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Should have done my homework.

Wanted to make sure the following FAQ answer actually prescribes some play that would be incorrect.

The Question within the RotR FAQ is a follows:

Can I reveal two Belts of Incredible Dexterity over and over to add ∞ to my Dexterity?

Answer (Offending Play in ALL CAPS):

Of course not. Any specific card's power can be activated once per check or step, and then it can't do that again until the next time you do something. So you cannot reveal a single Belt of Incredible Dexterity twice to add 2 to your Dexterity check, BUT YOU COULD REVEAL TWO COPIES ONCE EACH; similarly, you cannot reveal a single Magic Shield three times to reduce a single instance of Combat damage dealt to you by 6, but you could reveal it once to reduce “before the encounter” combat damage dealt by a Scout, and then reveal it a second time to reduce Combat damage if you fail to defeat the Scout.

Resolution: On page 9 of the Rulebook, under Playing Cards, add the following sentence to the definition of Reveal: "You may not reveal the same card for its power more than once per check or step."

--- End of Answer-----

So, wouldn't revealing two copies of the belts within the same check be incorrect play? That would be playing two cards of the same type within the same check afterall.