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Standard scenario


I played this at 5-6 and ran it at 3-4

The progression from encounter to encounter felt very much like a scenario, very little RP and lots of combat with rest in the middle.

I'm not saying that's a bad thing, it makes it go quicker if the players are on a time line and don't have too many decisions to make. 9-00 made the players discuss, and that made them loose time, but this one allowed them extra time to do extra encounters.

The final encounter was confusing when I played and also when I ran for my players, we thought we had to attack the shrine at the end, and so did my players when I ran it

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Good sages, excellent scenario.


I ran this online for a group of 6 experienced high tier players.

It's a bit of a dungeon crawl, there's a BBEG at the end, but unlike most dungeon crawls the players really needed to have their wits about them, it would have been easy for them to get trounced.

On top of the combat heavy parts, there where some serious requirements for skills, so if you are playing this don't just bring a bunch of barbarians and archers, you will loose at least 1 prestige and possibly fail miserably.

Don't focus too much on the investigation, with 6 players the combats can take a while. As usual, I ran over with this.

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Plenty of RP

I ran this online for a part of 6 experienced high tier players.

Lots of role playing and skill checks, although I found it easy to accidentally push the players in the wrong direction, mostly because they could take an off-hand piece of flavor text as a lead.

There's a bit of page flipping when running this, the side bars aren't on the same page as the encounters.

There's more than one way to handle an encounter. One encounter in particular had two methods for overcoming it, and my players came up with a third.

The final encounter takes a bit of management, it's not tough but if they players dawdle I could see some bystander casualties.

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Easier evergreen


I ran this online for a party of 5 experienced high tier players.

I found this one much easier to run than Tome, but maybe because I knew what to expect this time. I managed to cut the prep time down, but it was still about 6 hours, some of that making sure I had only the pages I needed rather than flipping back and forward. I recommend culling out pages you don't need.

I picked a harder path than Tome, but my players managed to easily succeed, albeit running well over time. Don't spend too long on the investigation, the combats can take longer than you think.

I preferred the Tome map for dynamic lighting and fog of war, but this map made placing encounters easier. I would have preferred more doors though, my players could see for miles with their dark vision, so I had to take that into account when placing encounters.

The investigation wasn't overly well thought out, if you did them in a particular sequence you where fine, otherwise it cost you just because you randomly picked the wrong sequence.

I would, and probably will, run this again.

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Good but complex to run


I ran this online, my players are experienced and intelligent, which make some of the more complex parts easier.

I recommend this one, but maybe have a few veterens in the player mix to help speed things along. And certainly not one for a beginning GM.

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Excellent mix of role playing, investigation, combat and creativity


I played this and then ran it, I found it fun in both instances.

There is plenty of content for role players, and plenty of options to allow a creative party to sold a particular problem. When I played it we used tactic A, and when I ran it the players took an entirely different tack.

I would be happy to run this again.

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Hard to run


This one caused me a lot of problems when trying to run it. My players tend to enjoy role play rather than role dice, and I had a lot of trouble trying to get them into the spirit of the game, especially since I found it quite confusing myself.

I recommend extra prep time and a group of players who are philosophy majors.