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a lot of wink


The best volume of this campaign without hesitation.I like it.
The first 3 parts can be done in any order and I really like the wink to the other campaigns already released. The third part is original with the festival in korvosa and a certain NPC.

Some tough fans will be disappointed with what happens to Zutha, a fantastic lore developed around the character and the last one who is ejected so quickly because of the arrival of golarion V2.0.

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Eyes of jealousy


Same as Oranil, when you read the summary, it sound very cool but the first two parts look really boring to play.
The third and fourth parts are much more interesting with a a lot of potential roleplay.
But here's the problem, we have potential but not developed enough.

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The peacock's spirit


The main points were made in Oranil's previous commentary. The adventure is rather nice but linear with several possible choices in the approach between roleplay and combat.
I really liked the first part and the wink about the rise of the runelords.
If I had to change something, it would be to leave the surprise on the end boss and not reveal his presence right away, but it would require changing the objective of the start. It would be a big surprise for the players.

Edit : The hardcore fans of the thassilon lore may be disappointed with what happens to Xanderghul. He is considered the most powerful magician of golarion and what is more, a minor god...