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Satisfied that the group is loosely making progress again, Dante will take point down the 'path' highlighted. Inwardly he severs his link to the crowd, ignoring the festivities from here on out. Without looking back again he will head for the end of the route. His Mesh link is silent but he stays visible through the press of bodies ahead.

Still a bit unsteady, Dante will fire off a singular reply.


[Window's closing on us. Give her what she wants, drag her along til you can sideline her, -fresh pineapples are so delicious!- or take her down and move along. I suggest the first -i'm going to party until i drop!- because it causes the least commotion. -Man, look at the as-] The message is suddenly terminated on his end.

He will send an irritated look behind him and fight to the edge of the crowd to let most move by him in case he needs to turn back and help, his fingers still pressed to his temple.

i'd been waiting for last person to post rolls, but going to go ahead and continue!

Unexpectedly, Dante will misjudge his movements and slam into a synthetic morph passing by in the crowd. He'll stagger a bit, clutching at his head and sometimes being hidden from sight by the press of the crowd as it passes by. Visibly wincing a bit, he still keeps glancing around and making headway along the route given to the group but his movements and even body language seem to be 'off' from before.

For the keenly observant types:

There is a smear of red at Dante's temple where he is pressing his hand.

Mathar min Rabikh wrote:
How come he gets to roll 4d3-3? :P

I just combined the math. -8 +5 for -3.

GM_Eclipse wrote:

Dante gets a Compel to go with his success. :D

If he accepts, he'll gain a FATE point. If he wants to refuse, he'll have to pay a FATE point.

Dante accepts! Bring the compel, oh GM!(normally i'd find out a few details before deciding, but i want to explore the mechanic!)

Kinesics: 4d3 - 3 ⇒ (1, 3, 2, 2) - 3 = 5

Almost as if he was riding the music itself, Dante will slip through the crowd like a fish in the sea. He'll pause, somehow holding his place with minimal shifting as the crowd flows around him, again waiting for the others to catch up. If the wait irritated him at all, he didn't show it. His expression remained the same as when he left the table earlier.

Inwardly, his mind is anything but calm. Processing his surroundings as well as his companions locations and actions all while keeping the time limit in mind, his thoughts were never idle.

Those who are very good at hearing will catch Dante's murmured comment."Cracks appearing this early do not bode well." He closes his eyes for a moment, takes a deep breath and exhales slowly before opening them again. His expression afterwards is fairly cold, and one of all business.

"We need to go. Now. Further options can be discussed in transit, i suggest." His tone makes it clear the word 'suggest' is merely an affectation.

Khahlil and Vincent both get a glance that could be approval of their already in motion response. He himself is turning to leave even before he has finished unplugging himself from the conference. He moves easily through the crowd, almost as if he knows how the mob is going to shift to the music and anyone familiar with the practice would note it is also in a way that would not attract undue attention from casual observers.

Without looking back again, he'll use the provided Key, slide open the door and step through, stepping to the side to allow others to follow or alternately pass ahead of him if desired.

Internally....GM:(PC's are welcome to click on any of Dante's spoilers if interested, as a player i do not mind at all!)

Dante will be observing his surroundings to the fullest, maximizing the sensory access his morph gives him. While he does get perfect recall and playback, for now he is focusing on the following.

A) Reactions by everyone at the table to the turn of events, particularly if anyone was less surprised then the others as well as any impression or even hunch of deceit, nervousness, etc. This would include Jhonen as well of course.

B) Keeping the crowd in mind, and making note of anyone who could be paying more attention to the group then attributed to a casual party goer. Anyone/everyone who flags he will subroutine a background probe into(understood that such a task would take time for results)

C) While he is entering the door first, he is stepping to the side so that a different party member Will end up in the point man position, this is premeditated and intentional.

D) Beta(fork) will be brought online, given a copy of the route, and sent remotely to netlook and watchdog ahead to detect any of the more obvious possible surprises.

E) He will task F3L1X with gathering as much information on the current state of Little Shanghai, in particular the area around the path itself and it's terminus. Traffic, outbreaks of violence, PM locations currently, etc.

Dante will glance over at Khahlil after her last comment. [While it is true that my studies in the Neural Sciences would allow for a fairly soft touch to things, time would be a major detrimental factor let alone multiple targets. I will have my tools for such on hand however, in case they will be of benefit.]

Privately,@ Khahlil.

[Saying more of my secrets then what you have already would be most unwise for all of us here. I ask that you respect my secrets as i do yours.]

Dante will listen quietly, but his questions come immediately after Jhonen makes his inquiry. [I'd like whatever known specs on the courier(s) and the transport being used itself, if you please.] By the end of his words, he is already finishing tucking the ID-mimic into his coat.[Size of the case itself? Is other competition for the target to be expected?]

Dante will then wait for replies as well as questions the others may ask, noting who asks what when they do. His own Muse fires up, indexing details that he has flagged for further consideration.

Dante will give the cable a disdainful look like someone suddenly dropped a snake in his lap, but reaches out for it anyways. "Let's get this over with compadres." His own dataport is at the back of the neck, hidden behind the length of his hair yet he clips it in with the smoothness of a very familiar action.

Eyeing this Vincent fellow with a glance, he notes to himself this one may need a handshake later. He could be too smart for his own good.

Dante will sigh inwardly at the newest arrival and her singling him out. Careful. He leans against the edge of the booth in an affected casual and at ease pose, choosing to stay standing rather then sit.

"Necessity more then comfort, Kitten, but that's all you get for free from me today. I'd say I was surprised to see you here, but that wouldn't be exactly true. Let's get along better this time, shall we? A slight smile tugs at his lips as he baits the neko girl with a few leading comments.

"We're more, Jhonen?" He regards the new arrival curiously, his palms itching but suppressing the instinct to offer another handshake. "Hopefully they arrive soon and we can get this started."

Dante paused at the top of the stairs leading down into Space Amnesia, letting out a slow exhale he shook away idle thoughts that had occupied him during transit here. Time for business.

Nodding at the bouncers, he descended the stairs. The band's music rose to greet him with its cacophony of light and noise. He let it wash over him, feeling the underlying message being broadcast. Not bad. A bit of potential here maybe.

A slow sweep through the club finds him the booth Smythe has reserved. A casual glance to notice any unexpected observers and he made his approach. Let's hope this goes well.

He makes several mental notes about the other already at the booth as he walks up. Cybernetic left arm, older, outdated fashion reference. Pre-Fall interest perhaps? Interesting.

He stopped at the edge of the Booth, his own nondescript working man's clothes and their muted color tones not seeming out of place on his thin body frame. Idly he brushes a mid length lock of unruly brown hair out of his eyes as he greets the pair.

"Nice location, Smythe. Dante here, nice to see you in person." He extends his hand for a greeting handshake and gives the other fellow a polite nod while doing so.