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Jeff Alvarez wrote:

All, the reprint of this title should be arriving in our warehouses late October and should be back into retail and Amazon around mid-to-late November.

Can this be put into the store page so when you look at it you have an expectation that the backorder is not endless?

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With the release of this book will we ever get a large comprehensive release of all the past pathfinder one world building content? It is kinda all too much to buy/grab separately. A compendium/omnibus would be an immediate buy as well.

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When are you going to re post your link in your Pazio forum page?

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Matrix Dragon wrote:
Scorpioni wrote:

Mergy has a good point.

Something else I note when reading through the talents is that the different effects come in very late (like KINETIC FORM requiring lvl 10, GREATER KINETIC FORM requiring lvl16,...). How about we lower the prerequisites to the same lvl a wizard gets to do these things but add some burn, like so:

Element air, earth, fire, or water; Type Sp; Level 6; Burn 1
Prerequisites kineticist level 7th
You can call forth your element and infuse it into your entire body. You gain elemental qualities of a type of elemental that matches any of the elements you possess as if by casting elemental body I. When reaching kineticist lvl 9, by accepting 2 additional points of burn, until the next time you recover burn, whenever you use kinetic form, you can instead gain the benefits of elemental body II. When using kinetic form, you never gain the earth glide, whirlwind, or vortex abilities. When you reach kineticist lvl 10, the burn cost to use kinetic form is lowered by 1.

This way you get access to your tools the same lvl as normal casters but they cost burn to prevent at will from becoming too OP.

I like this idea. It could be applied to things like the Explosion infusion as well so we can get fun things like that at a lower level.

I like this as well. At lvl 10 in my comparison of a wizard to all of the archetypes of this class, and i would pick the wizard every time because both his utility out of combat just as well as his ability surpassing anything(maybe not damage wise) this class can do in combat. I would still pick wizard, because the wizard is far more flexible than this class could ever be both in combat and outside of combat.

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Redke Orefall wrote:

I Have a question for the Aether Kineticist, gonna quote the rules then ask the question:

** spoiler omitted **

Bolded the part talking about Magic Weapons, but what about Special Material items?

What's to keep an Aether Kineticist from buying 50 Cold Iron (or Adamantine) Arrows and blasting those into foes all day long?


this really make me think why not. So if a Kineticist wants to throw around a magic sword and the enchantment i on the sword and have the sword become magical because he decides to swing it around with his mind and not his hand? that make no sense, you are still hitting it with the magical sword, so why do the magical enhancements not work in that case?

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Hey I had an idea for some elemental manipulation.
Say you give an alternative to the defensive shield that cannot be in use while the shield is active. Call it elemental manipulation or reactionary power distortion. When this is active it allows you to freely manipulate your chosen element(no secondary elements only the first choice) as a standard action. You can move or shift your element 30 feet in any direction from its origin. This has no force behind it so it deals only minimal damage depending on the element and how much you move. You can move up to a volume of 10 feet cubed and distribute it over a 30 foot area. this obviously requires concentration, so if you are interrupted you fail it and drop whatever you were manipulating. the dc and concentration check should be up to you.
While in combat if you spend one 2 points of burn you can redirect a spell or spell like ability away from you as an immediate action only if it has an energy type that you chose(pyromancer can only manipulate fire)EDIT: and only if you have this ability active passively instead of the shield. Make a reflex check(against the dc of the spell) when doing this if you pass you can redirect the element back towards the enemy forcing them to make a reflex check against the dc of the spell to see if they are hit or not. If you have a reflex check that is half of the dc then the spell is redirected, but in an entirely random direction that must be determined by a dice roll by gm. If you fail you will not redirect the spell. If you are interrupted you also fail to redirect the spell.
Comments please and if someone else thought this up i would be glad to know when and where.

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First I love this class.
But I have criticisms on it.
1. Syntax of the play test is terrible. it does not provide enough information when needed and leaves too much room for misinterpretation.
We are in need of clear and concise instructions during the combat phase. We need to know more limits on the abilities, like how many times per day, or does this apply to this, etc.
2. Burn, i hate to say this, but i have a professor that likes pathfinder. He is an English professor. He thought a 2 year old could do better that this, and i have to agree, without all the exaggeration.
3. There need to be tables for damage and elemental combinations. Bring in more tables it will help clarify. Or a chart like Aristotle circle of elements.
4.Geo instead of Terra, full BAB, 4+ int modifier for skill scaling, otherwise this class has no role-playing ability what so ever out of combat.1D10 hit die, 1D8 is way to small and can make the class unplayable for higher levels.
5. Do the blasts need a source? like needing a stream nearby to do anything as a Hydro-kinticist? This class can potentially shape the battlefield so some of the spells like an earth wall for example need to be permanent or until destroyed.
6. name changes
strain instead of burn
kinetic/psyche/continuity talent instead of wild talent.
augment instead of infusion