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Thought I might hit your sweet tooth Dalton

Back in the kitchen
The man smiles as Dalton enjoys the pastry. "I sure will! Here, something new I've cooked where did I...aha!" He takes out a medium sized box and from within it takes out a small pouch of square shaped pastries. "Cinnamon crunchy shell, a few different jams for the filling. I hardly get my business out at all, I insist you take it as a sign of good faith!" He goes back to his things, a little skip in his step.

Dalton, you can mark this character as a contact with the number 6 next to him.

Detect Evil isn't picking up on anything.

He shakes his head, taking the cupcake back and taking a bite out of it. Between chews he speaks, spitting out crumbs. "I'm making sweets, mostly cakes, for a bit of money at the end of every week. Look, are you wanting to buy anything? I got a few more things you can try if the cinnamon bun ain't your fancy."

He doesn't seem to care for his job much, but he enjoys the company of visitors.

It was my understanding you left the goblins tied up outside the control room.

"My boss, hands out the dough at the end of each week." He grins at his pun, looking around at each of you. "Don't converse with him much, he's had me down here for a few months. Apparently it's going to be a big city, this isn't the only kitchen working on it." He cocks his head at Bjorkus, then gets an Aha! face, and reaches down for a cinnamon bun. "Try that one, cinnamon glaze over it, less sweet than the velvet."

He curls his lip in confusion. "Where you get evil from? Every time you make dinner plans with a girl are they evil too?" He calls back into the kitchen, and a servant comes out to take the batter from him. "As a matter of fact we're doing quite a bit of good here. Twainel wants to build a city for the poor, made entirely out of cake!" He laughs with a rasp and shakes his head. "Told him it wouldn't work but he won't listen to me. Told him he's mad, but he said he'd build that city if it killed him."

"Well unless they're unlocked with fattening pastries I couldn't help you!" He looks at Bjorkus, then pauses as if thinking. "You look like you'd enjoy our velvet cupcakes, here, try one!" He takes out a deep red cupcake and offers it.

Sense Motive DC 15:
He seems to not really like his job, but being cheery must be a requirement for him.

As you look around the room, you see a large wooden sign hung up on the wall you came in from. It reads

Orders to Daoog Mdak ek Ootmootoogee

1) Run a respectable business
2) Deliver 20 cakes a day to me.
3) Have fun!
4) Don't allow having fun to stop the cakes.
5) Don't kill anybody (unless they tip you).
6) Tell anybody that asks about our plans

And remember to smile!

~Twainel Diaporto

Standing behind the counter is a plump man with a few missing teeth, stirring a bowl of batter. As you enter he smiles and says "Welcome to Pernicious Pastries! What can I do ya for?"