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Deianira Sunstorm






NG-to-CG, depending. Good, anyway. Mostly.



About Deianira

History, schmistory. I'm more interested in making music, and wooing fans!

From Pathfinder Online. Because every bard worth her salt will toot her own horn, beat her own drum, strum her own lute across several media.

Sung to the tune of "Copacabana". Which is now stuck in your head, as any good bardic tune should be.

Her name was Deia, Deianira Sunstorm.
She was a singer on her own,
Fighting goblins all alone.
She kept on dying.
But she was Twice Marked.
So she would resurrect right there
And then go running to repair
Across the forest floor.
She's part of local lore!
She's helping build a community,
Who could ask for more?
She's a Lodger, an Emerald Lodger.
The hottest gig in the River Kingdoms!
She's a Lodger, an Emerald Lodger.
Music and fashion are always her passions.
She's a Lodger… in Emerald Lodge!