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Tanis O'Connor wrote:
Zaister wrote:

Thanks, zeroth_hour, that helped.

Also, I learned that Tanis is a she. :)

*shakes fist at Weis and Hickman*

Hickman? You mean Tracy Hickman? What beef do you have with her?



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That primer is pretty great... even having read the guide, the primer is far easier to digest, and what I'll try to have anyone else who's interested read.

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I'm 40, but a lifelong gamer. The most complicated game my 36 year old wife plays is Uno. She just simply has other interests and generally sees gaming as being unproductive. She has tried to play a 'real game' about once a year, enjoys the time, doesn't have interest in playing again, etc.

We spent the last five years watching -everything- from Star Trek (including the animated series... did you know there was an animated series?). We only got to watch one, maybe two, episodes a week, had a baby in there somewhere, etc. Well, we finished. Deciding on what to do to replace that time, we decided we'd switch off. On Sunday nights (one of our three 'us nights', we'll try a game I'd like to introduce her to; on Tues and Thurs, we'll watch a show she chooses (so far, it's Dexter, thankfully).

Enter Pathfinder. For some reason I have yet to fathom, this game clicked with her. The first Sunday, she stated that it'd be better for her if we played again on Tuesday so that she can remember the rules and learn them as habit. Now we have plans to swap every other 'us night' between shows and PACG. After finishing the intro scenarios, she went out of town for a week. One of the first things she said she was looking forward to when she got home was to start the adventure pack so she can get more of the story.

Pathfinder saved my family! Not really, but a little. >.>