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Oh, the grayscale ends at 9 levels. Oh well, that makes sense for readability, but not very interesting!

Here it is.

Thoughts? Especially why now? Is it an anniversary? Not quite sure why they are focussing on the 'panic', or as I like to call it, the 'stupidity'.

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I've searched and couldn't find a thread about this movie, so seeing as I've seen it last night, I thought I'd start one! Mainly spoiler free, as you guys haven't got it yet :-)

First things first, I'm an old fan of Captain America, but haven't really kept up with the comics, so if there's stuff in the film which is based on these comics I won't really recognize them (I haven't read the Winter Soldier comics yet, for example).

Ok, here are my thoughts:

The movie is very well done - well acted, plotted, scripted - all of that. At over 2 hours I thought it might drag, but it does not. The pacing and mix of action to dialogue is just great.

Chris Evans is better here than in Avengers - with more scope to develop the character, he really brings it to life and I totally believed him as the Sentinel of Liberty. He was suitably emotive during scenes of stress, and he definitely kept up with the pace of the action (I'll get to that a bit more later). He is also witty and charismatic, which was something I didn't get that much of in Avengers Assemble. Brief mention his suit choices (yes, there's more than one) being really well done, totally in keeping. You'll know what I mean when you see the film.

The support cast here is equally skilled. I love Scarlet - she makes Black Widow a much more rounded character here, and has some of the best lines in the script. Sam Jackson is still the definitive Nick Fury for me, even though here he does show his age. One scene in particular had me cheering for him to succeed!
New addition to the MCU - Falcon, is well-done also. His introduction ("On your left") feels natural and authentic, and when the gear change happens for him, it does so credibly. The actor is good too - not heard of him, and can't remember his name, but why should that matter?

The plot, whilst fairly complex and convoluted to begin with (but not quite Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy!), is nevertheless easy to follow and has some twists and turns which I found fresh and exciting. There are also some Easter Eggs for comic historians as well, so look out for those.

Now, I have to mention the action. It is superb. Captain America has somehow amplified all that super-soldier serum and now acts as if turbo-charged. It was exactly how I imagined him to be. The shield is awesome, and he uses it with fantastic skill and grace. I'm getting goosebumps just remembering the various manoeuvres he pulls off using this.

Cap is also a lot more athletic and seeing as he has to keep pace with the Winter Soldier that's absolutely essential.

The Winter Soldier himself is enigmatic, foreboding, seriously good at what he does, and manages to scare with his sheer implacability. He has a development arc in this film too, and without putting spoilers in, what happens is very affecting. Cannot omit mentioning one confrontation he has with Black Widow which really excited and scared me at the same time! Talk about an unfair CR encounter where you're hoping for 20s!

The only thing about it that I thought was a little implausible is the scale of the action - it's an order of magnitude greater than we've seen Captain America handle solo before, and sometimes his actions and achievements against such epic danger jar as being beyond the laws of physics. But hey, it's Marvel, it's superheroes, it works.

Final thought - can't believe they mananged to up the game so much from The First Avenger. I liked it, but it didn't exactly thrill me as I thought it should. This is brilliant, and almost knocks Avengers Assembled off my favourite film pedestal. The only reason it doesn't (and it's very close) is because that film had the Hulk, Thor and Iron Man in it as well as Cap.

Even greater expectations for Age of Ultron now! Gah!

PS: Two stingers, the first one halfway through the credits and plot-driven, the second right at the end and character-driven.

That site is just... odd. Loads of edits done by a bot, hardly anything else done at all, and then I got to the Yoda8myhead talk page - even more odd.

The founder of the site no longer has admin rights on it. Vic Wertz has been mentioned as involved, but apparently there's another site with more support.

Presumably, all of this will get sorted out in the end - what happens to the content that is there right now? Presumably if the 'new' wiki becomes the only wiki then it all gets deleted?

That sounds like a shame. Unless it's all copyrighted stuff, in which case wikia should take it off right now, surely?

Anyway, thought I'd ask...

Ok, anyone with any ideas for doing this in either FR or GH? I'm thinking about how to incorporate the fluff of the new classes, but also if there are any gotchas for any of the new crunch in a mainly 3.5 game.

Answers on a postcard (when you've read the good book of course)!

classic show with a classic D&D storyline!


The way in which Moss uses D&D as a tool to give Roy closure from his break-up.

Best TV Role Playing Moment Evar!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyone else watch this?

Hi there! I've always wanted to run one of these and now I have the chance I would like to know people's opinion on the deity choice for a PFS paladin/bard.

Shelyn is an obvious choice, but I'm thinking more along the lines of a chivalrous and knightly adherent of arts and music, rather than a music boy that likes being good, if that makes sense. My character is taldan, so that also impacts the choice.

Any ideas?

Plus, does a paladin have to name a deity? I thought so, but would like to confirm. Ta!

Well, seeing as the profile tab headed wishlist includes both normal lists and wishlists, it seems sensible to rename the tab appropriately. For example:

I have lists but no wishlists.

Guess where I have to go to get to my lists? That's right, the wishlists tab, even though I have none.

Confusing even for me, and I'm British! Cheers!

Is this new? I've only seen it just now. That's kewl! Means I can not only check my own ramblings, but keep an eye on my DM at the same time - make sure he's making consistent postings.

Unlikely, but possible...



I've got an old e-mail address that I have previously registered on here, and now I need to use it as my primary e-mail address, as the other one will be deleted within 90 days.

Can I delete my entire account under the old address and then update this account with the e-mail address that old account used?

The consequences of not being able to do this are... alarming tstl.



Just in case anyone is looking for them, here are the AutoPager settings for the messageboards:

<site><urlPattern>http://paizo.com/paizo/messageboards/*</ur lPattern>
<testLink>http://paizo.com/paizo/messageboards/paizoPublishing/pathfi nder/pathfinderRPG/general/canYouDoANonTWFRogue</testLink>
<linkXPath>//a[(text()='next &gt;')]</linkXPath>
<desc>paizo messageboards rule</desc>

Just ctrl+c the above code and import from clipboard within AP and you're set.

Anyone wanting to know about AP can look here.

You'll need firefox, obviously.

Any help? I've checked all the usual places (even read the board FAQ) and I can't do it... :-/

The threads I have viewed and have new posts on sometimes don't have the (# new) link on them. Why doesn't it work? Focus also doesn't work for the same reason.

While I'm here, can I ask for 'Focus' on http://paizo.com/paizo/messageboards in general too?

Sorry to moan. Hope I'm not bringing up old news.

using ff3.5.5, with adblock, noscript but paizo is allowed and cookies enabled.


Fayne's Journal - Snorter's AOW campaign, Yesterday, 11:40 PM by Fayne •

I bet this is a stupid question, and the answer is "because I started the thread" so as soon as I post this question it'll be answered.

But without this post, I'll never know. Hey-ho.

Would this basically be identical to the PDF? Hyperlinks and everything? Coz at our gaming table there's no internet available and it would be nice to have a cool interlinked page a la d20srd.org to use...

I'm aware of it being anti-commercial to have a paid for PDF in circulation, and also having a download of the free PRD available. In an ideal world I'd buy all three - the PRD for speed and hyper-linkage magic, the PDF for instant fluff lookup, and the book for when my eyes give out looking at this screen in front of me and hitting page down all the time (or when a lappy isn't appropriate of course)!

Is this being considered? Or would the PDF handle all my insta-lookup needs? Thanks!

Well, the journey was as uneventful as I had hoped. The Cairn Hills are not renowned for their safety, but the militia do a good job of keep the trade routes free of banditry. High Ery and Ery Crossings were mild diversions from the monotony of the Urnst Trail, but nothing of note occurred, and I was happy with the little attention I was given.

My first sight of Diamond Lake was one filled with dark, brooding clouds and non-stop rain. Coming round a bend in the trail I could make out a group of menhirs to the north, atop a small hill. To the south was a walled structure atop a similarly sized hill. Both were unremarkable to me. In between the hills ran the trail, into the town itself. I followed the trail into the town, hoping for a respite from the weather, and some ale.