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EXP: 800
Scores: (after modifiers)
WS: 40
BS: 20
S: 30
T: 40
A: 30
Int: 40
Per: 40
Will: 45
Fell: 20
HP: 13
Corruption: 12
Insanity: 4
Psy Rating: 3
Fate: 2/2

Intelligence, Knowledge, Perception, Psyker, Strength, Willpower, Agility


Common Lore (Seers council), Forbidden Lore (Psykers), Psyniscience, Scholastic Lore (Cryptology), Linguistics (Low Gothic), Stealth


Heightened Senses (Hearing), weapon training (las), Psy rating x3, Resistance(fear), Skilled rider


psy focus,
Best Craftsmanship staff (+10 ws on tests)
One uniform
One set of poor weather gear
One laspistol (Main Weapon) with two charge packs
One knife
One flack vest with flack helm
One rucksack or sling bag
One set of basic tools
One mess kit and one water canteen
One blanket and one sleep bag
One rechargeable lamp pack
One grooming kit
One set of cognomen tags or equivalent identification
One primer or instructional handbook
Combat sustenance rations, two weeks’ supply
Hunting lance
Two extra charge packs for laspistol
One frag grenade
One krak grenade
One squad-issue auspex

Requisitioned equipment:
Chameleoline cloak(common): A character wearing a chameleoline cloak gains a +20 bonus to Stealth Tests. If the wearer remains stationary, any Ballistic Skill Tests to target him suffer a –30 penalty.

Respirator(common): A character wearing a respirator gains a +30 bonus to Toughness Tests made to resist the effects of gas and may re-roll failed results. Good Craftsmanship models add another +10 bonus, while poor models must be replaced after 10 hours usage as the filter becomes clogged and unusable

Flak Armor (4 AP all around)


Pistol, 30m, S/2/-, 1d10+2 E, Pen 0, Clip 30, Free
2 extra charge packs

Frag Grenade:
Thrown, 2d10+4 X, Pen 2
Blast[1], Shrapnel [8], Proven[3], Delayed

Krak Grenade:
Thrown, 3d10+6 I, Pen 6
Blast [2], Concussive [0], Proven[4], Delayed

melee, 1d10+S I, pen 0
Balanced, Primitive (7)

Psychic Powers::

Spontaneous Combustion, sacrifice, Dominate, flame breath, assail

The psyker uses the flesh and blood of a willing or unwilling victim
to fuel his dark powers. Whether ending a life or merely opening
a vein, the sacrifice calls out to the Warp, drawing the attentions of
Daemons and bolstering the psyker’s malevolent abilities.
Value: 100 xp
Prerequisite: Willpower 45
Action: Half Action
Focus Power: Ordinary (+10) Willpower test
Range: Self
Sustained: No
Subtype: Concentration
Effect: This power can only be used if the psyker has inflicted
damage on a target (possibly himself) since the beginning of the
previous round. If the Focus Power test succeeds, the psyker gains
a +5 bonus to his next Focus Power test for each point of damage
inflicted (after reductions for armour and Toughness bonus) with
the preceding attack. This bonus must be used within 1 hour.