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HWalsh wrote:
Strachan Fireblade wrote:
Jason Bulmahn wrote:
He does still have armor proficiency, and it does improve a bit for him, but for the fighter, we decided that weapons were his prime focus. This leaves a focus on armor for another class...
You would be referring to Paladin, yes?
I really hope not. I like being a damage dealing Paladin, I am not a fan of the sword and board defensive Paladin.

My thoughts exactly. I play the Paladin to destroy evil, I don't want to be forced into the tanking role.

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Wow, thanks for all the options guys, you've been a really big help. If you're still interested, i'll post my level 12 build. Hopefully it's workable.

Again, thanks everyone.

Well, I want to be a tank without loosing much movement.

What i'm getting, is that 4 levels is too much. So, 3 sounds good.

The reason Armor master sounds so good to me, is that I can move full speed with Mithral Full plate, and I only get a -1 to skills and +4 to Dex AC, which is perfect for a +6 belt.

The bonus feats would be for the shield, of which I have no room for in my current feats plans.

So, would these not help me as I think they would, should I just stick with plain pali?

Race: Tiefling (Demon Spawn)
Class: Paladin (Sacred Servant, Oath of Vengeance)

Stats (20 point buy)

STR: 16 (+2 Racial)
DEX: 12
CON: 14 (+1 4th level)
INT: 10 (-2 Racial)
WIS: 8
CHA: 16 (+2 Racial)

L1: Noble Scion (War)
L3: Power Attack

Lesser Noble
Armor Expert

Domain: Redemption

Using sword and board at the moment.

Would taking 3 or 4 levels into fighter be optimal? I am focused on the bonus feats it offer, as well as the movement bonus armor Training grants. Would the boons I get offset the paladin class items i'd lose?