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It was good to have Ederleigh around. Suddenly I was no longer the formal one.

Our crafting system was the basic one. And by basic I mean «ask Mom for it».
They kept complaining on how lazy I was, but they would go around naked if I didn't craft everything.
Well, to be honest, Sandara was the scroll girl. We had a huge collection of scrolls to remove all that nasty conditions from Fox. And also some of them to protect Fox from nasty conditions.

That guy... That guy...
I am the most calmed man in the ship and I wanted to punch him in the face and break his nose.
I have four older sisters (who incidentally are a bunch of harpies but that's another story), I cannot stand some moronic bigot calling my friends «whores»!

We also a have a huge lizard on board! He's our carpenter/engineer and we call him Scaly. He claims to be a kapak draconian but he is just a huge lizard.


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*Does nothing*

Admit it. You liked us.

Here we go again...

I wasn't too happy with Isabella joining us. I didn't trust her. Kiani and Fox wanted to give her a chance. Sandara felt sympathy for her. I though she was dangerous, violent and amoral and didn't think she'd get along well.

I would rather let her go and forget about her.

In the end we became sort of good friends.

Hey, Fox... What about the hanged man in Bonewrack Isle?
You looked kinda passionate there!

And that's why I'm happily married and you are not.

YOUR story? What about us?

And I don't believe the Mustakrakish exists either. You made it up to look interesting.

Make it join my Mad Sea Monkeys spell. It's probably feeling alone.

The next poster makes big things with small spells.

That stopped being a believable excuse a long time ago.

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That terrible moment when you realize that you are the formal one and everybody is insane but you.

Fox claimed to have spent too much time constrained by the Dark Knight's rules and that he wanted to live.

Kiani, as always, claimed to be blue as an excuse. Hey, I'm different, I'm blue, I can do whatever I want.

Sandara was not good at making excuses.

The truth: they are all insane.

It sucks to be the formal one.

Yes, that was the only day after the first that Kroop was too drunk to wake up to do his job. Seriously, I don't know why they said he had a drinking issue...

I had to serve the leftovers of our meal of the last day. Fortunately nobody noticed.

You're making people think I am a lazy person!
I am a hard-working man!
I just... like to measure my efforts.

I've created aliases for two of the PCs (the other one belongs to another member to the boards and will be probably posting here too) and I love making in-character remarks, so expect some of this kind of posts.