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Huge amount of fun


Ran this tonight for 5 players, low tier!

The scenario is lots of fun, with a compelling story, memorable characters and some amazing twists.

The scenario also benefits from real variety and a sense of danger lent by the ever present threat of the Grey Gardeners!

A fab scenario overall and one I'd run again!

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Challenging but fun


As a player I really enjoyed this scenario.

To be fair, we had a team with the right mix of skills and abilities (oracle, sorceress, swashbuckler, brawler, ranger) so we didn't struggle as much as some.

The GM did a really good job of making us feel under pressure and in peril, which made for a great gaming experience!

To all those worried about if their class will sink or swim, I believe that in PFS you are able to swap to a pregen once the Venture Captain has give you your briefing..

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Fantastic fun!


This scenario is brilliant!

The characterisation, story, lore and art work are all top notch.

For players who are weary of interplanar travel this module is the perfect antidote! A return to what it really means to be Pathfinders.

There are some really neat and interesting fights with some of the most weird and wonderful (and disgusting) denizens of Golarion!

Truly deserving of 5 stars!

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Reprints of old archetypes


The majority of this book is reprinted rules from other books. It is bulked out with some limited new rules and background on the major factions of Golarion.

This book would be good for people who own only a few of the other source books and want some Golarion Themed archetypes & prestige classes to try. It draws together rules spread through other books including Adventure Paths.

One of the nice things is that it adds archetypes for some of the newer classes (Occult/Hybrid) to fit in with the factions.

If you are already a subscriber to Player Companion etc you will get limited benefit, I felt frustrated as I turned page after page to see things I already had from other products.

It's especially annoying that this was part of the subscription, as subscribers are the customers who are likely to need this the least! I feel a bit ripped off about that.