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About Demetrian Magnes

Name: Demetrian Magnes
Race: Argonian
Sex: Male
Birthsign: The Steed
Adept Skills: Stealth, Illusion
Apprentice: Light Armor, Light Weapons, Alteration
Novice Skills: Restoration, Conjuration, Smithing, Martial Arts

Physical Description: A lithe, tan Argonian.

Personality: Demetrian is a simple Argonian wanting nothing more than the next thrill, in what ever form it may take, as long as that form is fast. After all, you can't outrun Death, so take what bit of life you can!

Backstory: Demetrian was just barely not a hatchling when he first started getting into... situations. Out of Blackmars, he couldn't help himself. The first time he was caught putting slaughterfish in the local swimming hole. The second he'd raided a frostbite spider nest and put the eggs in the mayor's house. Then the third time, at the dawn of his third day in Skyrim, he put an amulet of Talos in the jewelry box of a rather nasty woman already suspected of being one of the last remaining rebels. He smiled as he watched his mother hang, and slipped out of town. It wasn't long before he murdered directly for the first time, as part of his Dark Brotherhood Initiation.

As Demetrian grew, his desire for crime without punishment grew as well, and he delved into ways was to avoid capture. He spent weeks in Riften staying up at night, on the rooftops, to watch the thieves guild. Traveled to Winterhold to learn magic he knew the guards of Skyrim's cities would never understand, and finally, tricked his "best friend" into a drinking contest that ended with the ritual to the Dark Mother and the cold-hearted slaughter of the kind Nordic mage, Abergast.

Equipment: Demetrian favors his leathers armor and a single steel dagger, red as fire from the fire salts he'd added to the forge it was made from.. He wears a belt lined with pouches and several hidden lockpicks, carrying only two potions(one healing and one mana) for dire emergencies his own abilities just aren't enough for. Out of twisted nostalgia, he carries a vial of frostbite spider venom to remind him how he got started.