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News like this makes me happy. Because as far as I'm concerned, Paizo deserves success. I don't think I've ever seen a company enjoy, respect, and most importantly, interact with it's customer base they way Paizo has. Not to mention the stellar production values and care that goes into their offerings. Which is one reason why I've purchased more Paizo/Pathfinder products in the last month than I ever have for D&D 3.5 or 4e.

I don't have a regular credit card, but these would look sweet on my Bag of Holding. Do pre-paid credit cards work on the Paizo store? I need these....

With non players: "A Dungeons and Dragons-style game"
With RPG players: "Pathfinder." Or "Pathfinder which is like D&D 3.75"
When recruiting new players from those who may not have played a P&P RPG before: "Hey, wanna play RPGs?"

So for me, it's contextual. But because I used to play 4th ed. I generally say "D&D" for that, and "Pathfinder" otherwise. Which also works to my advantage in recruiting WoW players. "Hey, wanna play D&D sometime? It plays similar to WoW but with more freedom" then hook em and say "Yeah, so we're gonna switch over to Pathfinder which is like D&D, but way better."

EDIT: I also wholeheartedly agree with other that have said we should call it Pathfinder instead of D&D. Paizo deserves the word of mouth. WotC doesn't need more sales.

Gray wrote:
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deinol wrote:
I do think the better question is: What dinosaurs will get stats in Bestiary 2?


There'll be 4 dinosaurs in Bestiary 2, though. Well... 3 dinosaurs and one "close enough for the game" dinosaur, along the lines of a elasmosaurus. But bigger.

The liopleurodon!

If they do that, I want playable unicorn PCs! :P

My gaming group loves boardgames, and while I dislike 4e D&D, I think I may have to get that. We love gothic horror/fantasy, and I think I could use those dungeons tiles for some fun, random Pathfinder adventures.

It's tough to choose, but I think Lora as Feiya get's my vote.

Aw, I really hope your friend finds his bag. That really sucks that he lost such "history written in dice". Good luck finding or replacing them! That's awesome of you!

Sir_Wulf, Enevhar, thank you for the suggestions! I'll certainly be using those at some point!

Pregens were the way I was going, for sure. It just takes too long to roll up a fresh character, and we've only got a certain timeframe to play. Thanks for the input!

Thanks Roccojr, I've considered that, and it's likely the direction I'll go.

This is great advice all around! Definitely stuff I'll attempt to use in my next game!

Soudns good, thanks Larry!

I hope this is an appropriate section to ask this, but at the end of the month I'm running an RPG table at a fan convention in Toronto. Now, the room is going to be dominated by D&D 4e tables, so I wanted to offer Pathfinder and help get more people interested in it. However I, myself, am rather new to it (Though not to 3.x), so I'm looking for suggestions for low level adventures to run.

I have Crypt of the Everflame and I've run and even modded that a couple times, but are there any others? Should I just write my own?

Or is there some kind of "demo" module available somewhere, that showcases the best of Pathfinder?

Thanks in advance!

Well deserved! I'm fairly new to the Paizo/Pathfinder family, (got my Core Rulebook 2.5 weeks ago) but the quality of the core books, additions and modules, not to mention the online support, has been amazing! I've been pleasantly surprised with the Paizo properties, and Pathfinder has made me fall in love with RPGs again.

Thanks to the Paizo crew. You're absolutely number one!

Sweet! I was sold at "Ultimate Magic". And one vs. one Spell duels? I am one step closer to my Harry Potter Pathfinder campaign. lol!

Lisa Stevens wrote:

the core rulebooks were always cash cows and always sold very good numbers almost until the time that a new edition came out. It was the new supplements that started to nosedive and thus require a new edition. The core books were always sales gold.


I'm just curious on your thoughts (if, as CEO, you can even comment on this.), But in my observation, 4e is getting pirated to death. As soon as they publish a new book, it's available to download illegally, and usually in a professional looking format. I wonder if that, with a combination of the integration of DDI, is causing some people to forego purchasing a hard copy of the book, and they're just downloading it?

I guess for some, they may see the online portion as so integral to the game, that they figure they may as well just keep everything on the computer and download it all instead of purchasing. It's a sad reality, and I don't know how anyone could do it. I love my books.

Vic Wertz wrote:
To be clear, though, we don't see anything fully replacing printed books for most people anytime soon, and I think it's safe to say that most—if not all—of us would consider it a sad day if it did.

This makes me very happy to hear, as that was one of my biggest issues with WotC and their model for D&D4e, was the reliance of online/DDI. I know it's not *necessary*, but you can tell that's where they're headed.

Honestly, I think you folks at Paizo have the right idea in offering an electronic copy of material as well as a physical version. It's very convenient for people of all preferences.

I wouldn't be surprised if they ceased production of the Core books. We have to remember that Wizards is now owned by Hasbro, and Hasbro's focus isn't on us, the gamers, it's on their shareholders and their bottom line. If the core books don't sell, Hasbro will kill them.

One trend I do see from Hasbro is, any long standing properties they acquire eventually get permanently changed to make the games easier or more "Public-friendly". Look at Risk, it's been around forever, and most people would say it takes forever to play. Now, Hasbro has permanently changed the game with "missions" to make the game play faster and therefore more appealing. They changed Clue entirely, and they're even slowly changing Monopoly. Hell, they were going to break Scrabble until people flipped out about it.

The same thing can be seen in Dungeons and Dragons. The difference between AD&D and 3.X wasn't that huge. From 3.X to 4e is was enormous and made the game easier to play. Now, they're making it even MORE 'noob friendly'. It's not necessarily a bad thing. It was Fourth Edition that got my young cousins to play RPGs, and now we regularly play Pathfinder together because the PF rules offer us more freedom and choice than 4e does.

Overall, I think it's win-win, either way.

Corrosive Rabbit wrote:
Good to see that they're there. The other place in town that I've seen some Pathfinder stuff at is J&Js on Weber. Not sure if they have the GMG though.

Yeah they've got it. I was thumbing through it a couple weeks ago. I think their price is $41.99

Corrosive Rabbit wrote:

I was in Ottawa last weekend and saw copies of the Core book, the Bestiary and the Gamemastering Guide in the Chapters on Rideau Street. I keep meaning to drop into the Chapters in my hometown of Kitchener-Waterloo to see if they're in there as well.

Just this past week, I purchased the Core Rulebook and Bestiary from the Chapters in Kitchener. And played my first game yesterday! :D Gonna get the Gamemaster Guide this week hopefully.

However, it seems Chapters marks up the in store price on the books from the MSRP. Most likely cause they're printed without a Canadian price on the back. So the Bestiary was $43.99 instead of $41.99 like their website says.