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I've been really wish for the "display" armor mechanic as the default since RotRL. I really think it helps weapon centric characters being hand-clogged and makes them desired as a card and power feat.

I almost cancelled my subscription to the character decks but after Ultimate Combat, it was an easy choice to keep it going.

Very excited to see what's next.

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Laruuk wrote:
Received my base set and Add-On Deck yesterday. It is gorgeous!

Subscription or did you pick it up from a local store?

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Character Name: Kyra
Role Card: Exorcist
Skill Feats: Strength+(3), Wisdom +(3)
Power Feats: +(1) hand size, (Weapons), (healing 1d4+2), (+1d8 to combat vs undead and outsiders), (blessing of sarenrae can be recharged/placed on top of deck)
Card Feats: weapon+(1), spell+(2), item+(1), ally+(1), blessing+(1)
Weapons: dancing scimitar+2, mokmurian's club, shock great sword+2, (had impaled of thorns and heavy pick+1 for a long time)
Spells: mass cure, restoration x2, scrying, raise dead
Armors: demon armor, invincible breastplate (had breastplate of fire resistance x2
Items: belt of physical might, robe of runes (though I don't know why, I couldn't find anything else that seemed worth while)
Allies: clockwork librarian, yap the pixie (had to banish vale themos in a previous adventure)
Blessings: abadar, norberger, sarenrae x4

Lini died in adventure 2 and he remade as Harsk

Don't have the other two since we disassembled the decks but they were:
Harsk as a sniper with 2 spells but no Divine (go figure) he would carry an extra major cure for Kyra.
Seoni as the abyssal sorcerer with +7 to arcane checks. Didn't get the bury/banish an ally to draw 3 cards. She had the ally who can heal and an acolyte pretty much the entire adventure path.

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Vic Wertz wrote:
You're starting with low-level challenges here, so just like RPG Adventure Paths, we expect you to "roll up a new character." And frankly, we're giving you a lot of reasons to want to, with new classes, new powers, and new cards.

Then why does the Adventure Path have a reward for completing it? If that is the end of the character's life/use why even give a reward?

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Will there be new characters for the classes that appear in Rise of the Runelords or will we see Valeros as the Fighter again?

If so, will we see new powers/rearranged stats or just a different pic/story and recommended starting deck?

(REALLY looking forward to this game every month by the way! Keep it coming!)

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I'd also be okay with an $8 pack for corrections.

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You changed Speed's recharge ability to include Divine. Does that mean the check to acquire should also include Divine? If so how about a sub skill?