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My votes thus far:

Adam Donald — Pyrebloom
James Olchak — Hushfoot Bocan
Tom Phillips — Slaughterhound
Mike Welham — Phasic Ravager

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Congrats! This was one of the few entries I voted for this year. I think you did a good job on this and look forward to your monster next round!

My votes went to:

Jesse Benner — Hassaldor's Span
Matt Goodall — The Lost Ziggurat of Amar Zedas
Matthew McGee — False Tomb of the Crawling Pharaoh
Matthew Morris — The Lost Winery

Good job to all though!

Alexander MacLeod's Chymick Swarm, A Thousand Alchemists
Dennis Baker's Churjiir
Lief Clennon's Lantern Thrall
Matthew McGee's Astrumal
Matthew Morris's Caltrop Golem
Richard A. Hunt's Slithering Horror

My votes. Good luck all.

Chalk me up as a vote for Neil. Good use of fey and the adventure suits my personal style. Good luck Neil and congrats to all.

Faeries and gnomes and unicorns, oh my!

Got my vote!

Good luck.

This gets my vote. I think this is a perfect lair for Sharina as well as a great final encounter for a low level group. Good job!


1 - Kevin Carter - 26 Paper Street
1 - Neil Spicer - The Legendary Playhouse Theater