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About Dana the Doppelgänger

Dana is here to "Bot" PCs in Chadius's pbp games and keep them going! Inspired by This guide on botting.

Dana is amazing at fighting, casting magic and investigating all sorts of tombs! He/She lacks imagination, though so only by stepping in to take the place of others can expression occur!

Expect Dana to show up if PCs haven't acted in the last 36 hours. Dana gets excited and will keep botting a PC when needed until they return, at which point Dana will scoot off and wait another 36 hours.

Post this in the discussion thread!

Why hello there, Pathfinders! I'm Dana the Doppelgänger, and I'm here to "Bot" anyone who is absent for more than 36 hours. I'll post in your name so the game doesn't grind to a halt. No one likes that!

If you know you'll be absent for a while, please leave a post indicating you'll be gone so I know to step in immediately. Also leave some instructions telling me how you want to be botted. Here's an example you can adjust and put in your profile.

Bot Me!:

Daily: Cast Heroism and Magic Circle Against Evil on myself as soon as we enter a dungeon.

Combat: Round 1, I'll begin bardsong for Inspire Courage +2 and cast Haste.
I'll try to flank and use my Longsword with Arcane Strike.

[dice=Longsword, Inspire Courage, flanking]1d20+6+2+2[/dice

(add closing square brackets ] to those attack rolls in your profile so they can be copied easily)

Thanks for helping me keep the game moving!