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If this is the same as Unchained action economy it doesn't really change anything, just makes it more pedantic in having to track amount of actions used instead of action types used.

I honestly don't see how this makes it any easier on new players. Are core rulebooks going to come with like punch out cheat sheets showing actions and their action amounts on card stock?


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But dragons, undead, spontaneous fireballs and other spells, gods, psychic powers, and planar travel and teleportation are absolutely sensible things with grounded in logic, reason, and reality.

Poor martials already get hosed enough on just about everything; try not to think about their superhuman powers and let people enjoy things.


One skald and a handful of bloodragers.

Hilarity would ensue success or failure.


Valerius Trigold wrote:
The thing is according to the Additional Resources the Story Summoner archetypes, which is on page 25 of the Harrow Handbook, is legal for play.

It is... for non-unchained summoners that are grandfathered into the class.

Otherwise this archetype, as it appears, is sadly not compatible with the unchained summoner. Which is sad because while I already have a level 10 story summoner, this definitely is one of the few archetypes I was definitely hoping to revisit when starting an unchained summoner fresh.


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Pennydude wrote:

I'm curious as to why purchasable exotic animals are still allowed such as a tiger. My thought is that you can only have a combat animal if it's 1) used as a mount or 2) a class feature.

Being able to just outright buy a tiger at level 5, to me, ruins the specialty of classes that get an animal companion.

Animal companion classes still get to handle animal as a free action or push as a move... Any bought pet does not have that advantage, does not get any class-related bonuses, and can never progress just being that static statblock of a pet. Most characters without animal companions also typically have to struggle to raise their handle animal.

I honestly feel the new change of pet CR = character level - 1 is absolutely spot on.


Absolutely. I like having options and I like giving Paizo money.

I'm already paying for these in the form of buying books for additional resources. Really how is buying a race boon for something "special" outside of "normal" pfs any different from buying a player companion?

As long as these boons didn't give players a significant mechanical benefit (ie. no "pay $10 to receive +2 to an ability score") I really don't see what the problem is.

Then again, I also used to play a lot of micro-transaction MMOs so that may be part of it.


Now I know this is going to be horribly unpopular opinion and I'm most likely going to get horribly flamed for this BUT:

I'de rather scenario prices stay the same and instead Paizo just start selling PFS Boons to generate additional cash flow.

In my perfect world, scenarios should be as low-to-no cost as possible as a further GM incentive. And hey, maybe with enough freemium items like a Free-to-Play MMO there could even be a reduction in scenario cost!


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The holidays are always an awful time for every game attendance wise, PFS is no exception.

Between Halloween parties, plans for Thanksgiving, and all of the December holidays most people are either financially hamstrung or lack the energy to leave the house.

Not to mention bad weather when applicable.

Duderlybob wrote:

Well, this is probably the one exception to that rule, from the PRD's section on Firearms in Ultimate Equipment:


Looks like I know what feat I'll be taking very soon!

Duderlybob wrote:

Dex Bonus+4 Weapon Training+4 Weapon Specialization+12 Deadly Aim+1 Point-Blank Shot+Some other option I'm probably forgetting=+21 Damage+Dex Mod to each pistol shot without any enchantment mods, if you somehow managed to enchant all of them to +5 and had a +7 or so Dex mod?

That's 16d8+528 damage if all your attacks hit (which when you're throwing against Touch AC isn't that hard to believe)

Deadly Aim can't be used with touch attacks. Still a good amount of damage without though.

Nefreet wrote:
Also, weapon cords wouldn't really work with his idea, since you can't use another weapon with that hand while the cord is attached.

True, but It comes down to if you really want to have a large stockpile of expendable guns or two really reliable guns!

Nefreet wrote:

Weapon cords take a move action, though.

It's a recent errata that many people are unaware of.

Yes, but just having them there makes it slightly easier to justify quick draw if you only have two pistols total OR you can say quick clear a misfired/broken gun as a standard action as long as you have grit and draw the other corded gun as a move action.

EDIT: I mean this clearly for the purposes of just saying "well, hey they are tied to my wrists! Of course I can draw them"

mechanically there's not really much of a difference which is one of those things that just really grinds me gears about how firearms work in a fantasy rpg.

As someone who plays a pistolero religiously and isn't going to check the math this late at night:

As long as your GM allows that many free actions, mechanically you can use quick draw and rapid reload+alchemical cartridges to allow that many attacks per turn.

The main problem you're going to face however is those pesky misfires that stick with you until level 13 if playing a pistolero which, assuming normal probability, will stop you cold in your tracks just about every round or two. This prior to level 13 can be mitigated with bit of luck or a fortune hex witch cackling nearby, among other things however.

Also while you may get to fire a lot of shots, anything with even a halfway decent DR with no/a difficult way to bypass will make your life a living nightmare.

By the time you finally stop misfiring you'll already be outclassed by just about every other character, even factoring in bonus precision damage if you take Up Close and Deadly as a Signature Deed.

Also weapon cords, prehensile tails (either tiefling or monkey belt), gloves of storing, and even a endless bandolier (just to give you a good rp reasoning for easy firearm access) on top of quick draw should let you shuffle around weapons accordingly.

I was really let down that the spell list wasn't more "druidy" or unique like a lot of other people have pointed out so far.

I think my one major pre-play suggestion as I try to build a Shaman is would the thing that would kick this class from "kind of neat" to "excited to play" would be if the additional spells granted by "Spirit Magic" could also be prepared by the Shaman as part of their normal spells per day.

Honestly how I envision the theme of the class working best is a Flame Shaman keeping the cleric spell list but having the option to throw out Burning Hands left and right, etc.

Although some of the spirits grant Cleric Spells that would overlap I think thematically it would make sense that these extra spells get added to their spell list.


So far the following seems to still work as intended:

a) taking Quick Draw (heck, considering dropping a level into fighter for my Tengu Gunslinger at 7 just to pick up an extra feat for this purpose)
b) Monkey Belt (costly but fun!)
c) gloves of storing (costly but hey, those are the breaks if you want that many attacks)
d) just accept that you're only going to get one double barreled shot out of the offhand pistol per combat and drop it either to the floor or with weapon cord still.

Honestly, just starting up a gunslinger myself it's pretty apparent that even with attacks becoming limited for the offhand weapon, the alternative is much better than my biggest fear that iterative attacks + bonus attacks from rapid shot would be impossible to achieve with the free attack faq that was stricken.

Even at level 5 wielding a single double barreled pistol I'll still be making 4 attacks a turn! At level 6 that'll go up to 8 the first full round action of every combat and 6 attacks every subsequent full round action after I've ditched the offhand weapon. (This is all of course ignoring my misfire of 1-3 that WILL happen at least once per encounter on an average day). That's still a good amount of potential damage in both home games and PFS alike!

Even then, weapon cords taking a move action isn't really the end of the world either. Because of it for example I'm considering multi-classing to Cleric as at 7 and through the good graces of Desna picking Luck and Travel domains (abundant ammunition as a level 1 spell and and true strike as my domain spell).

Turn one: Fire main hand double barrel, fire offhand, drop offhand and reload main hand, fire main hand for BAB attack 2, reload main hand fire Rapid shot, reload main hand.

Turn two: move action to retrieve offhand weapon via cord, drop main hand weapon, reload offhand weapon, cast bit of luck on self and end turn. (no attacks)

Turn three: move action to retrieve main hand weapon, fire main hand, fire offhand, drop offhand, reload main hand, fire rapid shot, reload main hand weapon all the meanwhile with bit of luck affecting all six attacks.

Less potential damage? Absolutely! But I assure you that you'll ventilate your target into swiss cheese with little fear of rolling a misfire or even a miss for that matter.