5, has rules for monstrous characters.....

And I'm not entirely sure how to work it.
I've read the guidelines in the bestiary, but I have no idea how to work out the adjustments to his ability scores, nor do I know whether he should start at large size - and if not, what size he should get it!
He's aiming for a Monk/Fighter pugilist, so it's mostly just the Large size thing he wants, doesn't have to specifically be a Minotaur.

They were hoping to convert Thistletop, in the ROTR AP, but it was all plans for the far future, I just wanted to make sure I'd have what I needed when the time came!

Thanks you guys, knew I'd read that bit from the 3.5 DMG before, couldn't remember where. Doesn't matter though, as last night I managed a TPK...
On the bright side, we just started Kingmaker instead!

Where do i even begin to look for prices to construct/alter a castle?! Two of my players want to build one, as they're happy with the equipment they have, and want a base of operations. I really don't want to shoot them down, as they're psyched(as I am!)

Thanks very much!

Hey guys, new to the site, new GM. I'm currently running Rise of the Runelords, and we're about to go in to Thistletop, level one. I'm reading ahead, and I honestly can't see the party reaching level 4 when it says they should, so....
Which XP rate should I be using? Medium or fast?! Feel free to make fun! ~Thanks in advance.