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I'm seeing a version of what others are seeing with regards to my PACG sub. My August subscription states "Pending" and has only promo cards (at $~26 for shipping?) attached. My September sub has the Base Set, Character Add-On and expected normal month 2 stuff.

As of today, I have received no alert email indicating that anything will be shipped by a certain day.

Can you please verify that everything is in good order with my account and shipment? I've never had a problem with things up until now, but this is making me anxious and it seems that nothing is really being done. I have yet to see a single post indicating the problem existed but is now resolved for anyone. Asking me to wait until last minute to make sure everything's ok (Aug 22), when I have no indication at all that things are actually ok (and every indication to the contrary) is not helping me here. If there IS a problem, then I'll have a whole second table at our store's organized play that I'll have to turn away... I've drummed up a lot of interest for the deal, I'm not looking forward to the egg on my face, and don't have the time to run consecutive tables.


Mike or Vic, I've seen it asked here and BGG directly, does the Strength spell provide the 'magic' trait to an attack. I've seen some answers that imply either 'yes' or 'no' could be correct from Mike on BGG, as he's eluded to both anything that modifies a check lending its traits, as well as (to paraphrase) the traits that provide the skill check only giving the traits (which explains why additional dice from spells are usually labelled as 1d4 fire damage, rather than just listing the trait). Etc, etc.

What I'm looking for here is a direct answer from Mike or Vic on the following questions. Citations that specifically answer the questions from either of you are great; but, speculation or inferences don't 'prove' the answer, and I can find examples of implication from both already. I really just want something I can point to and say, "Vic or Mike said it here [link], there's the answer. The end."

1. Does casting strength provide the Magic trait to all checks for the player that turn?

2. Can you play Strength in the 'during the check' phase of a turn, or does it need to be played before something is encountered? I ask this as I would swear Vic said it wasn't a 'during the check' spell, but I can't find it now.