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@ TEO Urman

"Chapeau means hat, ouf means egg..."

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I thought I understood this but now I'm not so sure. I and some friends went in for a guild level pledge. We also tallied up what each of us wanted for extras and added that to the total. I can see where I can log in and select my add-ons but when they log in they do not see the option to add theirs. Will we be doing this later? Do I add mine now and leave the balance for then to use later?


Of course. Thanks!

I am looking for clarification regarding my shipping address. I was part of the Pathfinder Online Kickstarter which had some pre-painted plastic miniatures as one of the rewards. To be safe I went into my account to double check that my shipping address was listed. On the "My Account" page, under "My Addresses", it says I have zero active addresses. If I click the button to manage my shipping addresses I see my correct address listed under "Other Addresses". Further I can't seem to find a way to modify or add a new address, only delete the one that is there.



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I'd like to add my desire to include 3D support. From what I've read Unity has done a good deal to make 3D support for devices like The Oculus Rift fairly easy. I'd certainly stand corrected if the developers say otherwise though. But I'll admit I'll be somewhat appointed if it's not supported\available. Not enough to avoid the game, however.

I also would note that I'm not even that sure I'd play it in first person, if that were an option. I think viewing the world from a 3rd person POV would be a blast in 3D. Like a large, animated tabletop with moving miniatures.

Just my 2 coppers.

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I and my friends have been playing Table Top since the 70s. We've each tried to get into MMORPGs over the last 15 years but haven't found anything that caught.

We play Pathfinder now and I found the Tech Demo Kickstarter and put in. When the Kickstarter for the game launched we ended up chipping in for Guild level plus many add-ons because we trust Paizo and we thought we saw something that might be what we've been looking for.

I am a lurker. I read every blog post (repeatedly) and a great majority of the threads on the forums. You contributors don't know me but I know you. Ish. The discussions on these message boards are extremely entertaining and informative. From me and, possibly other lurkers here, thanks for the insight.

Looking forward to shiving you in game. ;)


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Hey, Thanks for those links! I've been meaning figure out how to do that for a while now and just haven't..., well, I just haven't. Appreciate the assist.

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On Reddit, possibly others as well, I just know if from there, when people offer themselves up for questioning in a given field or subject they sometimes say, "I am a fireman, ask me anything!"

I've seen "AMA" refer to both...

I am a fireman, ask me anything!


I am a fireman, ask me anything!

Basically it's an opportunity for Ryan to present himself to fans as a way to build interest and answer questions from the community.

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@ Tessakc, now Serie

Personally, I don't see too much to be concerned with in the images posted. There were basically two female type models shown with variations. One was showing only her face and the other may have had the cleavage window, as you describe, but I still thought it was fairly modest.

I understand your overall concern and I agree with it, but I get the feeling from what I've read on these boards that GW has a similar attitude as yours.

I am very pleased with what I saw today. Especially the settlements and building ideas.

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You've convinced me. Changing my vote to "pets".

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@ Feindish

What Alexander said but also be sure to NOT change your "Reward Selection" from what you have already selected, $35. The amount of money over your reward level is what you can apply to your extras.

The drawback to method A is that A does not get to attack that round or if they do would they be at negatives.

I guess what I am hoping someone might be able to provide is a link or reference to an official stance on the issue. Specifically, because the interrupt happens immediately before the action that triggers it, are the two characters in the same square until readied action has been resolved?

Or, if considering the alternative scenario that I've detailed, does B have to actually step into the additional square to complete the triggering action after the readied action has been resolved or can they change their mind and stay where they are? If they can, can that be a 5-foot step allowing them to take their full round action?

I understand that I can house rule that however I like, but I'm looking for the official line on these situations. To a certain degree it goes beyond this exact scenario to the larger question of at what point can the triggering character begin to change their actions based on the resolution of the readied action. I understand this is addressed somewhat regarding spell casters but the fact it is specified for that situation almost suggests movement may be judged differently. Not to mention the question of whether the triggering character remains in their square until the readied action is resolved.

If careful planning and the proper application of the rules would allow the characters to effectively switch places without having to each use a feat slot I'd prefer to give my players that option.

Regardless, thanks for your insight regardless, Dust Raven.

Here's the question I have regarding the second method that is described by harmor.

If the readied action (5-foot step and attack) takes place immediately before the event that triggers it (B entering A's square), wouldn't A and B be in the same square while A is attempting their attack roll as B hasn't been able to actually leave their square yet to enter A's square? And wouldn't the fact that A and B are sharing B's square leave A at certain negatives to hit? Only after the attack is resolved and the readied action complete would B finalize the move out of its original square and into the square A had previously occupied?

(I also don't know that wording it to say something like "when B ARRIVES in A's square" would work because "immediately before B ARRIVES in A's square" means they haven't yet arrived and are by definition still in their own square as I don't know of any rules that cover being between two squares. Although I'd be happy to be corrected.)

Could A instead ready their action (5-foot step and attack) to be triggered when B continues OUT of the square A currently occupies. Then, on B's turn B chooses to move THROUGH A's square to one square past A. This would trigger the readied action while B was still in A's current square and not yet moved through to the square behind it leaving B's original square fully empty for A to 5-foot step into and attack with no negatives.

If so, once the interrupt has resolved does B actually have to step into that additional square or, depending on what may have happened during the resolution of the readied action (say, A killed whatever they were attacking), can B choose some other course of action such as continuing movement past even that additional square, possibly in a new direction, or even simply staying in A's original square? Does the obvious paradox that if B doesn't actually leave A's original square and step into that additional square the trigger never fires and the readied action never actually takes place dictate that B must at least step into that additional square but then be free to perform some other action after they have done so?

This has at least two ramifications as I see it. If B does have to step into that additional square they would be sacrificing 5' to 10' of movement if they decide to change directions, not that critical but possibly a big deal. If B does not have to take that additional move into that additional square, is it possible they could chose to stay in that square and could that be considered simply a 5-foot step and allowing them a full round action?

(Not to mention the mildly Three Stooges visual of B seemingly over running by 5 feet the position you would assume they would shoot for if A and B were simply switching places and then the indignity of having to step right back 5 feet to where they had just been. N-yuk, n-yuk, n-yuk.)

I've seen some talk that when a character readies an action to trigger in the event another character casts a spell that even though the readied action happens immediately before the casting, and that the caster might choose to do something different based on the resolution of that readied action, the caster must, regardless, complete the spell, although it could possible choose a different target. As that scenario, readied actions and spellcasting, is somewhat specifically addressed in the rules regarding readied actions I'd be happy if anyone could direct me to an official declaration that those rules apply to movement, as described here, as well.

Or am I missing something obvious?


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Liz Courts wrote:
Just added two more PDFs, both from Clockwork Gnome PublishingFinwicket's Bestiary: Along the Faerie Path and The Rogues Gallery: The Cloven Hoof Syndicate! This puts the value of the Superpack at over $250!


Liz Courts wrote:
And another entry, this time from Dreamscarred Press, with Third Dawn Adventure Path—From the Deep #1: Uncertain Futures!

And WOW!

Those look like great additions. Thanks!

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Mbando wrote:
Psyblade wrote:

How is dying to a PvE monster and losing your gear different then dying to a PvP'er and then losing your gear

One is social. One isn't.

Ding, ding, ding. I think this point is significant. Getting messed up by an algorithm or unfortunate random circumstance is one thing but getting ambushed and messed up by an actual living, breathing griefer from Milwaukee is something some players really can't stand. Even if the numbers and graphics all played out exactly the same the simple knowledge that there is somebody experiencing satisfaction or even joy at their expense as opposed to a few thousand processor cycles "just doin' their thing" is too much for some to find acceptable.

Personally, I love it. But I can certainly understand why those that don't do not. And it's doubtful any amount of telling them that they can simply do some other activity instead is going to suffice to satisfy them. Which makes perfect sense as well.

Although it might be nice to have their support for this kickstarter now, they may simply need to see the product first which is certainly their prerogative.

Of course, if they just want to roll the dice and see what happens... ;)

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I contributed at $100 before the recent adds because I felt it was worth it. I'm satisfied to get in the early release 9 months before open release for pre-paying for that game time now. Seems like a fair deal to me.

To be honest, I've never really understood the gripe on $15/month for a service like this. It's less than Netflix, a movie with popcorn and a soda, an average meal out. You could barely get 2-3 drinks at a bar for that, depending on location, of course. It's cheap entertainment, all things concerned, IMHO.

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I was confused as well but then I went back and reread the project page.

Goblinworks Kickstarter Project Page wrote:

Additional levels by superstar designers will be announced at each additional $100k until the end of the project. That means a MINIMUM of 12 dungeon levels over 128 pages, but the further we blow past that goal, the bigger the Emerald Spire becomes!

So you're right, it is either at least 12 levels or more, or no book and no levels. Seems kind of strange, why not just say, "If we reach a million bucks we will give you a 12 level dungeon, plus more if we raise more that a million." But I can see them wanting to add to the fun of the race to a $1,000,000 by 'unlocking' levels as the support rolls in.

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Good read. Thanks.

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Morgen wrote:
I know several people who are interested in this and aren't going to have money until January.

Would reminding them that they won't actually be charged until the middle of January help?

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I took part in the Reaper Bones Miniature Kickstarter a couple months ago and earlier today I received an email from them (Reaper) promoting the Pathfinder Online Kickstarter. I'd guess that may have something to do with the little bump today.

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Right, and that.

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At this point I think it would be best to stay clear or at least minimize the use of the term "Beta". Stick to CrowdForging or if you think it's better to use the term "Beta" make it a point to differentiate why this Beta is different from others.

Other than that I think your number of 500 new accounts a month is very low. Unless there is something I am not understanding correctly.

Other than that, looks good, to be honest.

Edit: Spelling.

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Sincubus wrote:
Sincubus wrote:

Blablabla -Negative Rant-.

Ahh, you know what? **** my negativity.

I wish you guys the best and I hope everything goes in order and you beat WOW from the throne eventually! I really hope so for you guys!
MMO or not I really hope this stands out of the others, but with so much creativity in the team I'm sure that isn't difficult.

Nice. I like your attitude.

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@ Valkenr

You know, that may be demonstrably true, and I also believe it's also legally true, but until I don't have to log into my account to post on Goblinworks forums, I'll refrain from reselling the corporate memos. Goblinworks is riding on Paizo's coattails. They get the bennies and Paizo gets the luggage, until they create a separate PUBLIC entity. You can't blame people for conflating the two. They are themselves.

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@ Corwynn

I think, really, in the end, we're either going to be satisfied or unsatisfied when we log in during the CrowdForging phase and discover just how much work has already been done and how much there is to do. And, of course, we can't know that right now.

I think it would be nice to have someone from Goblinworks come out and say, "On August 15th, 2014 we will have such and such done and ready to go. If you are OK with that then pony up a Benjamin and let's get rolling." But that would be irresponsible as well.

I do see your point, I believe. However, I don't know that what you may be looking for can be delivered right now. (I know that I've simplified your POV here.) I think you're right, in a way, we have to take it on faith or confidence if they can pull it off. Granted. I personally feel they've done enough for my hundo too see what they can do. The potential pay off is worth it.

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I think it's worth stating out loud, as if it isn't obvious on its face, having a fee at the door for early players is primarily a self selecting filter. Why does your local country club and golf course cost $50,000 a year to be a member? Keeps the riff-raff out.

Pre-paying for 3-months of the game, a fully functioning yet immature game, a year before release, which actually may not happen as planned, lets Goblinworks know, "Now there's an SOB who cares about this game! Let's hear what he has to say about it."

Versus the mindless chatter of any number of a billion MMORPG forum sites.

May not be the end all be all, but it's a big part of the equation, in my humble opinion.

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Corwynn wrote:
I'll remember to make baseless assumptions about the mental capacity of the other posters.

I donno, Corwynn, seems like you're looking for a fight if you were offended by what was said. You have to know this is how discussions happen. There was nothing personal in there.

On the other hand...

Nihimon wrote:

...was fairly dismissive. But at that point tempers had flared, what was too be done?

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Corwynn, maybe I'm being obtuse but I don't see what Nihimon said here...

Nihimon wrote:
PFO is "outside the box". It's not cookie-cutter. Judge it on its own merits, not compared to the other games you've played. rude. It may be a little on the "drinkin' the kool-aid" side for my tastes, but I'm not seeing the rudeness you are referring to.

Also, I see both sides of this argument dancing around the idea of what a Beta will mean in this situation. If I recall correctly, it's been stated by Goblinworks that their Beta will be more like the Gmail Beta in that it should all pretty much work when the early adopters are allowed in but it won't be fully fleshed out and those early adopters will have a chance to guide that err... fleshing, so to speak. Less of a typical Beta testing bug hunt and more of an early adopter with a chance to influence the game fundamentally. I think that's a fairly significant difference. (Not to mention that you certainly are paying for Gmail. Maybe not in cash, but in the more important access to your brain. Gmail users, of which I have been since "Beta", are the product Google sells to advertisers and we offer our attention to use the product which Google sells to advertisers. I'm sure you're aware of all this, but I think it's worth remembering as nuanced as this discussion could be.)

This is my first post here. I pledged back at the first Kickstarter. I forget how much but enough to get the Printed Adventure. I had no illusions as to what I was spending my money on and I am perfectly happy with what I got. Enough so to pledge again this time to be an Crowdforger and decide to join in the discussion as I see this project at a significantly mature state to warrant the time and effort. As has been said before, but I think can be repeated, they did what you suggested you expected from the first pledge. They secured funding to get the game developed barring any unforeseen issues. (Granted, that's taken on face but I see no reason to doubt them so far.) This Kickstarter is to speed things along and, for my part, I am perfectly comfortable backing the project and look forward to seeing if it can all come together.

Glad to see you are as well. Should be a blast.

Edit: Ryan pasted before I could complete my post and pretty much stated what I was suggesting. So, cool.

And as long as I'm editing I'll add, I'm not sure how you can state this...

Corwynn wrote:
I made reference to the first Kickstarter because it was supposed to fund the game.

I remember Goblinworks being extremely clear what we were paying for in the first Kickstarter and that it was NOT to pay for the game but to get enough done to secure funding, which they did. This one is to speed up the process.

(Sorry if I've violated etiquette with too much editing here. Let me know.)