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Michael Eshleman wrote:
** spoiler omitted **

I reread Beacon Below and found the line you were speaking of. If he is able to access it remotely, that makes some sense and would align if he was smuggling apprentices to the temple, made his mental backdoor into the archive, and then got stuck in Surma's Temple as soon as he achieved immortality.
Liberty's Edge 4/5 Venture-Agent, Florida—Gainesville aka Deadly Recluse

So, I am really confused about the continuity between this adventure and Beacon Below.

How was the Amethyst Sage in the Sanctum of the Sages in Beacon Below if he's been stuck inside Surma's temple for a long time? Much of the tension of Beacon Below is that there is a thief inside the temple, which the scenario declares is the Amethyst sage as they empty the library of its contents before leaving while the PCs snoop.

I'd just like to ensure that there aren't any details I'm missing, or if the change in continuity was deliberate for the purpose of the story. I also would like to say that besides this gnawing detail, I otherwise enjoyed the adventure immensely when I played it and after reading to run in the future, am excited to run it. Thanks so much, and I hope I'm not being a bother.

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While most of the other posters have mentioned what to bring and such, you also need to keep in mind the environment of play will most likely be quite different than standard PFS at your kitchen table or local gaming store.

1. If you're playing low level games, expect to meet new players. Assuming you have basic human decency, try your best to help them understand how to play their characters and what's going in the game, especially if they're really new to rpgs. If you want more people to join the game and have a good time, then helping newbies is a great place to start. Your GM will love you if you help to coach new players, as it speeds up the game and makes his job easier

2. In higher level games, I suggest you keep a cheat sheet of your buffs and various daily practices ("I cast mage armor as soon as I wake up") and make an additional copy for your GM if it's especially complex or if your character has a ton of book keeping

3. Be patient and forgiving with GMs. Many of the GMS are volunteers and are running tons of scenarios. Don't expect them to remember everything about you or your character; they have to deal with tons of people that day. If you're playing in a special or higher level games, this goes double given how complex they can be.

4. It's a safe assumption that you will meet players with wildly differing play styles or personalities than you, and some might play their character in a way that rubs you the wrong way. Now this is rarely out of malice, so keep an open mind and try your best to get along.

5. Be mindful of your other players. If you're more used to foul-mouthed sarcasm around your table try to keep it down until you find out the other player's demeanor. If children are present, maintain a filter as best you can

Liberty's Edge 4/5 Venture-Agent, Florida—Gainesville aka Deadly Recluse

Completing the Quest for Perfection three-parter gives you access to the Axe Beak, which is fairly awesome.

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grandpoobah wrote:

I'm looking at a half elf Druid / Barbarian named "Doctor Barbarian". He'll have a 7 charisma, yet a +6 Diplomacy at level 1 (due to skill focus and a trait). He'll always wear noble clothing, work for Taldor (soverign court), and speak very eloquently, until he rages and kills you. I'm thinking of going Fire Domain (nature bond) so he can toss fireballs and burning hands for utility.

Should be a hoot.

What kind of level split are you looking at? Sounds like a cool dude

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As Kingmaker was my first time playing Pathfinder, and my very first character was a ranger, I've admittedly been smitten by the idea of playing the Stag Lord from said adventure, to the point where he's my profile picture. He'd still be alcoholic and have a similar backstory, but he'd be on the side of good this time around. The Stag Lord in mechanics and appearance, but not as a mass-murdering bandit leader. He'd still be alcoholic and misanthropic, but at least he'd have a good outlet.

I know, rather cheesy. and kind of finicky without the actual Stag Helm or very reliable means of getting sneak attack beyond beating initiative, while flanking without his main weapon, or by going into stealth and landing a lucky shot, but I think it might be doable. He'd be capable enough with a bow, as most of the required archery feats are in core, and he'd be able to skill monkey as well.

Is it asking for trouble, or is it solid enough to stand on it's own?

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Christopher Rowe wrote:
I really, really like PFS #4-09 The Blakros Matrimony for a whole raft of reasons, ranging from campaign meta-plot to roleplaying opportunities for the players and GM.

Seconded. If you're at all into doing some RP it's way too fun.

-Part 1 and Part 3 of the Quest for Perfection (2 is fun enough but not as good) are really awesome. My favorite one to run and one of my favorite pfs experiences
-The Segang Expedition from the new season was a lot of fun
-You Have What You Hold was also really good

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River Kingdoms are too cool. Lots of great wilderness, fey creatures, rapidly changing kingdoms and consisting mostly of jerks and castaways. Great Stuff.

Land of the Linnorm Kings, Numeria, Andoran, Nirmathas, and Ustalav are also great.