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Justin Franklin wrote:
Ashe Ravenheart wrote:
Sara Marie wrote:
Gary: we are going to turn the dial up from 3 to 8 and see what happens
As long as you don't go to 11. That path leads to MADNESS!!!
"Why not make 10 louder?"

..... These go to eleven.


[David St Hubbins]
Hello America!!! I'd like to introduce our new drummer.... MIKE ROCK!!!!

what?.... oh... does it really matter? I never even learned the names of the last four...
[/David St Hubbins]

Get ready folks! With the Brock Boosters in place, the take-off of PFS is going to be pulling a couple of Gees in no time!

Creighton Broadhurst wrote:
David St Hubbins wrote:

Bit of a bittersweet memory, actually.

The drummer died.
I expect he exploded in a freak accident...

Who knew that combining haggis, Glenfiddich and PopRocks could go so horribly wrong...

Bit of a bittersweet memory, actually.
The drummer died.

Lisa Stevens wrote:
Antony Walls wrote:
Although 152 x 56 cm is quite close for a map 68 x 22 inches, allowing for some overlap between the long edges of each map.

Darn it! I bet that is what happened. :{ I didn't even think that the tape measure I was using might be in centimeters, being an American like I am, and so just assumed that the numbers were inches when I measured. Sigh. You just can't trust a CEO to do anything anymore, can you? Back to Kindergarten for me!


Why would you make a prop of Stonehenge only 18 inches tall??