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I would recommend to the Game Devs that they did change too much. This looks eerily familiar to the reason I left D&D for Pathfinder. D&D 4.0 was a totally different game and Pathfinder fixed many of the woes of 3.5.

Now its time to fix Pathfinder as over the years we have identified many of the problems but the Devs have appeared to replace mechanics that don't necessarily need fixing and added others that do not need to be added.

Resonance is just nonsense. It adds additional management and limits play in a way that players don't want to be limited. Some things should just be left to the GMs to adjudicate. Resonance is micromanagement at it's finest.

Skills should be condensed some and there are good ideas there but the point system was fine. Why make a change to another mechanic?

The problems with Pathfinder is the game scales poorly and the combat/action system needs to be streamlined. The PCs are capable of huge amounts of damage that is often difficult to balance and there are some specific kinds of rules that need to be modified. Specific classes needed to be addressed to make them fun to play again.

Remember why people left D&D 4.0 because it didn't feel like D&D. I would be very very careful with this play test. It's not time to judge but it didn't come out of the gate strong.

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Voss wrote:
Hmm. It's not so much the layout that bothers me as the sheer level of cross-reference that is required.

Agreed that the layout is terrible. Entirely too much cross-reference. There is also too much in the way of story-telling prior to getting to the mechanics of each rule. In addition, the introductory parts carry too much necessary information that does not carry over into each section.

This is just a play test so its not critical but the actual books need to be divided into sections that concisely state all of the information needed for that section. When you go to the Skills section you need everything needed for skills without a lengthy preamble about why characters use skills. Between the cross-referencing and the vague details its a nightmare to work through this document.

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We have experienced everyone become so reliant on high stats, dump stats and crafting whatever you need to maximize potential. I agree that trade-offs make the game better and the play more interesting. Keep the prereq at 16 and make the hard choice. Remember the days when you rolled your stats and lived with the result? And crafting magic items? Unheard of! Time to work for a living adventurers!

We are an online group of Pathfinder players who are looking to try Starfinder. We would like to play once a month on a Friday from 8pm to midnight EST. We play Pathfinder using Fantasy Grounds and Mumble and would prefer to use the same software for Starfinder. We range in age from late 30s to mid 50s. We are a very stable group and have been playing for quite a while.

If you are looking to GM Starfinder and want a reliable group we are that group. Everyone knows how hard it is to find a reliable group of online players. If you have interest, let me know.

The bottom line is that detect magic is no good as written in the rules. It is a zero level cantrip that is just too powerful and now overused by players. Even the suggestions, many of which are excellent, prove the point. All of these adjustments just to balance a zero level spell are ridiculous. Paizo has done a great job with their rules but they need to change detect magic. It has become an exploit rather than a tool.

The suggestion to return Detect Magic to 1st level is a great one and probably the easiest fix. It has worked wonderfully this way in the D&D rules for decades.

It is fairly clear in reading these posts who are the DMs and who are the players. Particularly those posts where people are throwing verbal darts at others. Try to keep in mind that the game must be "fair" to both the DM and the players. The DM wants to establish a challenge that cannot be circumnavigated by bad rules. The players need to be able to rely on their abilities without being mislead by DMs overcompensating for bad rules.

Paizo needs to fix detect magic.