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DragonBlood472 wrote:
Don't really have the option to download TTopRPG.
Kalas wrote:
Nor do I, unfortunately. :-(

Curses, I rather like Ttop. I'll get to work on modifying and moving the maps to something like Google Docs, and we can get started immediately after completely on the boards. Shame you can't, I think it's a great program that every gamer can learn to love :)

Albrecht d'Cannith wrote:
Ok I am done, if someone could suggests some languages that would be great.

Draconic and Sylvan are my staples for int-based classes. Considering the diversity of Sharn, you might want to consider racial languages; Elven, Dwarven, Goblin, Orcish, maybe Giant.

And to all of you: I apologize for the delay, I really haven't been on top of things as I should have, but I'll get to work so I can have things ready to start.

No intent to rush you, DaWay, but do you have an estimate on when your character will be up? I realize you were also hit by the hurricane, so I'm willing to wait a while.

On that note, the first adventure is very quick, and could be knocked out in one go if we all sat together on TtopRPG and did it.
Anyone opposed to getting together one night this week to get said adventure done? I can assist anyone who can't figure out how to set up their character in-program or anyone who wants help regardless.
I personally have no time restraints, but I was thinking sometime this weekend, after 1800 EST. Anyone opposed to this/can't do this?

Well, Spazmodeus says that his schedule-allotment of campaigns is full, and has given up his spot.
I'm going to be sending a PM over to DaWay. If he would care to join, the fifth slot is his :)

Moving things to the Discussion thread for this campaign, please go on over to there.

Looks like everyone but Spazmodeus is up and ready.
I'll take a look over everyone's full builds, and then once Spaz is ready, we can start!

Careful, Shane. They all wanna get with Zan Lia :P

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Good evening everyone, it is now 20:13 EST, and it's time to give you all my final decision (though I'm a bit late!). I would like to mention that I'm adding an extra slot, bringing the total party size to 5.

Those on the following list, please get working on your final crunch for your characters :)
* denotes character crunch has already been submitted

Edgar Lamoureux - Totem, the Warforged Totemist*
I've never seen a Totemist played, and I'd love to see one!

Max Hellspont - Kalas d'Orien, the Human Soulknife*
Soulknife is one of my favorite classes, and I've not seen much psionics in games I've been in.

Dragonblood472 - Silan d'Thuranni, the Elven Druid
Your choice of displacer beast is rather unique, I'm looking forward to seeing what comes from it.

Spazmodeus - Unnamed Changeling Rogue
Who says a Changeling has to have a name? Or even only one! Not much from you, but every party needs a rogue, and Changelings are loads o' fun, especially when paired with a good Bluff skill and several sets of equipment/clothing. Muahahahaha!

Shane Gifford - Zan Lia, Human Illusionist Wizard
A specialist? Cool. From the Mournlands? Even cooler!

My sincerest apologies for those not on the above list, but please don't take it personally; I'm trying to keep relative party balance and the like.
As stated above, those on the list, please go ahead and create full characters and profiles! See you soon, when all 5 are finished.

Shadowwalker wrote:
Ok just wondering if I could use the rolls I have for a changling rogue being the half dragon is a no go?

I'm...Sorry? I'm not sure I quite understand what you're asking.

If you're asking about using the previous rolls, then yes, you can.
If you're asking about a half-dragon...The answer is a flat no.

In other news, I'll be making my choice of final 4 tonight, at 22:00 EST.
Final character stats are unnecessary until after I've made my decision, I'm looking more at the characters themselves than at their numbers.
I'd like to encourage you all to post any character biography before tonight's choice.
Other than that, I'll have the post up later, see ya then!

DragonBlood472 wrote:
Do you have any character rolls you'd like filled specifically?

Nothing in particular, make what you find interesting :)

DaWay wrote:
Out of curiosity when were you planning on making your decision and starting?

I don't have a specific date as of yet, but expect within 7 days for now.

Sorry for the long delay in choice, the last time I was involved with a
time-restricted application, several people applied just barely after selection, so I'd like to avoid that if possible.

And on that topic, here's a list of applicants for convenience, both mine and yours:

Edgar Lamoureux - Totem the Warforged Totemist
Max Hellspont - Kalas D'Orien the Human Soulknife
DaWay - Human Artificer
Spazmodeus - Unnamed Changeling Rogue
fnord72 - Unnamed Dragonwrought Kobold
Imimrtl - Unnamed Unraced Druid

Looking forward to full submissions from those who haven't finished, and to new submissions from anyone who hasn't posted yet!

DaWay wrote:
If the DM doesn't object but they are your rolls you should get firsts and i'll take your, wait a minute, that doesn't sound right.

No offense to the two of you, but I'd prefer not.

Kydeem de'Morcaine wrote:
I'm going to withdraw from this.

Sorry to see you leave, enjoy your other games!

Shadowwalker wrote:
How about a half-gaint fighter:

Half-Giant is LA +1, and therefore, is disallowed, sorry.

Max Hellspont wrote:
Question: Are psionics allowed?

They sure are!

fnord72 wrote:

Now would you be allowing a dragonwrought kobold?

What book is Dragonwrought from? If it's WOTC, the answer is likely yes.

Celeador wrote:
I really wish I had time to apply for your game Damien, because I would love to finally build him up as a character.

Shame, I rather like Soulknife :)

Grey Elf from MM is fine.

Spazmodeus wrote:

Let's see what the ghost in the machine will give me:

2nd set it is....
Thinking maybe a Changling Rogue

That first set qualifies for a re-roll, you might wanna do that before deciding for sure :)

DaWay wrote:
I aim to take the construct grafter feat as soon as I qualify. Also would you allow us to start with items that we craft ourselves?

You are an Artificer, so you may start with items via the Item Creation ability. Please put appropriate rolls here (ie: UMD to emulate) and describe what you're crafting. Since you're level 1, you can create as many scrolls as you roll for/pay for.

I'm going to say no for Craft skills like Weapon/Armor for beginning, as that would defeat the purpose of the WBL and starting gold systems, but you are more than welcome to use those skills to create whatever it is you pick up after we begin.

One thing I do recommend you take a look at is the Tinker class from the 3PP book titled Magic by AEG. It's a more mechanical-creation focused class, fairly similar to the Artificer. I've looked at and played it before, so I have absolutely no qualms with anyone who'd care to make one.

Kydeem de'Morcaine wrote:

If this is expected to get to high levels I'm thinking 1/2elf going for Medani Prophet or 1/2orc barbarian heading for Duraak'ash.

If low level or not sure, I may just go with a kobold sorcerer.

The adventure path is from Level 1 to Level 7, I may or may not continue past it with homebrew, depending on how much I can come up with :P

Something I did forget to put into my first post...
Anything from the Tome of Battle will be almost 100% automatically denied. I find that the ToB is extremely powerful and ruins the point of taking a lot of other classes. Sorry for the restriction, just a personal preference of mine.

While I'm a little tempted to say yes since I do like those flaws (They're good trade-offs for feats), I'm going to say no because there just aren't all that many other flaws that are viable for any character, sorry.

I don't see why that would be a problem.
Instead of the standard 25 points, use 28 points. I'm finding that 25 is just a tad too few.
For those unfamiliar with 3.5e Point-Buy, it is on page 169 of the DMG. Citation of the chart on request.

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Curtains of water fall from the sky as you traverse the labyrinthine walkways of Sharn. The stone and wooden paths wind around and between the towers and spires high above the ground, forming a complex lattice-work that can be very confusing on evenings such as this. The rain falls hard, running off higher walkways and balconies in drenching waves, making it difficult to see much more than a few feet ahead of you. The distant glow of everbright lanterns, barely visible in the soaking gloom, does little to light the paths on this warm, wet evening. You occasionally turn to check on your companion, assuring that you haven't lost them in the night, before continuing on.

This is the recruitment for the 3.5e DnD Eberron Campaign Path, starting with the Forgotten Forge. I'm looking for 4 First Level PCs.

Character Creation:

  • Start Level One Levels will be given out as the adventure path progresses. Start with full HP for your first Hit Die, I'd rather not see any wizards roll a 1 on their measly d4.
  • Standard DnD Classes Including those offered in the Eberron setting. Nothing from a campaign setting other than Eberron, and please source any non-core classes, races, abilities, etc. in character submission.
  • Most Races Allowed Since Eberron is a world where hobgoblins and kobolds are 'citizens' the same as humans and elves, I'm fairly open to 'monstrous' races. Keep them +0 LA and no racial HD, please.
  • Starting Equipment Will be average on GP for classes (Fighter is 150, Wizard is 75, etc)
  • Ability Scores Will Be Rolled Scroll down a bit, I'll explain
  • 3PP Disallowed By default. Cite a specific book and feature, and I'll take a look and decide on a yes or no.

Ability Scores:

I'm a fan of rolling for ability scores, but things don't always work out for players who roll low, so here's the way we'll do it:
Roll 4d6, drop the lowest roll Repeat 6 times. Keep those 6 numbers in a set, and then roll the set again. You'll get the choice of either of the 2 sets of 6 ability scores. If either set qualifies for a re-roll, go ahead and re-roll the set and then take your choice. A set qualifies for a re-roll if the total modifier is +0 or lower (before racial adjustment) or if you have no score above 13 (before racial adjustment)
Example Rolls:
Set 1: 7, 12, 15, 10, 16, 11 (These would stay, and I'd probably use them for my character)
Set 2: 6, 4, 13, 13, 12, 10 (I'd scrap these and roll a second set of scores.)

One more thing I would like to mention for your post:
I would like you to decide a reason for your character to be known to one of the other PC's chosen. You can pick another player to 'team' with (feel free to chat about here) or you could leave it open ended so that I can match 2 people together. This is really just for a slight bit of party cohesion, since partying up 4 random people from a big ol' city like Sharn is a little odd sometimes, and I'd like you all to have a say in it. I'd like you all to have the first and final say in the pairings, but if things don't work that way then we can decide things after 4 PC's have been chosen.

The majority of things will take place here on the Paizo Boards, but I'd like it if we could bring combat over to TTopRPG, since I'm fairly familiar with it's use and it certainly makes combat fly by.

This will be my first time DM'ing a PBP here on the boards, but I've DM'd plenty of games and hope that I can interest a few people into Eberron!

Goblin Squad Member

I be goblin, you all be food?

There's also the bit where her Hat of Disguise will cease to conceal her bony nature, so I couldn't even pass it off as a 'healing the fallen' kinda thing. Hell, I don't even have Channel Negative Energy yet, don't get that until 3rd.

Alternately to your bit above....

Joe, approaching Morgan after a fight: You really let him boss you around like that? I know he's kin and all...

Morgan: .....

Lelorenil: MOTHER! Stop goofing around and come here.

Morgan: .....

Good luck to everyone with everything, wish there was something I could do in every case, but sadly Edgar's the only one I could even attempt to help.
This seems strange coming from Hopeless' mouth, but I hope you all fare well.

You missed a very vital part of the feat description, OP.

You must actually have sufficient caster levels to surpass the maximum in order to benefit from this feat. No other variables of the spell are affected, and spells that inflict damage that is not modified by caster level are not affected by this feat.

This, in addition to the 'increases the maximum damage dice by 5' bit, makes it apply only to spells that specifically have the 'per caster level' clause after the damage dice involved.

There's no balance issue involved. The feat cannot modify a spell that does not have scaling damage dice.
Opinion or not: an Intensified Ray of Frost is a 0 level spell that does 1d3 damage, completely identical to a normal Ray of Frost.

Edited for clarification.

Not a developer, but Edgar is correct, there is no scaling-with-level damage to increase. Same emphasis as he stated. It says specifically that the spell does 1d3 damage, not 1d3 per caster level with a max of Xd3.
The Intensified Ray of Frost would take up a 0 level spell slot, because Intensify Spell cannot modify Ray of Frost in any way.

Take your time and enjoy the new family addition :)

DM - Voice of the Voiceless wrote:
Wife and new Bub continue to do well and all things considered should hopefully be back in our own home as of tomorrow. Will see how the home-life settles out before committing to a specific time for wading back online so will keep you posted on when that occurs and we'll start this wee beastie back up.

We will see you soon! Hope everything goes smoothly to bring you back to us quickly [/greedy]

Castarr4 wrote:
Noted. Now I think I understand why people will post, "Dotting for interest." I've always avoided it since those posts seemed to just be cluttering up threads. It's good to know they serve a purpose.

When in doubt, say something along the lines of 'Will post a build later'.

donato wrote:
I'll submit Osmond Raknian for approval. He's a sword and board cavalier of the Order of the Shield. He's currently built under 15 point buy, but I think the premise of the character comes through just fine.

Sorry bud, but the applications are over, unless you've posted as a different alias before the 'close' post.

Hiro Protagonist wrote:


I have a lizardman paladin using the new races guide. Check out my Justin alias. My kensai Magus should be capable at melee. If I was minmaxing he would have a falcata.

If you were minmaxing, he'd have a 20 dex, a scimitar, and weapon finesse.

Falcata is nice and all, but hardly min-maxing, especially on a Kensai

Udoeak Duskwalker wrote:
So we're locked in with 1 melee submission, 4 ranged, and 5 casters? More submissions thsn I originally thought we'd get.

Definitely a LOT more people than I thought :)

I was expecting like...MAYBE a dm, and a couple players. Thank you to everyone who's shown such interest, Looking forward to playing with whomever Kudos picks :D

Jeremiah Strickland wrote:
Despite all the jokes he took for being a cripple in the last group, he didn't cast Oracle's Burden on a party member once, so that'll tell you how patient and forgiving he is

Do NOT listen to him.

We do not joke the gimp.
We do not laugh at his 15 movement.
We do not mock his tendency to burst from his back.
We do not even make fun of his walking-stick-spear.
We do not lie, listen to us.

Seriously though, the cripple jokes got out of hand sometimes...The elf jokes especially >.>
Ya got nothing on me, foo! I'm a righteous, law-abiding nobleman! GET AT ME!

zimmerwald1915 wrote:
Assuming Kudos chooses him, of course. Not that it's unlikely, but it's an ever-present caveat.

:< Now you've got me all depressed

Phillip0614 wrote:

You pretty much hit the nail on the head, zimmerwald. I was planning on making a falchion-wielding dude who is brash and outspoken about the rule of law and order. Like the movie Dredd's famous line, "I....AM...THE LAW!"

Though granted, the film version of the comic didn't exactly do very well in the box office...

I like the way you think.

We'll be close friends.

zimmerwald1915 wrote:

One wonders how magical artists manage to survive and propagate themselves and their art.

No perception, no survival, no crafts...You'd think they'd all have died of starvation or face-to-door syndrome by now.

zimmerwald1915 wrote:

Yes, I know you were probably joking, and I suspect I've killed it. But someone was bound to take you too seriously, and I figured I might as well save time and get it over with.

To be perfectly honest, I don't believe he ever passed a ride check in our tabletop game... But yes, it was a joke.

Of course, he COULD just take points of ride, but nooo, he's gotta take Knowledges instead. Silly casty classes.

Jeremiah Strickland wrote:

Had to remake the statblock, cuz I didn't save yesterday, but Jeremiah's ready to go now.

Just as a head's up, Jeremiah's a lame oracle with heavy armor, so if he gets engaged in melee, he's pretty much guaranteed to fall off his mount and stay for the fight. Thus, if something we'd rather avoid is chasing us, we need to make sure it doesn't engage me. :P

What he's trying to say is that he auto-fails all ride checks, and that he spends the first action of every combat standing up.

zimmerwald1915 wrote:
Also, is there any chance you could link to one or two of those builds? You've made me curious.

Not a chance, sorry.

They've been via conversation on IM or the like :(

zimmerwald1915 wrote:

Well this looks interesting.

I'd worked up an Elven Shadowcaster in anticipation of someone wanting to start a Kingmaker campaign, so that's convenient. Anwel's information can be found here.

Cool website, Zimm.

I do believe that I'll have to start using it.

Also: very cool character concept, I've never played with a shadowcaster wizard, though I've seen several ways it's built. For what it counts, you've got my support.

And to everyone in general...Wow, that's a lot of ranged XD Nobody wants to make a barbarian, or sword user of any sort? Perhaps a magus also, I thoroughly enjoy playing with Magi in the team.

Other than that, looking forward to the applicants we'll get from here to Sunday!

HP roll for the barby
12d12 ⇒ (11, 2, 3, 3, 10, 5, 12, 6, 10, 3, 4, 5) = 74 that 4 less than average?....Yes, average is 78 so that's what I've got I suppose...Darn, only 168 hp sans-feat/equipment...

Udoeak Duskwalker wrote:
So, DM_Kudos, with there being no basic packages in Pathfinder, how would you like equipment done? Would you like us to roll, take average, or will you give us specific gear?

I personally like having a choice:

Roll as per the Core, or take average
(Richard is as of now wearing average gp worth of gear)

If you'd like to change, I can modify to meet whatever loot rules you decide on

Posting for interest, would like to use a half-orc barbarian.
Had a concept I've been wanting to use for a while, and this would be a good test to see how unkillable he truly is :)
Will post a partial build soon.

Udoeak Duskwalker wrote:
DM, I sent you a PM with a link to my backstory. It's kinda long, which is why I didn't simply post it out here. There's also a lot of info other players don't need to know about Udo.

Gods help you, Kudos....Gods help you.

DM_Kudos wrote:

Monstrous? Like it! Never played with one before.

Traits... Lets go with two per character. I'd ask that one of them be from the campaign, the other probably a basic one.

That's the standard :)

My chosen traits are:
Eyes and Ears of the City
Noble Born - Orlovsky (Diplomacy)

Johnico wrote:
I see you've already got an offer to GM play-by-post, but I'd be willing to GM if you guys want to do it via Skype and MapTools instead.

:O what is MapTool, is it anything like TTopRPG?

I'd personally prefer to keep things on the boards, that way everyone can participate even if not everyone is online at once. Though if this program you suggest is a good tool, maybe we can start another game using skype+it? My skype username is doctorhopeless, feel free to look me up and chat.

Also, it's very nice to see >0 people showing interest :)
I for one, welcome our new DM overlord and suggest that we put up a legitimate recruitment thread for a couple other players, so that NewDM can pick from candidates there? (No offense, MJ and Jacob! I wouldn't feel right picking the other players)

And now it seems that I need to make a Richard alias...
To the drawing board!

Preservationist Archetype

Lucendar wrote:

Damien, the alchemist concept is fine but not 10 years old.

Tanner, that concept could fit.

That was pure joke, since Preservationist is very 'pokemon master'esque.

Will post the whole of the character statblock + a short story of 'why' if you'd like.

Okay, no ranger.
How's a 10yr old Human Preservationist Alchemist, named Ketch Ashum?
Kidding on age and name...Unless you want me to do that :P

Poke for interest
EST as well, and would be able to post all day, seeing as I have no life outside of my computer.

How's an Orc Shapeshifter Ranger sound?
If not full-blooded Orc, then I've got a Half-Elf Skirmisher/Shapeshifter Ranger from a game I'm no longer in that I'd adjust for your rules.

Richard Hawke here, just posting to say a bit more about what we're looking for.
We're hoping to keep our characters backstories as close to what they are now as possible, but it's not an issue if some details need to be changed.
All three characters are 15pt buy with a few gm-given ability score boons, so we're each likely approximately 17/18pt, though it is no issue to remake at any point buy or array.
We're each level 6, but it's not an issue to remake at level 1.

Also, we'd be more than happy to have a couple more players, perhaps a 6 person expedition into the Stolen Lands? :)

Other than that, here's to hoping we find you, oh DM of the Future!

Sorry for the delay in uploading my character, apparently when my computer reset for updates the other day, I had forgotten to save my character's HeroLab and text file, so I have to start from scratch.
I'll try to get him on tonight.

Haha, auto-approved for the cleric, I don't get to write up my con-barian?
Joking aside, I'll post stats and whatnot to the profile asap.

Looking forward to it, Shanosuke

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