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On the issue of GSD files, just so its clear, you aren't missing any usable files within the product. There is a section in the product covering automated cutting (see page #15 of the instructions under "Automated Cutting"). The extra files you are seeing are known as "GSD" files. These files allow CraftRobo & Silhouette SD automated cutting machines to cut every page within the product automatically.


Hey guys,

We just launched a preview of TerrainlinX (Launching Sept 1st). If you're strapped for time just whiz right to the Youtube video demonstrating how the system works. TerrainlinX preview .

This is the system that we are retrofitting the "Garden of the Stone Speakers" to comply with. Once you wrap your head around how limitless TerrainlinX is, you can see the many upsides to having all future releases follow this standard.

You can expect all future Pathfinder specific releases to use this new standard (from our studio anyway). That also means you'll be 100% compatible with all other releases in the format.


doppelganger wrote:
Denny Unger wrote:

Related likely question; yes, we'll probably end up retrofitting the Ruined Undercrypt of Kelmarane to the new standard as well.
Will the retrofitted product be an update or a separate item? I.e. will current owners have to buy it again to get the TLX version?

We're still weighing that issue. The old standard doesn't translate well so we are forced to redesign textures, apply templates, reposition elements and generally do a lot of tweaking to make things work with TerrainlinX. If say we converted our entire WWG catalog to the new standard (which would take at least a year if not more) at some point we have to consider drawing a line in the sand. Some terrain sets work better than others and some conversions are less likely to happen. Point being; its a metric ton of work doing the conversions and it expands the scope of each set in a way that was impossible to do before. That will make much more sense when you see what the system actually does.

I'm not saying yes and I'm not saying no at this point. If we had a massive staff to offload some of that work it would be more of a cut and dry issue but we're stretched pretty thin as it is. It really depends on our situation when we find a window to do the conversion on the Undercrypt. Who knows, maybe one of us will win the lottery! ;)


Sorry for the late reply, we've had our noses planted firmly on the grindstone the last couple months and I had a poorly timed move which slowed me down a bit.

The transition of standards we are pushing for with TerrainlinX is both good and bad. Bad in the sense that it delayed our next Pathfinder release, EXTREMELY good in the sense that it improves almost every aspect of what we're doing with terrain in general. Making our next Pathfinder release TerrainlinX compliant means that it will be compatible with all of our upcoming releases in the TLX line. You'll be able to freely swap elements from Pathfinder straight across to our other sets using TerrainlinX and vice-versa. Not only that but the entire product will be machine cuttable for users who own Craftrobo or Silhouette SD automated cutters, saving massive time and effort. Some of the best features of the TLX system we can't even reveal yet because they are bound to spawn copycat designs.

Related likely question; yes, we'll probably end up retrofitting the Ruined Undercrypt of Kelmarane to the new standard as well.

Anyway, I know how painful the wait has been and all that I can really say is that it will be worth the wait. This changes terrain in ways that will only become clear once we do the big reveal. Once we've crossed this bridge, releases will come much more frequently. A little pain, big benefits.

Here's a few teasers from our upcoming trilogy of products which use the TerrainlinX system. Once these sets have introduced the concept, the Garden of the Stone Speakers won't be far behind:

teaser 1
teaser 2
teaser 3
teaser 4
teaser 5
teaser 6

Thank you for being so patient with us!


tbug wrote:
Is there an ETA? Even a vague one?

This Summer. There's just way too much going on with a variety of products to get more specific than that. We were at the 80% mark production wise, so at this point its more about ripping things apart to make them TerrainlinX compliant. When you see what TerrainlinX is all about, you'll be happy we took the extra time to make it work that way (though we all realize that waiting generally sucks).


Hey gang,

For those following along, Garden of the Stone Speakers has been a very long time in the making. It was one of those situations where we had good momentum at the start but we were essentially forced to refocus on other issues near the tail end of production. The good news is, we’ve found good footing again and Garden of the Stone Speakers is back on the production plate. The bad news of course is that you’ve had a long wait to endure up to this point (apologies to all).

Ultimately, when we had the opportunity to refocus on Garden of the Stone Speakers we decided it would be best to retrofit the set to make use of our new modular gaming terrain system TerrainLinX (launching over the next month or two). This system has been in development for 2 years; it standardizes all terrain sets and makes them cross compatible in a way that was impossible before. The biggest upside to the TerrainlinX system is that it offers extreme modular flexibility, so users aren’t locked into one static layout.

Long story short, it didn’t make sense to us to release Garden of the Stone Speakers in an old format. The changes we are making now will both bring this product in line with other sets we are working on and offer the best possible value and flexibility to end consumers.

Thank you for your patience and again, I’m sorry this is taking so long. The wait will be worth it!



Wolf Munroe wrote:
I bought this. I haven't built it yet (because I'm inherently lazy) but I'm eager for the next one to come out because I want to support this concept with my wallet. Is there an estimate on when the second one will be released?

Thank you for the support Wolf Munroe! Your purchase is truly a vote of confidence in the concept and we hope to continue producing further map conversions in this format (if the support remains). I suggest lots of caffeine, good tunes or a movie in the background to get your "build-mojo" going ;)

Our second release is on the tail end of production but we hit a bit of a scheduling snag this past couple weeks. Its all generally positive, productive chaos though but with fairly limited resources/manpower, little snags tend to throw us off. Many hats are worn ;)

Not much longer.

Here's a roundup of previously posted teasers from the next release:



Just to avoid public lynchings...

Still a bit to go yet. We've had some project collisions occurring, like a mad bubbling crescendo of goodness. Sometimes chaos is a good thing although being on the other end waiting is never fun.

It really is turning into a wonderful bit of terrain. We can't wait to do the big reveal. Click the following for another teaser: Stone Speakers Teaser 4


Wolf Munroe wrote:

Just bought this and I'm not ashamed to admit I'm intimidated. However, I don't plan to start Legacy of Fire for a long time (still running an FR module set I was doing before I heard of Golarion) so I have plenty of time to work on it.

I'm the lazy sort and I'm tempted to go with the 2.5D but I keep thinking how awesome the 3D would be for my players if I could pull the whole campaign that way, and it certainly beats hand-drawing the dungeons on 1 inch grid paper in advance. (Will probably take about the same amount of time. I spent 8 or 10 casual hours drawing a dungeon that way once in my current campaign.)

I'm definitely sold on the product though and plan to buy future AP tie-ins as well as whatever else might help. Wallet allowing, of course.

In your case it sounds like a mix of the two might be the best way to go. Save time and energy by building 2-D corridors but deck out the main encounter areas in full 3-D.

Thanks for the words of support by the way. We'll do everything in our power to cement your new found addiction ;)


Rienen wrote:
yoda8myhead wrote:

How's the Uncharted Space playmat coming, Denny? :-P

Ouch...I think I deserved that ;) Its still out there, waiting for the right relationship.


Snow Crash wrote:
Robert Hawkshaw wrote:

If you go over to the WWG website, they have a whole forum dedicated to 'kit-bashing' which I gather is exactly the sort of thing you are wanting to do.

Yes indeed that looks like the deal. Thanks.

Looks like my credit card might be getting an easter shock.

Don't be afraid to ask questions, the gang over there is extremely helpful with issues like this. If you have basic image editing skills, you'll be surprised with how much you can do with the core files, though some bashes are just a simple matter of using the existing work in a new way. Some customer kitbashes really are incredible.


sanwah68 wrote:


You will be even more pleased to know that your great products have actually got me thinking about getting back into the DMs chair after a 4 year break....I just want to put the terrain down on the table and watch my players' faces.

That's always great to hear. There's no higher compliment than knowing the terrain inspired someone to get back to the table. There's a whole new generation out there that needs to know how great that experience can be. Better than any online MMORPG.

Mairkurion {tm} wrote:
Wow, Denny. I think these may turn out even more impressive than the first batch.

I think this one will turn more heads in general. It has a great look on the table and its just a really fun location to explore.

yoda8myhead wrote:
When will this be available? Say it's soon, please. :-D

Coming April is the best we can do for a guesstimate. We are rounding the corner to post production, so not too much longer.

I'll try to get additional teasers up when we have something really cool to show off. Thanks for the comments and interest gang :)


sanwah68 wrote:
Wow, the first teaser made my jaw drop....

Hey thanks for the kind words sanwah68. Hopefully the rest of the set does that initial reaction justice :) (I think it will ;) )


DitheringFool wrote:
any word on when the next installment will be available?!?

The best I can tell you is April. We are rounding the corner and entering final production elements for the next release. Its a great looking terrain location and there's a couple interesting surprises within the terrain which are sure to please ;)

There's a few teasers posted here if you're interested: House Of The Beast Teasers


Hey gang. I thought it would be a nice surprise to unload some teasers on you from our next Pathfinder release. "Garden of the Stone Speakers" is some fantastically fun terrain designed for use with the upcoming Legacy of Fire: House of the Beast adventure path.

Featuring twisting staircases, an expansive underground garden, stone heads, a strange device, a mysterious chamber and all sorts of glowing crystal goodness ;)

More teasers to we get to them ;)


Anthony Adam wrote:

Yup, I am now in a bit of a pickle having bought this

Pickle 1 - Darnation, I now have to spend oodles on all the other Worldworks sets...

Pickle 2 - Ummm, looks around at all the bookshelves and the gaming room in general - time to remove the table to make room for all the 3-d props = hand on, so where do I play then.

Hmmm, Needs a bigger house now.

Yeah, it's that awesome, built the first room and it's so drooool worthy.

Glad you're having fun with it Anthony! We worked really hard to make sure it was something special on the table. The whole hobby aspect to it is also something people tend not to consider...its pretty addictive once you get through the basics and there's a lot of pride in ownership :)

If you get a chance please leave an official review. We need the support and there's no better way than to give store browsers the quick feedback they're looking for.

And thank you!

golem101 wrote:

I almost finished building this set (only the last room's columns and throne pedestal to go), and I'm just getting hyped about the next release.

Previews, teasers, anything please!

I'll see if we can do something about that ;)

Riley wrote:
Denny Unger wrote:
Yeah, foamcore is really variable depending on where you live. Its about $5.00 for a 20" X 30" sheet of black core foamcore here.
My local Target sells black foamcore for a mere $2.89 a sheet.

If its flat black foamcore with a black foam center then that's a great deal! That shinny black foamcore with the white foam center isn't ideal. You have to take a black marker to the edges to get rid of the white foam edge and the semi-gloss surface can cause glue adhesion issues (just warning you in case that's what they have there).


Harneloot wrote:

Very nice looking as all World Works Games stuff is, but you must print it, fold it, tape/glue it, and then store it without denting it etc.

To have the author equate this cardstock printable stuff with Dwarven Forge's heirloom quality gaming terrain is a bit disappointing. Dwarven Forge is cast in virtually unbreakable resin, hand-painted, highly detailed and comes in just about permanent, fitted storage containers. They are coming out with new environments every year and their quality and durability blow away anything you can print from a pdf.

World Works Games stuff is great, but please, not in the same league as Dwarven Forge!!!

Dwarven Forge makes incredible stuff, no one would disagree with you there at all, especially not us at WWG.

That said, its an entirely different product format with different advantages. Our three key selling points are obsessive attention to textural detail, "print as much as you want" flexibility and an extensive catalog that spans not just Fantasy but modern, sci-fi, horror, pirate and beyond. We could argue the merits of durability but I would only point out that a WWG model can take a fall off a table without shattering and if it does bend or break, you just print a new one ;)

LOVE Dwarven Forge but these are distinctly different products with their own unique advantages.


Haldir wrote:

Download the intructions last night (started the download but due to the downed pipe I just went to bed). All I can say is wow very awesome instructions. I've downloaded WW stuff before but nothig complicated (eventually I'll get the sailing ship).

Hopefully when the cash becomes available again I'll snag the actual product. Awesome work WW.

Also awesome that they've teamed up with Paizo, hope to see more wonderful creations in the future.

I agree about the previous APs. Would love to see Sandpoint & underneath it comes alive in 3D.


I would love to take a trip back in time and push the WWG crew here to flesh out older "stand-out" locations. Again though, that all depends on how popular the terrain is in general. We won't have a really good bearing on that for a bit yet.

I am curious how well older locations would do though. Drop by the WorldWorksGames forums if you get a chance and add some locations to the "Pathfinder Wishlist" section.


eirip wrote:
Tigger_mk4 wrote:


I really like the worldworks stuff though, I have lots of only problems are storage space (even with the usual WW hints)& finding affordable foamcore (it aint cheap).

I am not sure where you live but I bought a 48" X 60" sheet of foamcore at joann fabrics for 12 bucks. Of course I bought the biggest sheet they had, I believe they sell them in a smaller size but not sure of the price.

Yeah, foamcore is really variable depending on where you live. Its about $5.00 for a 20" X 30" sheet of black core foamcore here. Well worth the small investment though and your models will last a very long time!


golem101 wrote:

Couldn't resist posting these pics, so even if it's just the first room... well here's the results from a non-professional guy. :-P

I placed a mini, just for atmosphere.
Photos are quite large (about 2MB), be patient.


CAREFUL! The webhost seems to have annoying NSFW ads!

The white lines you can see at base of the walls is just excess glue that reflects the flash light from the camera.

Nice clean build! Its great to see our first official user made photos of the Undercrypt ;)

If you're looking for a safe, clean and speedy place to store your images, WorldWorksGames has a terrific image host all set up for you here:


SirUrza wrote:
Hmmm I dunno.. I'd definitely buy this preprinted... but I don't know about having to do all the work.

Some prefer the "print as much as you want" flexibility of the PDF format. That said, we're all for getting this out there in a pre-printed format but ultimately it depends on demand. If enough of you scream loudly, maybe the Paizo gods will hear you ;)


Stebehil wrote:

I eagerly wait for pictures of it all ;-) Honestly, I would love to see how it looks like if built by fans, as opposed to Danny - nothing against Danny (not at all!), but he should know how to build his own stuff perfectly.

I will start with castleworks today, to see how it works for me.


If you have time Stefan, just so you can get a sense of how others do things, you can check out our user build galleries here or explore more from our community forums here. We genuinely love user submitted build photos as they tend to get more people on the band wagon :)


spamhammer wrote:
I wouldn't have the time to construct these, but as the product description helpfully points out, you can just print the floors to use as maps. Excellent!

The great thing about the format Spamhammer is that you can choose to build say 2-D corridors but with full 3-D rooms for main encounter areas. Mixing and matching gives you the flexibility to create a build that works with whatever time you have to dedicate. 3-D isn't as bad as you might think either time-wise. This is generally pretty fast stuff once you get into the groove.


Dragnmoon wrote:
Anyone have an idea how much total the material costs to build something like this?

Opinions vary but ultimately it depends which materials you are using, which printer, what inks and what deals are available to you. If you have time please check out our "Model Building Tips, Tricks & Questions" section at the WorldWorksGames forum: . There you will find countless cost saving suggestions to really make this hobby truly affordable.


Benoist Poiré wrote:

I have a question though: as far as the corridors and set pieces are concerned, how compatible are they with say... dwarven forge set pieces? Are hybrid dioramas easily built?

The terrain is modular but it is primarily structured around the cartography in a specific Pathfinder release. You can certainly build additional copies of corridors and rooms though to expand the core build. Generally, we use a different build system and dimensional standards than Dwarvenforge. That's not to say you can't mix the two but it might take some "kitbashing" to shape things how you want. See our forums for a ton of info on user kitbash techniques:

We plan on releasing additional "modularity add-on's" to each Pathfinder release. These expansions will add a higher degree of flexibility for builds that are outside of the original cartography layout. Mainly they'll offer unique connecting corridors in other formats (T and X junctions) as well as a generic room or two. This is fantastic news for anyone who needs an element to push the original environment into realms beyond the stock build.

As more terrain becomes available we'll probably release cross compatibility patches as well so that users can blend environments.

Exciting stuff all around! ;)

-Denny Unger


Thanks for the comments gang! I just want to say that it was a terrific experience pulling this terrain together for Paizo. The staff was awesome and extremely helpful in getting this underway! We feel really fortunate to have our work associated with such an amazing license and the raw talent backing Pathfinder.

We can't wait to show you what we have up our sleeve for release #2 of the Pathfinder Terrain series! It's going to be awesome!

-Denny Unger


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Publisher comment to "Steven White 59":

Steve, sorry to hear about your troubles unzipping the file. Winrar and Winzip are the commonly used programs to open and extract our products. If you have any further questions or concerns there don't hesitate to get in touch with our customer service at:

In terms of your quality concerns, I would only point out that this particular terrain set is over 6 years old and we've certainly come a long way since then. That said, the terrain still offers incredible content and value.

If you have any further hesitations about our products and or their "consumer built" appearance I would encourage you to visit our customer build gallery here: AND to visit our community forum to speak directly with other builders:

Thank you for your support!