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Can you even use 2h with spellstrike? I know of a archetype that lets you dual wield and still spellstrike because the offhand or w/e the hand that casts is a spell knife of some sort if I remember correctly.

you can't channel to harm creatures with the life Oracle.

The only way for that to work is if the DM lets you. Bones does the same thing, you can't harm or heal, only command undead.

Just wanted to throw that in there, unless it was changed...

Just follow the AP level wise, you will have NPCs with you? Amieko is in there so that's one NPC with them, along with a few others that I can't think of there names also.

Might want to draw up a "healer/support type" NPC. Unless the bard will be the main heals with the paladin Lay on Hands till they get 4th level to actually start doing some more healing.

But adventure path wise....that's a hard one. There are many out there. The only thing I can think of is let your group look at certain adventure paths you think they would, along with player guides, and go from there.

My play group never finish these adventure paths, Jade Reagent, Council of Thieves, and Second Darkness. we would get up to part 2 or 3, and it would just end because the DM would leak a couple fights to one of the players for some reason.

I really like all 3 of those adventure paths, but again it was mostly stopped because leaked fights, but only one of them was the group. Like for Council of Thieves, we had no bard/rogue at all, and the DM said it wouldn't work out very well which I think it wrong, we made it passed the feast (trying not to spoil it)

Personally looking at the following Cleric archetypes; Crusader, Theologian, Herald Caller, Undead Lord, and Elder Mythos Cultist (highly doubt I can but will present it to DM).

Leaning more towards the Crusader honestly, since I am going to be upfront with the Bloodrager, and the bard will be in the back with the sorcerer. So That is why I have the 14 Con. Plus Travel will boost my movement if I went with the heavy armor from the bonus feat.

@Tyrant Lizard King
Yes I know that a cleric doesn't need a deity, but you having a material weapon (unless through feats or traits) that is above the cleric weapon pay grade is off. Unless a DM let you do it for flavor or through a feat or trait.

And my DM has a hard time letting me do a Souls (repose) and Undead (death) domains as is even if I give a legit back story.

Cleric would be your best bet. And since you are going with a buffer, might as well pick some domains or look through domains that enhances combat.

I also suggest looking into the witch, even though the witch is squishy, fortune and miss fortune hexes are just to awesome.

oh darn, thought I put up I was trying for a buff/channeler support like role.

Personally, I wanted to do Undead and Knowledge/magic at the start, but eventually went CG with Freya from Frog Gods.

But if anything, mostly channeling, and leaning towards my original cleric, Undead and magic.

SO I haven't played in awhile (4 years) and getting back into it with a couple friends and we are going to be playing Frog Gods Wizard's Amulet (I think that's what it is). And we are only doing frog god gods and goddesses. My problem with this is the god selection isn't that great compared to pathfinder gods. Yes some are pretty awesome but the fact that I am limited to only the Good and Neutral gods from it is nerve wrecking. I'm just going to list the party that we have and level one so nothing majestic. Also we have an NPC due to the number of players (3).

The party is a Bloodrager, Bard, Cleric, and NPC Sorcerer (or Goblin Bloodrager). We are also doing 25 point buy so these characters are slightly powerful with a home rule of stats can't go to a 7.

My cleric's stats:
STR: 13
DEX: 12
CON: 14
INT: 10 (11?)
WIS: 16 (+2 racial bonus)
CHA: 16

I'm also rolling a Half orc too, so I am wielding a Falcon, CG, Domains are currently Good and Travel. Everything is Subject to change till the mod arrives.

ALSO I have looked through the guides and I agree to disagree with some domains and spells.

I'm pretty sure this has been asked many times, but I'm to lazy to look for it, so I figured I'd ask since I was storming this idea for a while now involving the paladin/anti-paladin channel energy.

now I know that they both get the channel positive/negative energy, but can they get or invest into the versatile channeler feat from a neutral god, ie: Pharasma?

If so, would I need to be an archtype pally/anti-pally? Or can I just be the vanilla class?

Drachasor wrote:
Dark servitude wrote:
Drachasor wrote:

Pharasma-esque or no, the actions are not evil. Read the alignment section again (or this thread).
Read about pharasma. And it's barely evil. insanity but he has threaten. see if he kills the NPC then we shall see.

Quote for me the text that says this is evil. I do not believe you can support this stance with the rules.

Pharasma is irrelevant in this. Saying something is the ritual for a god when it is not is not inherently evil either -- no matter whether you are mistaken or lying. And if you disagree on this, then quote me the text that supports your view that it would be evil.

Yes, but where in pharasma profile does it say sacrifce your enemies to me for power? No where. She Doesn't do that s%~!.

And it matters because one of the PC's even said this, the one we are talking about for this matter I believe. And I honestly think that this person, if a cleric or divne class tied to this diety did this would lose there class abilities because they did a blood rite to a goddese who isn't evil or good, but did something she wouldn't do imo.

I already said that this person is Barely CN beacuse some unknown factors that we don't even know about. we also have some inut of the guy threatening NPCs for really no reason but just to do it because he can. Insanity douchebag is all I'm saying about this PC, but is very close to evil in my own opinion. Just my opinion, not yours mine.

I've heard mixed feelings on what to do for a new GM. been told AP aren't good starters, but I get the important things.

I honestly think run a one shot (senerio) or just make a few level one encounters that atleast level up, or just to get the feel of GMing.

Adamantine Dragon wrote:
Slumber is PF on easy mode.

And it's also Control. Which would you rather have, battle field control or just straight heals? Plus the witch can let your allies roll twice to attack, and the enemy roll twice and missing most of the time.

Tuffon wrote:

Guess my thought on extra channel over improved channel is , would you rather have your sometimes harm channel do more damage ( and nothing when you heal) ? Or would you rather channel 2 more times a Day. For me i like the 2 more times a day, but then again it would be the flavor of the game and and types of critters your gm throws at you.

I love versatile channel as well, which is another reason i liked half elf, the favored class option helps both healing and harming. having a specialty phylactery of faithfulness crafted at higher levels which adds 2d6 to both heal and harm would be great with it as well but that is a few levels off)

Think there was a neutral river god in the inner sea world guide that has travel and death or undead as domains. (cant recall the name and am stuck at work, hopefully not sending you on a wild goose chase) anyway that could be fun to give you access to the negative energy ability and the travel.

Travel domain I think the 10 ' will work even with heavy armor (will go well with vindicator later on).

I am thinking of almost the same type of character for a new AP my game group is starting soon ( which is why a lot of this is off the top of my head :)

The falcata and bastard swords can both be used 1handed. I can wear a buckler for AC if needed, and when the time comes I can change out the AC for more damage by swinging with 2 hands for -2 with the attack, for the extra damage, like when im flanking or something).

Exactly! And I have a Crusader cleric of Urgathoa with the undead domain atm in this mod, it's rappan atthuk, haven't been playing it for awhile and I've been re thinking my role, been wasting through my channels which has been making the fights so much easier because of the AoE channeling. and then Healing the ability damage after a fight with a lesser rest wand (so divine heavy not even funny) but wish the wizard would pull his weight...oh wait he does by burning his spells...lol. Right now we unlocked a door and are trapped so, looking for a way out, wizard has a few spells, I'm low on channels, have like 2 and can command undead but haven't been in a situation to where I think it'll save us.

And I'm planning on running the new AP that's coming out soon the one with the worldwound and am looking at making a positive energy cleric for that one also with the holy vindicator (been scheming up holy vindicators for a awhile now and my dreams of it have been cut short sadly :(.)

Also, aasimar gets a +1/2 to channeling positive energy vs undead and with the alignment channel to evil outsiders. which was kinda what I was looking at, but the half-elf is way better cause it goes to both healing and damage.

blackbloodtroll wrote:

I never stop being entertained when someone misspells Aasimar, as Assimar.

Like a race Assfaced Outsiders, instead of Angel blooded.

Like how I did that? :P was typo.

Misfortune and fortune are awesome hexs, get slumber also! and in all honesty, you seem to be getting the right spells and hexes so far ;).

and for your patron, look at the spell lists, you might get a spell that you wont know.

Tuffon wrote:
Half elf is not bad, I think you can trade out the skill focus feat for a free exotic weapon feat. (not bad if later you plan on holy vindicator battle cleric, i still like falcata weapon for the 19-20 and *3 , or a bastard sword or something that will do some decent damage when you need it to)

Yeah was thinking about that, I can basicly get any one weapon I want that'll be usefull to me. and in all honesty a 2h weapon wouldn't be a bad idea. But I plan to have some high AC doing the whole sword and board thing. but I wouldn't mind being a battle support cleric. and I can pick an exotic weapon over a martial weapon from holy vindicator mhmmm.

Tuffon wrote:

Also half elf gives you favored class options of + 1/3 level to heal and harm when channeling ( great if you eventually do take versatile channel).

This is true, But I've been getting s~&! with my fellow play groups for wanting to do a versatile channeler. Negative energy is awesome, I love it. blows things up. Positve energy is cool too, can heal your party members. but there are spells that let you heal via negative energy and the Undead domain for example (which I love btw).

Tuffon wrote:

If you like the idea of moving, I would still look at neutral gods as they would give you access to versatile channel if you ever wanted BUT i would look at any option that lets you look at travel as a domain. Travel would give you a bonus 10 feet of movement on top of other domain powers. Then again i don't know much about charm and trickery off the top of my head.

eh, I didn't mean the domain. Ment moving with melee. And the Travel Domain is pretty cool I have to admit. would still have me move 30 ft in medium armor.

Tuffon wrote:

It has been a while and off the top of my head is improved channel only a DC increase for doing damage? If so I would take extra channel as you seem to be leaning toward this being your main means of healing.

Improved Channel:

Your channeled energy is harder to resist.

Prerequisite: Channel energy class feature.

Benefit: Add 2 to the DC of saving throws made to resist the effects of your channel energy ability.

I'm strongly starting to think about going the versitile route. But I'd still be channeling better then most.

I'm sure you've heard this before, leave a spell slot or 2 open higher lvls start doing scrying spell so you can cast spells for certain fights over foutter fights. Wizards are preperation because they can cast any number of spells, not like a druid or cleric, but you know spells that can shut down, get rid of them, and kill em dead.

One thing I hate about prepared casters is the number of spells they have to prepare per day. Wish they could cast as much as a spontcaster.

there's a trait out there that changes the range level on meta magic feats. My favorite metamagic feat is the reach spell feat. can delieve a single touch spell with a range of touch to close. so you'll be doing ranged touch attacks now with this one touch spell and not raising the spells level. my favored spell is corrosive touch in this instance.

Drachasor wrote:

Pharasma-esque or no, the actions are not evil. Read the alignment section again (or this thread).

Read about pharasma. And it's barely evil. insanity but he has threaten. see if he kills the NPC then we shall see.

Thinking of making a cleric of one of our favorite Dieties in pathfinder, Calistria. I'm personally going for a Human cleric, but for flavor, it'd be a half-elf. Point buy is 25, haven't really spent any points but the role I'm going for is more supportish control. Domains I'm thinking about are Trickery or Charm and Luck and Probably gonna be CN. Kinda just relying on my spells to be like "stab that guy". Being in melee ish range to heal tank. not really in need to do damage with negative energy so probably gonna do the positive energy route, maybe do versitiale channeler, but that's what alignment channeling is for (evil outsiders mmmm). And where 5th level so woo. Now I kinda plan to be mobile but can atleast have a great AC score. Whip (can i use a scorpine whip instead? lol) being one handed = Shield woo. Now would the whip mastery be worth it? Cause I plan to be channeling like no other to heal, and hurt undead and evil ousiders, and use my spells for buffing, heals, debuffing or control so I kinda what a High Wisdom and Charisma for the save DCs. Might even go assimar, or make a race (GM is giving us 13 Race points but it's more of a "Augment" to the race to better suit our roles imo.) I also plan to go into Holy Vindicator at higher levels also. Have more then just a whip and have some other weapons with creatures vs DR weapon dmg type.

but here's a quick point buy and feat selection at 5th lvl if human

STR: 13
DEX: 13
CON: 12
INT: 10
WIS: 18 (+2 race and +1 from 4th lvl)
CHA: 16

1st: Combat Casting or Extra Channel and Selective Channeling or Extra Channel HB
3rd: Improved Channeling
5th: Alignment Channeling (Evil)
and which ever feat i didn't chose at the time for here on out

If Half-Elf;

STR: 13
DEX: 13
CON: 12
INT: 10
WIS: 18 (same as human reason)
CHA: 16

1st: Selective Channeling
3rd: Improved Channeling or Extra Channeling or Combat Casting
5th: Alignment Channeling (Evil)
which ever feat I didn't choose from here on out.

If Assimar;

STR: 13
DEX: 13
CON: 12
INT: 10
WIS: 18 (should know why it's 18)
CHA: 18 (should know why it's 18)

same as before.

Now I will draw up a race or as I would like to say "Augmented" race later on. Probably gonna resemble a assimar human hybred.

CN? Barely, and that's total BS on pharasma ritual BS s%+%. Pharasma isn't the goddesse of Sacrifices at all. That's some evil right there. if that person is a cleric or divine caster tied to that diety, have him lose his spells and class abilities. not even actting for her UNLESS pharasma said hey kill this person because they are about to do total destruction and what not. But to cut off the witches hands for a blood rite? doesn't sound pharasma at all.

Macona wrote:

Is this player the GM's girlfriend or crush by chance?

It's sounds just plain unfair to me. If he doesn't won't to bring her down then bump up your character. Don't ask nicely, just announce that it's happening, "I'm giving my character +6 base attack".

Do this, do this, lets know how that turns out please.

Just roll with it, might get something epic out of it? I never, in all honesty, bad mouth a gm for doing something creative. Usually get a cool rp scene, with awesome perks. Give it a try, if this cleric is really just to op talk to the gm with others that feel the same way that you feel. I has a feeling its not going to be as op as you think. And omg 7 people....my groups usually 4-5 but every now and then we group up with another friend and have like 7-9 people and get a cool pc death(s) :9.

But yeah get a few other players see there thoughts talk to gm, etc whatever tickles your fancy.

So you guys have a heal bot trailing you guys around draining your guys exp? Killed a lloth follower because its evil? QQ more please.
But yeah a level 9 heal bot seems much. Bring her down to 3 or 4 imo. She's obviously a key player in this gms world and wants her to be, but 9 seems way to high. If the pcs weren't lvl 1 and where lvl 6 that's cool. Can up the cr for the party, and how many players are there? 3-4? If 4, can always just have the high lvl level at the gms choice, and not effect the pcs leveling, or have it gain exp and lvl whenever, use the fast exp till they are on par with the cleric even then go to normal exp after?

I want a heal bot to carry me :'-(

Also neutrally aligned is another thing that bugs me. CN, LN, just N.? NE and NG imo, don't right, cause you aren't neutral.?

It also says necromancer. Someone please explain that to me. I assume it means for the wizard necromancer school. Or I'm just a fool.

draxar wrote:
Darkflame wrote:

a whip magus doesnt realy become verry good untill later on. i wouldnt advice it for such a low lvl game!

when you start to treathen the 15ft area aswell as got combat reflexes your good :-)

It doesn't have to become 'very good'. It just has to be good enough, survivable enough, for the length of the game.

It feels like it'll at least get by, and the concept, the feel of it interests me.

And again people go away from wht the op is asking for. People already have a meta for this already????

Whip? Might aswell make a whip fighter.

But it depends on what YOU want to do with this. Your only gonna be going to lvl 4 so its not going to be a "I'm a whip your ass with these touch spells huzza" thing at a higher level. What are you going for? What do you want to do as a magus using a whip?

Diminished casting for lvl 4 isn't THAT bad at all. Your just getting more fighter but lose armor, guess your just a caster fighter in light armor....oh wait that's what you are!

Well, like what others have said, when a few pcs die they will make new characters and hopefully be making a few support class types.

I say support cause of this, you shouldn't leve the healing to just one pc, have a back up healer or 2. Works great imo. They can have spells to control the battlefield and slow the damage output. Its a great party comp from what I've seen.

Picking your own fights isn't being a coward ;)

None of those?

Its twilight all over again!!! Dead babies everywhere!!

Poor children....dead because of you. Jk

Casualties happen mate, learn from the mistakes, heck maybe go to a pharasma church and work for them to bring those kids back.

I've never had a character above level 15...wait that's a lie, had a level 18 crossblood arena sorcerer that f#$!ed everyones day up....I miss her, I feel dead inside.

But yeah, experience awarding is key. The arena we leveled when the dm thinks we should level.

blackbloodtroll wrote:

Honestly, this much restriction can create a number of bland NPC style characters.

Nobody below 10, and no one above 16.

A group of cardboard cutouts, each painted up, to look unique.

By the way, I am thinking I will build this "Vanilla Man".

Like a super hero, who has the power, to be average, at everything.

I want your average ass to make babies so that I can give birth to the above average vanilla man. Next generation for our future!

That aside, no 7's? Wouldn't have a -2? Or a -3 maybe depending on what you are?

When god says so. Well, the gm.

Put a in game kill in this homebrew, its the only way to get these lazy heros to do anything right.

Um....if the summoner is CN it makes sense, if he's evil that makes even more sense. Summons. Tank to escape? Sounds like a character concept that you guys hate with a burning passion....as I recall the game is for imagination???? At least the PC knows how to run from a fight they know they can't win...

Your a cleric buddy you are gonna be one of the few actual pcs that will die for the party qq more. And your gorum battle is your thing you'll have a hard on for that fight.

But you can always just, you know be a dick and kill the coward as he's running away. Gets impaled from a trap, get caught in a rope hanging upside down and gets raped to death....can say more but will probably be hated for it.

loganstarr wrote:
paladinguy wrote:
Are there any evil nature deities/gods? This is for an evil druid character to worship...

LOL all nature can be consider Evil to non Druids Your guy is the Lawyer aliment. His laws are not that of man but of nature. Think of him as a predator, the Lion does not eat the zebra because it is hungry, it does because it can. The weak are just that Prey would a lion eat an elephant if it had the chance? MEAT they are all just meat some are eaten others do the eating. With this logic your druid could go into a town at night and get approached by a guard brandishing a weapon. He is stronger and kills him he tears the body limb from limb coating the wall with his blood. Was this evil? or was he marking his territorial with the blood of a weaker predator?

You sir, are kinda wrong. Loins kill when they are hungry, or something invades there territory. Not just because they can. And a loins a horrible example of nature. Us an animal that doesn't give a flying rats butt next time :9.

Well, you could still be a member of the green faith....just saying. No deity, just a harsh look at the circle of life.

Bump hump

I get where your coming from but why only focus on a single school. Seems like a waste to me. Yeah metamagic feats ftw and stuff (I never really used meta magic feats, mostly rods) which I'm fine with. I honestly think that at lower levels metamagic feats are great but kinda a waste to waste a lower level spell for a higher level spell slot. Just my thought on that.

But can you spell focus the same school more then once?

Zhayne wrote:
Makarion wrote:
The black raven wrote:
Zhayne wrote:
Aratrok wrote:
Pretty much nothing. Actions determine alignment, alignment doesn't determine actions. You'd detect as LN and be affected by spells as if you were LN for a while, until your actions returned you to a CN alignment.


Exactly this.

I do not like this. A hero being brainwashed or gaining too much power too quickly and becoming a villain is a very common trope.

It would make the game poorer IMO to consider a forced alignment change as a mere mechanical effect.

I agree. In fact, I feel that if the player ignores his mandatory alignment he should be docked xp for terribad roleplaying. The GM probably should be gracious and only dock him xp OR the negative level, though.

Were I the GM, I would insist that the negative level cannot be removed by anything less than a Wish or Miracle (which is normally the only way to undo the Deck's effects). Break Enchantment could give the character temporary freedom to act his prior alignment as s/he wishes, but making the caster level check versus an artifact (the Deck) could be rough.

Note, that I personally would NEVER spring the Deck on my players. The risks of destroying a party are much too great.

Obviously, I disagree. I would rather the player continue to roleplay his character how he wants. Frankly, if a DM ever inflicted an alignment change on me, and insisted I roleplay the alignment instead of my character, I'd hand him my sheet. It's not my character anymore.

That's just being a bad player imo. Might as well flip the table while your at it. They pt these items in the game for a reason. Its fun, part of the game. Lets talk about magic the gathering. Now thats a game worth raging over.

CN to LN? Seems like you got the lucky alignment shift. but that might just be a combat tactic change and you know have guidelines now. Might be better now for your wizard won't be bough by a evil guy th benefits you know maybe?

Thanis Kartaleon wrote:
As long as you can convince it that a greater evil can be thwarted with its help, I don't see why this wouldn't work (aside from unlucky dice). The angel may question the use of undead and require additional incentives for allying, but that alone shouldn't be a deal breaker.

True this. If anything summon something that would benefit the party more? Highly dought a angel would help, unless drana made the angel help. I mean her cleric did just ask for aid...

Depends on the alignment of the allying your summing?

As I said need help. But I'm thinking of spell division with 3 schools of magic. Necromancy, enchantment, and evocation (eventually).
Now I'm looking at a buff, rebuff, control, with damage. Now idk whay most people go for with there sorcerers, but I think a sorcerer can focus on 3 schools with other spells that can buff the party, without saves (I wish the apg, um, and uc had the spell schools listed like in the core).
But yeah those 3 schools I'm looking at and I just dunno what bloodlines to pick, but I do have an idea though (undead, arcana, fey, infernal, and other for your opinion). I'm pretty sure this ones gonna be for tge mega dungeon rappan atthuk which is level 5 atm, or an arena based for a friends which is level 15.

Tyvm!!!! <3 and it is very different

So I know there used to be a red mantis assassin prestige class but I cant find the class anywhere. I do have a version of it in pathfinder chronicles: campaign setting. But I'm not sure if its the solid class or not. I remember it being on the pdfsrd site but its not there anymore.

Other then that I just wanna know if that copy has been changed at all and that the red mantis assassin is as it is in that book or if there's changes.

Id make a cleric with the assimar. But that's just me. Its up to you. Would you wanna make a heal bot, buff/rebuff, battle/touch cleric. Or just a channel cleric. But mostly depends on the party. Since they are evil...might be hard to find a good cleric that'll do it. But in all honesty, that just depends if the cleric worships a good god, but not all the good gods care for some unless named in the faiths books.

But a oracle wouldn't be bad ether. But it would mostly depend on the orcales spells known over the prepared spells and if you think channeling would matter for heals or damage.

I honestly think the dm should look at the fighters feats and just check if its right. If its right, well nothing you can do but tell the other player to re do feats if you think the fighter is just op in fights....but that's ranged for you. I actually had a ranged character that I nerfed cause I wanted to be decent in both melee and ranged. Mostly cause of the situation on the fighting areas (being flanked from the sides of the hallway or can't reach a flying creature)

But yeah the dm should just allow certain books if that's gonna be a issue imo so thy everyone can shine then just a single person. But what of the other party memebers do they even care?

If you think the party will need a cleric, make a party cleric suited for the group. I belive this is a party of 6 with only 3 people playing 2 characters if I remember correctly. You as a gm can also play a character just for fun. But that's up to you. You could have 3 characters and have them make a party cleric. Everyone gets to play this cleric each combat or Once a session. Is it really important for there being 2 characters for each player? Especially if you have a few new players at the table. Seems over kill.

EDIT: I suggested a party cleric because that can help with teaching the new players with only 2 classes, but not all at once. Can have the experience player help pick spells with the newbs and explain how the cleric works and what not. Learn positioning, when to channel, learn to ready a heal and all the other good stuff.

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