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Well, I'm just gonna say my piece so it's on the record.

as it goes so far, I like the module rules as they are. It allows players from multiple levels to sit down and play the same game. With the people I play with that can be really important. I really don't have issues with having death and expenses carry over, but I think the rules are good the way they are.

As for the 13+ change, I'm all for it, and hoping that it goes all the way to level 20. one of the problems I had with PFS was that I'd never get to use the endgame powers.

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i don't see how it's cheese... all it allows you to do is spend a feat for a bonus that you only get some of the time.

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a couple levels in oracle of lore and take the rest in bard. Run a Gnome and take Breadth of experience. That is what I would do.

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using the moment of clarity rage power and the feat lingering song might do what you want.

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last time I checked, an inquisitor can take either a domain or an inquisition. If none of the minor deities have matching inquisitions, you'd have to take a cleric domain.

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Joshua J. Frost wrote:

v2.2 of the Guide will have this new text:

Added the following text to the "Other Items" header in Chapter 10:

Items must be purchased at full value. This means you cannot buy broken weapons or armor, you cannot buy partially charged wands, rods, or staffs, and you must buy ammunition in full lots (10 or 20 typically for mundane ammunition and 50 for magical ammunition). The exception is that you may purchase these types of items if they appear on a chronicle sheet.

does this also mean that you can't purchase cracked or ion stones?

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I got the tiefling boon, and I'm making a rouge up to level 2 to gain access to a ki pool, and then taking it up gunslinger the rest of the way. Using extra rouge talent feats to gain ninja tricks and make him sneaky.