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Oh Paizo.....

Does anyone have characters done yet? How's it looking?

I'm just checking in that I'm still here and interested in running this.

I just read your back story -- that's some grade A fluff there! I can tell this is going to be a good campaign.

We're not in a particular hurry -- the forums were pretty wonky!

In terms of posting expectations -- how would everyone feel about 4 posts per week, with the idea that it would be better to have fewer and be able to put some historical details into each, rather than try to move faster and have the game end up being like any other PF game? The goal would be to have some kind of historical details -- a cultural element, a date, a bit of lingo, etc. in every post.

Razan Al-Amin wrote:
What do you make of Razan Al-Amin as a name for a Syrian Nestorian? I'm thinking a descendant of Syrians who fled to Persia.

That should be fine -- did they flee persecution during the Christological controversies of Late Antiquity, or from the Islamic conquests of the Umayyads?

CrystalSeas wrote:

Zoroastrian names

Old Persian

I meant to comment on this earlier -- I'm not sure if this was clear (and I'm going to be slightly pedantic on this point since this is something I've read a pretty good deal about and have been interested in for a long time), but the Iranians are not predonunantly Zoroastrians at this point.

The Avestan language is the language of the Zoroastrian Veda -- the Yasna, and a number of other religious documents like the Vendidad, which is a legal document something like the Manusmriti in Hinduism, or the legal parts of the Torah in the Hebrew Bible. It is the equivalent of Sankskrit in their tradition, and is a closely related language.

Old Persian is the language of the Achaemenian Empire -- who may have practiced some form of Zoroastrianism, though this is based on inscriptions.

The language in use during our campaign would be Middle Persian -- and the Iranians are mostly Sunni Muslims at this point. There are Zoroastrian communities in Fars that descend from the post-conquest non-converts, so there must have been Zoroastrians floating around at this point.

I'd have to more research, but given the other named individuals from the Khwarezmian Empire, who seem to have Arabic names, I think an Avestan name would indicate a Zoroastrian, and that would be something to explore in the character. I know a lot of really good works on Zoroastrianism if you end up going in that direction, and I'd find it interesting to incorporate some of that into the campaign.

Updated our campaign page some more with some maps of Bukhara.

Alias ad Tempus wrote:
I'll be working on it over the course of the next few days... Do you have a deadline for submissions? Also: how many characters do you plan to select?

At least another week. I need time to work on the campaign's beginning in Bukhara. I'm not sure how I'm going to select the party yet. Part of it will be posting history and quality of submissions. I'm not going to ball at having one more player if they have a great submission and posting history such that I think they'll stick around. I might only choose 4 if there are only that many good submissions, we'll have to see when the characters are finalized.

The fire warrior could be a bon po or Buddhist who uses a fire lance, a technology taken from the jin conquests. However I would want you to do some research like find out what tradition the character specifically had training in like kalychakra etc. and how that makes sense for a kineticist.

Give me a pitch and we can see. The important thing is that it fits the cultural milieu. Show me sources that justify whatever choice, like Mongol tradition about a specific mythological creature. One possibility is something like megafauna from the end of the last ice age that survives on the Mongolian plain.

I'm seeing pictures of mounted warriors with one hand holding a fire lance and another a rein.

The Mongol warrior class I liked in the campaign info page has some interesting abilities with fire lances. You might want to consider converting it to PF by adding some features to dead levels.

I think toughening applies to defense score and armor attunment to damage reduction. Does that seem logical to you?

Alias ad Tempus wrote:
Deep into the rules... If your plan is to use armour as damage reduction, how does the toughening from Automatic Bonus Progression work?

I thought I answered it. You adjust the defense score instead of armor class, or I misunderstand what you're asking.

I'd advise a slayer or unchanged version of rogue

It adds to your defense score instead of armor class.

How about everyone rolls 4d6 drop lowest until you get a set of attributes you like?

I guess do 4d6 if everyone else is. I didn't get much input on that when I asked the group.

Here are Mongol Proverbs with which to flavor your dialogue.

I'm also looking at the honor points system -- all the Mongol characters have to abide by the yasa of Ghengis Khan, the Persian characters would have to obey Islamic jurisprudence, etc. You get points for how much you do this, so it's an incentive to research your culture.

Okay, so the Mongol characters, using the Xoth rules, should use "Khazistani" and "Nomad" or "Savage" for their race and racial archetype.

Persian characters should be "Zadjites" and have the "Civilized" or "Decadent" archetype.

Jews and other Levantine peoples should be "Susrahnites" with the "Civilized" or "Decadent" archetype.

Any Chinese characters should be "Taikangian" and have the "Civilized" or Decadent archetype.

Alias ad Tempus wrote:
DM -- Wrath of the Il-khans wrote:

Feat tax rules. I also generally give 1 feat a level for characters.
Just to be clear: this is 1 feat per level in addition to standard feat progression?

What I mean is 1 feat per level instead of every other level, as per the CRB. This is a rule from Monte Cook's Book of Experimental Might which I like.

CrystalSeas wrote:

Ok, I'm not much of a rules person, so whatever is decided is fine with me.

That does mean, though, that I'll need someone to check my build carefully, and then I may need a bit of coaching through the first couple encounters.

I'm good with Core, but beyond that, I'm clueless.

That shouldn't be a problem -- this is going to be a slow-moving campaign, so there will be plenty of time to explain unfamiliar rules as they come up.

Oh, and skill unlocks are available to skill monkey characters

I'm going to keep looking around a bit more -- I'll post an update in campaign info on rules:

I think this is what we've agreed upon -- please feel free to comment:

Automatic Bonus Progression (we should use the one where it's as if you're 2 levels higher, i.e., the chart designed for games with essentially no magical items).

Feat tax rules. I also generally give 1 feat a level for characters.

Background skills.

2 Traits.

Using human types from Xoth.


Armor as Damage Reduction.

If you are a mertial Mongol character, you get the feat for stamina/combat tricks for free.

Removing iterative attacks.

Let me take a look at the called shot rules and think about that.

What about giving all the Mongol characters with a martial class the feat for stamina/combat tricks as a free feat too?

Alias ad Tempus wrote:

Personally, I find called shots and criticals rather interesting! As for the other rules, all good!

How did you decide to attribute abilities? Roll or point-buy?

I was going to say 4d6, drop the lowest. However, I'm also happy to just let everyone assign reasonable stats for their characters. What do people want to do? Would everyone be okay with just determining their own reasonable array?

Erdene Degai wrote:

Auto bonus progression, feat taxes, and Xoth are OK with me. Am I correct in assuming that the Xoth cultural archetype modifiers replace the regular human stat bonus?

Should have basic crunch finished soon. How are you going to handle starting character wealth, then?

Slightly gritter combat is OK, though I'm ambivalent about called/critical shots. Say the rules, and I'm with you.

Yes, the cultural modifiers would replace the ordinary human stat bonus if I'm reading this correctly.

Let me take a look at crits and see what it would involve.

This is going to be my new avatar for this campaign.