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What I am having difficulty with suspension of disbelief over is how a commoner with no particular skills was accepted into the pathfinder society, passed 3 years of pathfinder college, and then was selected to be a field agent.

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Kigvan wrote:
Dead Inside wrote:
Happy to, as long as they tell us _in advance_ which scenarios contain tech. It's a two way street.
I would imagine the scenario blurbs will probably be the best place to find this out. It has been announced that approximately 6 of the season 6 scenarios will be tech related and we already have 3 of those.

If you look at season 5, the majority of scenarios mentioned demons directly or indirectly in the blurb even though only a handful actually included demons. It needs to be explicit.

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Acedio wrote:

Not everything is tech heavy. Campaign management has said several times that only some scenarios will feature numerian tech because they acknowledge that it's not for everyone.

Please don't throw out the whole season just because a minority of the scenarios have numerian tech. And please don't tell all your friends the wrong information. You'll miss out for no reason.

Happy to, as long as they tell us _in advance_ which scenarios contain tech. It's a two way street.

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If you want to turn the campaign into a soap opera then go for it. If not then ask the player if soap opera is what he wants from the campaign.

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LazarX wrote:
Last year was "Year of the Demon". Did every single scenario from Year 5 have Demons in them? Was it even a majority? Go back and check... we'll wait.

I don't own many but from a quick scan down the scenario descriptions it looks like over half refer to the crusade or demons in some way.

How are we to know before we buy or play which ones actually contain demons/robots/my little pony, etc.?

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If someone could just make a list of all the season 6 scenarios with tech in them, and for bonus points those with NPC gunslingers in them, then we're good ;-)

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A couple of folk wrote:
Dismiss spell

Create Pit is not dismissable.

Decanter of endless water on geyser

30 gallons per round - fills half an inch of water in the pit per round.

You can't create (eg another pit) or access (eg bag of holding) an extradimensional space inside another extradimensional space.

You really dont want to be standing on the edge of the pit casting spells into it as that means you will finish your turn there and risk falling in (unless you have something like the Shift teleport ability swift action)

It can only be created on a flat surface at least 10 by 10 square.

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Ash_Gazn wrote:
Have we a drawing or example of what a lamplighter badge looks like?

Why do I find myself picturing a goblin lighting the ahem, gas as it comes out of a pathfinders bottom?