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Dalvyn wrote:
Gorbacz wrote:
Zaister wrote:
Gorbacz wrote:
[If you're living in the EU, there's no import duties on books from the US. You might be hit by Vat if your order is super expensive, but that happened to me only once.
You seem to be lucky. then. I pay tax ("Einfuhrumsatzsteuer") on each and every package I get form Paizo.
Are you subscribed to anything that isn't a book line?
Same as Zaister (though I'm in Belgium): I have to pay a tax on nearly all packages I get from Paizo (there are a few exceptions), and they contain only books. That adds a 30-some Euro tax to each 80-120 Euro package… which actually made me consider giving up on subscriptions and paper books several times, even though I really want to support Paizo.

Also from Belgium, and in the same boat.

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Sara Marie wrote:
We are still in discussions about how Starfinder subscription(s) might operate. As soon as we are ready to discuss subscriptions, I am sure we will broadcast it loudly from the rooftops. In the meantime, if you want a copy of Starfinder books, I would say to go ahead and preorder them. In the next few months before the launch at Gen Con, if there is a subscription that you wish to sign up for, the process to switch from preorder copy to subscription copy will be made as easy and painless as possible for you.

I'm considering investing in this, but I'm based in Europe. Are the books always shipped from the States, or do you have a shipping hub in Europe? I ask because Import duties are a real killer...

should have been folloiwng this more often, but last session is TODAY, so this is just in the nick of time!


Last adventure approaches, and I wanted to make use of the maps included in the magazine, and use some minis.

I don't have a "mini" for Kyuss, so I was planning of making one myself out of paper, nothing fancy, just a colored picture of gargantuan size on a stand.

All the pictures of Kyuss I found online have a very heavily colored background, and I don't really have the skills to "cut him out" of the picture.

Anyone has a picture of Kyuss I could use? I just need him against a white background, or something similar.

Thanks in advance!

Chapter 12

Chapter 11 ng

seems I cannot edit my previous post

does THIS link work?

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woah, long time since I've been here


Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Chapter 10

working on the second adventure


Total Treasure: 1,600 gp divided as follows

800 gp in cash and jewelry
5x Healing Potion (Adventurer) – 50 gp
2x Resistance Potion (Adventurer) – 100 gp
2x Oil (adventurer) – 100 gp
1x Rune (adventurer) – 150 gp

Magical Items: 3
Page 29 – Chainmail (Heavy Armor) +1 AC
Page 32 – Shortsword +1 to attack and damage
Page 36 – Zosiel’s diadem +1 MD (for the moment…)

PS: how do I edit posts?

Total Treasure: 1,600 gp

Magical Items: 3
Page 29 – Chainmail
Page 32 - Shortsword
Page 36 – Zosiel’s diadem

Part Five: The Old Observatory

Pg 41. Room 1

Tomb Mote (1) HP 36
2nd level spoiler (undead)
Initiative: +7
Bite +7 vs AC – 5 ongoing negative energy damage (save 11+ ends)
Quickness: can take an extra action every round.
AC 18, PD 14, MD 14

Pg 42. Room 2

Skeleton Archer (4) HP 26
1st level archer
Initiative: +7
Vulnerability: holy
Jabby bones +5 vs AC – 4 damage
R: Shortbow +7 vs AC – 6 damage
AC 16, PD 14, MD 11

Pg 43. Room 5

Zombie Shuffler (10) HP 10
1st level mook
Initiative: +0
Vulnerability: holy
Rotting fist +5 vs AC – 3 damage
Natural 16+: both the zombie and its target take 1d4 damage!
Headshot: a critical hit against a zombie shuffler deals triple damage instead of the normal double damage for a crit.
AC 14, PD 12, MD 8

Pg 45. Room 11

Filge (1) HP 36
2nd level caster
Initiative: +2
Dagger +7 vs AC – 7 damage
C: Ghoul Touch +7 vs PD (one engaged enemy) – 7 damage, and the target is vulnerable (attacks vs it have crit range expanded by 2) to attacks until the end of Filge’s next turn.
R: Ray of Frost +7 vs PD (one nearby enemy) – 12 damage (6 on a miss)
AC 18, PD 12, MD 16

Zombie Shuffler (4) HP 10
1st level mook
Initiative: +0
Vulnerability: holy
Rotting fist +5 vs AC – 3 damage
Natural 16+: both the zombie and its target take 1d4 damage!
Headshot: a critical hit against a zombie shuffler deals triple damage instead of the normal double damage for a crit.
AC 14, PD 12, MD 8

Skeleton Warrior, Gertia Land (1) HP 26
2nd level troop (undead)
Initiative: +8
Vulnerability: holy
Scimitar +8 vs AC – 6 damage
AC 16, PD 14, MD 11

• Part Four: The Feral Dog

Pg 39. Balabar Smenk’s Gang

Kullen (1) HP 36
2nd level wrecker
Initiative: +1
Greataxe +7 vs AC – 8 damage
Natural odd miss: Kullen heals 5 hp
Natural even miss: 4 damage
AC 18, PD 16, MD 12

Rastophan (1) HP 27
1st level troop
Initiative: +1
Swords (2 attacks) +6 vs AC – 3 damage each
Natural odd hit: target take +1d4 damage
AC 17, PD 15, MD 11

Todrik (1) HP 27
1st level troop
Initiative: +1
Guisarme +6 vs AC – 5 damage
Miss: 1 damage
AC 17, PD 15, MD 11

Merovinn (1) HP 27
1st level caster
Initiative: +6
Dagger +6 vs AC – 5 damage
R: Color Spray +6 vs MD (1d4 nearby enemies in a group) – 5 damage, and if the target has 10 hp or fewer after the damage, it is weakened until the end of Merovinn’s next turn.
AC 17, PD 11, MD 15

• Part Two: The True Tomb

Pg 34. Room 23

Alastor Land, Ghost (1) HP 66
5th level spoiler
Initiative: +10
Vulnerable: holy
Ghostly claws +10 vs PD – 14 negative energy damage.
Natural 16+: the target is also weakened (save ends).
C: Spiraling assault +10 vs PD (1d3 nearby enemies) – 10 negative energy damage, and after the attack Alastor teleports to and engages with one target hit.
Limited use: can only use spiraling assault when the escalation die is even.
AC 19, PD 14, MD 17

Pg 35. Room 24

Wind Warrior (2) HP 72
An ancient suit of ceramic armor stands gracefully at attention, twin long-swords gripped in its hands. Closer inspection reveals that the armor is empty, held together by hundreds of tiny gusts of vapor and wind.
5th level troop
Initiative: +5
Swords +10 vs AC (2 attacks) – 10 damage
C: Sonic Blast +10 vs PD (1d3 nearby creatures) – 10 damage. Miss: half damage.
Limited use: can only be used when the escalation die is even.
AC 21, PD 19, MD 15

• Part Three: Tomb Stories

Pg 36. The Land Farmstead

Owlbear (1) – HP 101 (currently 50)
Large 4th level wrecker
Initiative: +8
Rip and peck +9 vs. AC—15 damage, and until the end of the owlbear’s next turn, the target is hampered (makes only basic attacks) while engaged with the owlbear
Vicious hybrid: If the escalation die is even, make another rip and peck attack.
Feed the cubs: An owlbear that scores a critical hit against a hampered enemy tears a piece of the creature off (GM chooses a limb) and will subsequently attempt to retreat with the prize to feed its cubs. The torn-up enemy is stunned until the end of its next turn.
Silent hunter: Owlbears are nearly silent until they strike. Checks to hear them approaching take a –5 penalty.
AC 19, PD 17, MD 13

Dungeon 124 – The Whispering Cairn
Start: Level 1 // End: Level 2
Conversion for 4 PCs

• Part One: A Face in Darkness

Pg 22. Room 4

Wolf (4) HP 28 each
1st level troop
Initiative: +4
Bite +5 vs AC – 5 damage
Pack attack: this creature gains a +2 bonus to attack and damage for each other ally engaged with the target (max +4 bonus).
AC 17, PD 15, MD 11

Pg 24. Room 7 - Sarcophagus

Sarcophagus Fire Trap
DC 15 to notice, +5 vs PD (creature opening the sarcophagus), dmg 2d6 fire.

Pg 26. Room 7 - Elevator

Mad Slasher (1) HP 45
A horrible aberration with six sharp legs sprouting from a central body that is little more than a disgusting eye.
3rd level troop
Initiative: +3
Claws +8 vs AC (2 attacks) - 5 damage each
Whirlwind Attack: when engaged by two or more enemies, make a single attack against each enemy.
AC 19, PD 17, MD 13

Acid Beetle (10) HP 7
1st level mook
Initiative: +3
Bite +6 vs AC – 4 damage
Natural 16+ : add 1d3 acid damage
Wall-crawler: can climb on ceilings and walls as easily as it moves on the ground.
AC 17, PD 15, MD 11
False Elevator Trap
DC 15 to notice, always hits (creature inside the elevator), dmg 2d6.

Pg 27. Room 8

The Face in Darkness, Trap
Hypnotic eyes: DC 20 to notice, +10 vs MD (everyone in the corridor), stunned (save 11+ ends)
Wind blast: DC 20 to notice, +10 vs PD (everyone in the corridor), pushed away (may fall).

Pg 28. Room 9

Slab Trap
DC 15 to notice, +5 vs PD (everyone in the room), 5 ongoing poison damge (save 11+ ends)

Pg 28. Room 10

Lurking Strangler (1) HP 45
A 3-foot-long strand of striated muscle connected to two floating eyeballs.
3rd level spoiler
Initiative: +4
Fear Ray +8 vs MD - The target is weakened until the end of its next turn.
Sleep Ray +8 vs MD – target falls unconscious (save 11+ ends).
Suffocate +8 vs AC, 10 damage.
AC 19, PD 17, MD 13
Pg 29. Room 11

Brown Mold (Trap)
DC 15 to notice, always hits (everyone within 5 feet), dmg 1d10 cold. Fire makes it double in size, cold destroys it.

Pg 30. Room 13

Small Earth Elemental (1) HP 45
3rd level troop
Initiative: +0
Slam +8 vs AC – 10 damage
Natural 16+: target is stunned (save 11+ ends)
AC 19, PD 17, MD 13

Pg 31. Room 16

Giant Bombardier Beetle (1) HP 45
3rd level troop
Initiative: +0
Bite +8 vs AC - Dmg 10
When escalation die is even - Acid Spray +8 vs PD (1d3 nearby targets) – dmg 5 ongoing acid damage
AC 19, PD 17, MD 13

Acid Beetle (10) HP 7
1st level mook
Bite +6 vs AC – 4 damage
Natural 16+ : add 1d3 acid damage
Wall-crawler: can climb on ceilings and walls as easily as it moves on the ground.
AC 17, PD 15, MD 11
Pg 31. Room 17

Giant Bombardier Beetle (1) HP 45
3rd level troop
Initiative: +0
Bite +8 vs AC - Dmg 10
When escalation die is even - Acid Spray +8 vs PD (1d3 nearby targets) – dmg 5 ongoing acid damage
AC 19, PD 17, MD 13

The Guardian of the Veil (1) HP 45
3rd level troop
Initiative: +0
Slam +8 vs AC - Dmg 10
Resist physical 16+
AC 19, PD 17, MD 13

Pg 32. Room 19

Insane Small Water Elemental (1) HP 45
3rd level troop
Initiative: +0
Slam +8 vs AC - Dmg 10
Natural 16+ (Vortex): +8 vs PD (1d3 nearby) – 10 dmg
AC 19, PD 17, MD 13

Pg 32. Room 21

Ulavant, Ghoul (1) HP 36
3rd level spoiler
Initiative: +8
Vulnerabily: holy
Claws and bite +8 vs AC – 8 damage.
Natural even hit: the target is vulnerable (attacks vs it have crit range expanded by 2) to attacks by undead until the end of the ghoul’s next turn.
Pound of Flesh: the ghoul’s claws and bit attack deals +4 damage against vulnerable targets.
Infected bite: any creature that is slain by a ghoul and not consumed will rise as a ghoul the next night.

I've decided to "test" 13th age by playing the Age of Worms campaign (from Dungeon magazines)

Here is my conversion of the monsters / traps. It is still a work in progress, but I'd like to receive some comments/suggestions by all of you.

Please take note I have still NOT played 13th age, so there may be a few (many?) mistakes.

Here goes!

I always thought that Paladin + Cleric was a bit redundant.

I would like to have a "white mage" armor-less Priest.

Then Multi-class with Fighter, and call yourself a Paladin.

I understand, accept, and find nothing wrong in the fact that the majority is in favour of a "full-options" Pathfinder, but it seems many are a bit missing the point.

I know there are retro-clones out there, because I already use them... :)

Once again, I would just like that Paizo did a simpler game, because I think they could do one much better than all the others out there.

About support, I don't know how difficult it would be to just add it to their ongoing lines, for example, APs. BITD, stats blocks where 2-3 lines (not paragraphs) of text. Heck, I remember when in some module the BBEG stats block was "F10, AL C, 60 hp", done...!

(That is actually what I already do... I play the AP, using simplified monster stats from ADnD, or CnC, or what have you. So once again , I already use retro-clones, old editions, etc.)

They could do the whole "rulebook" in a 64 pags booklet, then maybe a simplified monster splat, also just 64 pages (you could fit a lot with simplified stats).

Then put everything online, like the PRD. Hey, they already have me as a client, I'm just wondering if, instead of just "happy", they could make me "drooling"... :)

VonZrucker wrote:

Maybe this is what you're looking for.

It looks a lot like 2nd Edition brought up to current days standards.

this is beautiful! thank you, sir!

Bobson wrote:

The question is - why would you want a "simpler" version of Pathfinder from Paizo?

I can't argue with wanting a less option-filled version of the game. I love options, but even I sometimes feel overwhelmed. But there are already many (most?) non-d20 systems which are "lighter", and many variants on the d20 system which aren't as option-filled as Pathfinder is now. So there's no lack of choices if you feel that Pathfinder as-is has too much in it. So what would Paizo, specifically, bring to the table that none of the existing options do?

For the reasons I stated in my first post: I love they way they handle their bussiness, I love how they handle their customers, and I think their team has GREAT designers.

And with Paizo, we could have professional support, great graphics, great quality! Several of the products already out are not exactly of the best quality. And really, I'm not talking only about the rules, I'm really talking about graphics, colors, the physical product.

<nostalgia on>
I remember whan I picked up a Planescape book back in the days, I had little lights in my eyes, and I felt a little warm and fuzzy inside, even before I cracked it open!
<nostalgia off>

I have the same feeling evey time I get one of the Pathfinder AP modules (the only thing I buy, to use wiht my ADnD 2e game), or when I take one of my Dungeon magazine from the shelf.

So, I guess to summarize it in one word, I want a Paizo product because I TRUST Paizo.

I don't know how big is the market for it, but I think that if Paizo would do such a game, it could get all the customers from the tens of retro-clones that are already out. I hear Castles & Crusades is doing pretty well.

Now imagine Paizo doing a high-quality product, full-color paper, WAR drawings, the works, with streamlined old-school rules.

It would "rule them all".

Itchy wrote:

This isn't quite an answer to your question, but, you might be interested in checking out Swords and Wizardry from Frog God Games. It's a clone of the original D&D rules. My understanding is that it is very rules light. The publisher has said that he plays it with his young children. He started them at 5 or 6 years old, if I remember correctly.

FGG also publishes a lot of their adventures in both S&W and Pathfinder rules, so you could pick up both copies a product and compare the two. They also published Tome of Horrors in S&W, so you'd have a TON of monsters to run players against if you write your own adventures.

Yes, I got it. I actually have several retro-clones, and those have actually made me think "how would an old-school Pathfinder look like", and the answer was "AWESOME". So I hope it happens... :)

Sure, I can make my own game out of it, but what I'm saying is, maybe I'm not the only one that thinks that Paizo is great, and would like a simpler game, and want a nice ready product to use, instead of cutting/pasting by themselves.

Maybe, since it would be "simpler" game, they wouldn't need to many brains working on it, and it could be done at reduced costs.

I think there's a market for this, and I think it would be great if Paizo could profit from it.

can't a game be high-level, and not complicated?

we played a Savage Tide campaign using Rules Cyclopedia from level 1 to 36, and we had a GREAT time!

Paizo and Pathfinder have all my respect and admiration for how they handle the game, the bussiness, the client support, etc.

Yet, I feel that Pathfinder as a game is still too "heavy" for my taste/time/memory, and I'd love to see the great talent of Paizo crew create something of a "old-school" Pathfinder. Something like no feats, not so many spells, streamlined skills, and such.

I saw there's a Beginner Box, but if I understand correctly, it only covers a few levels?

Do you think there will ever be an "easier" version of Pathfinder? Would you want to?

Campaign is DONE!

It's DONE! (with pictures!)

well, I just wanted to say that it's done... let the die roll!

Blayde MacRonan wrote:
And with that said: I apologize for my harsh-seeming post.

no need at all, all good :)

donato wrote:
Check the Foreword of Dungeon #141.

ok, finally had time to check, it is definitely that one, thx a million!

Now, only problem is that some text is super-imposed on the image... that's no good for a scan.

Do you think Paizo would be willing to provide the original pic in a digital format?

Blayde MacRonan wrote:
Delazar wrote:

Thx, but I'm not referring to the covers.

Stan! is the artist that also made the comics of "Downer", the planar-travelling dark elf (also in Dungeon).

Kyle Hunter (whose middle name is Stanley) is the one you're thinking of. Stan! is the creative director over Super Genius Games. They are not the same person.

aw, doesn't he sign himself as Stan!? I might have confused the two, apologies...

donato wrote:
Check the Foreword of Dungeon #141.

can't check it now, but I think it must be that one... I do remember it was in an article (or foreweord).

I was hoping for a digital vesrion, but I guess I'll have to scan it.

PS: Basically, our party is about to complete Savage Tide, and I want to make a present to all the players: a mug with Demogorgon on one side, and some text on the other side, like "I stopped the Savage Tide, and all I got is this mug" or something such...

Thx, but I'm not referring to the covers.

Stan! is the artist that also made the comics of "Downer", the planar-travelling dark elf (also in Dungeon).

I'm sure I once saw in a Dungeon mag a drawing of Demogorgon made by Stan!, but I can't remember which one.

Could someone point me to it?

thx in advance

the Ierendi idea would be cool, so I can use all those wonderful and precious Gazetteer.

I haven't read the whole Savage Tide, does Sasserine NEED to be in some isolated, out of the way place, or can it be put in a more civilized region without too much (future) troubles?

Davania seems a good fit, but I know almost nothing about it, while the Ierendi Gazetteer is something I could use.

man that Pandius site is great! thx for pointing it out

I am indeed using Rules Cyclopedia, my players are all complete newbies, and I wanted to offer them something easy to play, though I couldn't pass on the opportunity to finally DM savage tide... :)

Davania? Is it described in Dawn of the Empires?

I'm running Savage Tide using the old DnD rules ( go retro-gaming, go!), and I want to use my old gazetteers.

Where do you think I should set Sasserine? I was thinking Minrothad Guilds, but maybe your DnD-fu is better than mine.


I would remove all FEATS, but keep skills, although I would remove skill points.

I'd just have selected skills grow up with your level, like BAB.

not all the skills at the same time, only those you have "selected", and of course Rogues would have more available skills.

I'd keep the 4 iconic races (human, elf, dwarf, halfling) and the 4 iconic classes (fighter, rogue, cleric, wizard)

mh... actually, I might just do this... some kind of ADnD 3rd edition...

One thing where many Mass Combat rules failed was the involvement of PCs. I remeber in Birthright, once our high-level mage was attached to a unit, he could blast enemy armies with impunity.

Will you be introducing a way to attach PCs to fighting units (and use their fireballs and meteor swarms), or are the PCs just going to be leaders (like adding some kind of leadership bonus to their units)?

mh... i'm 80% convinced to buy the whole thing :)

one more (difficult) question: what's the average play time of each module?

I know YMMV, especially with sandbox scenarios, but maybe someone that already played the previous APs can have an approximate idea.

I just don't want to have to wait for all the modules to be out to go on with the campaign.

My 4E campaign has almost reached lvl 30, and I'm starting to plan for the future. I'm a bit burned out with 4E, so I wanted to DM something else.

My players would like to get ivolved into ruling a kingdom and commanding armies in battles, so I almost thought about going to the basement, and get my old Birthright stuff out, or even my DnD Rules Cyclopedia.

Then I noticed that here at Paizo there's a new Adventure path called "Kingmaker", and I downloaded the player's guide. It seems the idea is for the PCs to become rulers of a kingdom? Am I correct?

Will there be rules for army battles? Will these rules be only for the lands in Kingmaker, or will I be able to use them also, for example, in Andoran, or any other nation?

Is it correct that all I need to play is the Core rulebook, and the Bestiary (and the 6 adventure books, of course)?

I guess that's all for now... thx in advance!

my most recent inspirations for Barbarian characters:

Cnaiur - from the Prince of Nothing
Karsa Orlong - from Malazan Book of the Fallen

didnt read the whole thread, I apologize if this is already been asked.

I would like to know if Pathfinder RPG has the same Feat/Prestige Class system as 3.5.

One thing that really made me stop with 3.5 (and never start with 4E), was the fact that after a few months the options became so bloated that it was overwhelming for a new player to choose a feat.

Not to mention the power creep and such.

So, I would like to know if, apart from the Feats contained in the basic book, will there be tens and tens (or hundreds) of new feats coming?

thx in advance

thx a lot!

you're... cosmic!


is it better if I send a private e-mail? I'd really like to recieve the rest of the order, it's a lot of stuff...

pretty pls?

Cosmo wrote:

Unfortunately, order 1121624 shipped out before I had a chance to get them merged.

We do not have an updated release date for the Pathfinder Dice Set: Curse of the Crimson Throne. We expect them to arrive any time. The Pathfinder Dice are being produced by another company, Q Workshop, under license. Therefore we do not know the exact production phase of these items as we would with a product we are creating ourselves.


ok, no biggie

can you get the "Pathfinder Dice Set: Curse of the Crimson Throne" out of my order, so i can get the rest of the stuff?


Godd day,

I have two pending orders:

1140601 and 1121624

can you pls "merge" them?

I'd like to receive everything togheter (possibly saving on Shipping and Handling)


PS: any idead when this is coming out?
"Pathfinder Dice Set: Curse of the Crimson Throne
Preorder, expected January 2009 "

it's "blocking" all the rest of the stuff I ordered...-_-

gief dice plz!

are these out yet?

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