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I heard something at GenCon about adventure card guild.. But not sure exactly what this is. Does anyone know where I can get more info, or find out if there is something going on near me? Apologize for my ignorance, I am looking for more players in my are for PACG. Thanks for any advice!

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There is a guide for it here.

Blog post
Interview with some details.
News posting

Retailers listed here. I think it will be updated to include info on who is running the card guild.

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Best way to see if it's going on in your area is to look up your Pathfinder Society regional coordinator and see if they know of any stores in your area that are participating.

The idea essentially is an organized play program for the PACG, where you will be expected to buy one of the Class Decks that will be available in early September and then you can go to the games and use one of the characters from that class deck.

You can read the rules for Adventure Card Guild here: Card Guild Guide

*Sigh* no locations near me, and my access to transportation is always spotty at best.

At least there are always home games, right? :)

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Come on New Jersey, we need more than 1 store. Who's going to step up?

thanks everyone for the posts!

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I also wrote a short primer here, but if you've already read the guide, you're set.


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That primer is pretty great... even having read the guide, the primer is far easier to digest, and what I'll try to have anyone else who's interested read.

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ThreeEyedSloth wrote:
I also wrote a short primer here, but if you've already read the guide, you're set.

Nice primer. A very good look into the process in plain language with references to the rules as written in the guide. If you are at all confused with the process, or have friends and fellow players who probably won't bother reading the guide, this is a great place to point them.

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