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These characters have a lot in common, but also offcourse differences... I have no experience with any of these but would like to play a shapeshifting, melee swordfighting, natural hunter like pc :-)

I was wondering if someone could tell something about the difference in play between the Druid, feral hunter and a druid4/ranger with shaoeshifting hunter feat and shifting focus feat.

KoboldKhemist wrote:
Considering +6 strength, BAB 9, average die roll of 10, a -3 penalty on accuracy for power attack, means you have an average attack roll of 22. I merely accounted for the penalty you get for using power attack, you didn't. I was imagining you would power attack every round. There are feats and whatnot that can boost this. Ideally if you could get it to 27 that would be nice. A combo with a lot of stuff however does add up. And of course, you rarely just get a single cr 12 monster to face with your team, you normally get a whole bunch of weaker ones. That's without going even into spells. You should be fine. :)

Ahhhhh forgot Aboutaleb the penalty :-) i am interested in the feats you talked about. I found furious focus, is this what you meant? I prefere feats who also have ability fighting in my beast forms in addition to the 2handed weapon. Furious focus is only for two handed alas :-(

I also lik math and don't understand the whole sports thing... We can shake hands ;-) haha

KoboldKhemist wrote:
You should also account for ac. On average your attack roll is 22. If I'm reading your strength score correctly. The average ac for Cr 12 is 27. That means on an average roll you'll miss, but when you hit you hit hard!

How did you reach the averige? If I take my bab at level 12... It's 9, strength mod is 6... So with the dice roll of 10 is come to 25... Still below 27... But I still got an feat to spent at level 7.. :-)

Thanks for all the reactions!!

Thanks! I'll look into it!

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There are feats in way finder 13 who give all skinwalkers there animal shape in the form of an Druid companion. A second feat gives the dire shape. Is this a better idea?

Im making a feral hunter melee character. This is what I got for damage without spell boost , summons or items:

Weapon great sword with power attack
Lv 1 = 2d6 + str 4+2 + powerattack 3 X 1 attack = 2d6 + 9 (max 21)
lv 6 = 2d6 + str 4+2 + powerattack 6 X 1 attack = 2d6 + 12 (max 24)
Lv 8 = 2d6 + str 7+3 + powerattack 6 X 2 attack = 4d6 + 32 (max 56)
Lv 12 = 2d6 + str 7+3 + powerattack 12 X 2 attack = 4d6 + 44 (max 68)

Is this an ok damage?

I'm building a character and would like to asses if it's any good :-) how much damage should a character be doing? Is there some sort of guideline?

Would you allow a natural lycanthrope race? I know there is the skinwalker race, but the don't get a real animal shape...

I don't like how the progression is for a lycanthrope according to the rules... But it is also an option to just let a player choose it as a race? Maybe allow the animal shape from around level 8 to become active? Or when wanting to use it earlier there is a chance the PCs becomes controlled by the dm?

So would you allow it and if so... How would you integrate it in your game??

Is the damage output below or above averige? How is my build doing?

I think we're still off :-)
there is a feral focus +4 strength, size mod +4 both added to strength 18... So that's 26 strength...

The example will be:
Lv 8 = (Claws 1d6 +str 8 + power attack 4) x 2 attacks + bite 1d8 + str 8 + powerattack 4 =
2d6 + 1d8 + 36 (max 56)
Lv 12 = (Claws 1d6 +str 8 + power attack 6) x 2 attacks + bite 1d8 + str 8 + powerattack 6 =
2d6 + 1d8 + 42 (max 62)

Right or still wrong :-)

I'm new to everything polynorf/wildshape/naturalattack.... I'll google the natural attack bid...

But isn't there a big difference in damage then?? Already higher without weapon enchantments from the start... What am I missing??

The rest of my calculations were fine??

Cleave is out :-) was in doubt about that one.

I did the damage of the claws and the bite attack twice... One for the first and one for the second bab I get at level 8. I splitted the examples where something interesting happened :-)

I took claws as being one attack with 2 claws.. Not like an attack with two weapons. Therefor I gave powerattack bonus to the claws and the bite...

What if forgot... If I did the the numbers correctly and if this is a playable build that does enough damage to work is most important.. Offcourse all other advice is welcom!

Tried them both and i must say i really like Hero lab... It is indeed pricy :-(

I am in doubt what I should take... The ranger and Druid classes.. 60 dollars... Or different books.. For 60 dollars I can buy a lot of books and have all options open...

I like magic fang and verstile weapon, overcomes most DR with these spells :-)

Good morning!

I've been playing around with a Feral Hunter build, but I am wondering how I can increase the damage done by my PC further... Who can help with my build??

I'm a not so skilled in all rules and modifiers... so correct me where I'm wrong!!! I made some sample damage calculations to base the additional feats and spells I want to add on...

I want to do some hurt with a greatsword and as a bear. I choose the skinwalker coldborn as my race. (It's not optimal but I like the flavor...).

My stats are (high fantasy point buy):
STR 16
+ feral focus bonus = first + str 2, at level 8 + str 4
+ Strength mod in shape = 4
+ levelup ability scores...
DEX 14
CON 12
INT 10
WIS 16

My feats are (If I'm right they both have also usage while wildshaped..):
1: Power attack
3: Cleave
5: Natural spell
7: ??
9: Eldritch claws
Teamwork feat: Precise Strike (+1d6 damage while flanking)

When I do some math I come to the following damages:
Greatsword power attack:
Lv 1 = 2d6 + str 4+2 + powerattack 3 X 1 attack = 2d6 + 9 (max 21)
lv 6 = 2d6 + str 4+2 + powerattack 6 X 1 attack = 2d6 + 12 (max 24)
Lv 8 = 2d6 + str 7+3 + powerattack 6 X 2 attack = 4d6 + 32 (max 56)
Lv 12 = 2d6 + str 7+3 + powerattack 12 X 2 attack = 4d6 + 44 (max 68)

Lv 8 = Claws 1d6 + bite 1d8 + str 6x2 + powerattack 4x2 X 2 =
2d6 + 2d8 + 40 (max 68)
Lv 12 = Claws 1d6 + bite 1d8 + str 6x2 + powerattack 6x2 X 2 =
2d6 + 2d8 + 48 (max 76)

Off course these values are without damage from summoned animals and flanking bonus... Also I left out spell damage and bonus attacks from cleave...

What would you change? What spells would you choose? What feats are also great?

A while back I decided to prepare for our upcoming adventure, I want to play a "monster hunter" martial wildshaper. A kind of like van helsing who also happens to be a werecreature. He uses a 2 handed weapon and shapes for combat. The shapes are also used for utility.

My race will be a Coldborn skinwalker. For the classes I have 2 options: The feral hunter or a multiclass Demonslayer Ranger / Menhir Savant Druid. (Both are based on personal preference and features I like in my characters... I already had some topics about the classes, so those I'm not going to change..)

For feats I need for my concept to work for the druid/ranger the Shaping focus and Shapeshifting hunter feats. For both concepts I like the eldritch claws feat and the power attack feat. The rest is still open... I'm looking into feats that give extra damage in both combat styles...

Now that my two options are more clear and I eliminated all other classes and races... how do these 2 compare?
(The Dr/Ra gets his second and 3th attack earlier.. but is behind in feats. The FH gets feral (animal) focus to boost his strenght.. Spells are better and more high level for the FH, but does this give him a power boost? How does the damage compare at higher levels for his sword combat and wildshape (dire bear for combat)? (I'm not so good with number crunching...))

Really looking foreward to what you think :-)

Thanks, I'll look into those!

Any advice for something to help me build a pc?

Missed that part :-(

Options left are spell research or pizza :-D

Since a samsaran can get the spells, is it suitable to give the feral hunter options for other divine spells by the spell research rules?

I'll take 2 traits. Racial heritage samsaran with mystic past life feat. My wisdom is 14, do i get 5 + 1 spells :-D

I would love to add some cleric spells to the feral hunters spell list. 1st level: Bless weapon, bless water and 2nd level: align weapon...

Are there any options besides multiclassing to add these to the spell list? I'm building a monster hunter pc, these spells would match my theme :-)

Cool! Wish there was Some kind of ranger/Druid spell who gives ghost touch like ability to a feral hunter.

With blessed striker you can overcome dr/good :-) with versatile weapon you can overcome dr/cold iron.

Still looking for other options. I found ectoplasmic spell, but I rather have a feat that is less situational...

Yamazakana wrote:

I mistook.

Blessed Striker

Perfect!!! Thanks!!!

Still not sure how believers boon gets me overcoming dr good... Can't find a cleric domain that gives it...?

Does a feral hunter have an "official" deity? Or can I select one that I find suitable? Because in that case every character could take the feat. Otherwise it is only for clerics/druids/paladins etc...

Are there spells/feats or traits to defeat the damage reduction good with a feral hunter?

I really like the inquisitor and want to take the skinwalker coldborne race. Im going for a monster hunting monsters kinda pc. The only thing i miss is wildshape... I really like it and love it for my pc concept. From wildshape i only want the bear shapes that function like a druids wildshape. 4 levels of Druid would do the trick with the feat shaping focus but this really hurts the progression of the inquisitor... So my question is this...

Can i effectively multiclass with 4 levels of Druid or is there Some other way of getting wildshape??

How much damage will the life shield spell do? It does half the damage done back to the undead attacker... So an incorporeal suffers the half of the half??

Also all elemental damage spells with fire or cold for example deal half damage right? And wall of flame does double damage to undead so normal damage to incorporeal?

Magic fang :-) I can use that. I don't like to ask for help, that's not like my of :-) other suggestions are still welcom :-D

Hi all,
Any advice for battling these transparant pests? I prefere spells and feats, but there isn't a lot for a feral hunter that works? I couldn't find any besides ectoplasmic spell... Which I rather not spend a feat on since it is to specific... I rather not take an approach to stock on items (holy water and ghostbane weapons)... So is there an other approach for the feral hunter?

Planar focus is Nice!!!

Char-gen; It sounds like a Nice build, but isnt a feral hunter close to this? Also martial weapons and armour without castin restrictions for the Druid spells up to 6th level? Also access to ranger spells... The BAB is worse but does the strength animal focus compensate? You do get a lot more duration wild shaping... Or am I missing something :-)

were going into the carrion crown campaign and I'm going to play a feral hunter. Are there any good traits/race options which are useful for this campaign battling monsters, vamps etc?

Check some of my posts, there a lot like what you want :-)

Thanks!! Great advice! I'll read into it in more detail later on!

Ps, my concept is a character like van helsing who is also a beast himself... Become what you hate to hunt,, something like this :-)

Hi all,
I'm unsure about the race and feats for my feral hunter. He is a hunter of undead,ghosts,demons and monsters... I was thinking about investing in a magic 2-h sword, he fights with this blade and in wildshape, I want to use both.. Feats that are good for both are my priority. I was also thinking about the feats Eldridge claws and the ectoplasm metamagic feat. Magic wise I'm not sure about the spells, think I'll be buffing mostly... Any advice is welcome!

I have always hoped paizo would make a supernatural hunter lycanthrope, become a beast to hunt the beasts... A inquisitor/ranger/Druid... There is the feral hunter or a Druid/ranger multiclass or skinwalker race... But they miss that ghost/undead/demon hunting flavour... What if van helsing was a werebear?

Fire domain is an option :-) any good?

My mistake :-( the normal flame and light spells any good?

Thanks didnt know about that one :-) is fire spells a good idea? I was thinking about taking sun domain, I thought that would give additional fire spells?

Hi all, anybody got some good tips on how to tackle these foes? I know there are items, but I was wondering what spells and feats u could also use. We're going to play the carrion crown adventure, so there should be all kinds of incorporeal, undead and stuff I think that we're up against :-) I'm either playing a feral hunter or ranger/Druid, all tips are welcom :-)

Thanks for the advice. Guess I'll be taking demon slayer archtype.. Infiltrator. Sounds cool! Like the flavour. Also saw the menir savant Druid, wanted to take 4 levels for wildshape and the spirit sense is a nice bonus. Still in doubt about the race... Also still open for suggestions for feats :-)

Corpse hunter and demonslayer are options, but the infiltrator does sound cool! Which would be better in combat?

Race is not set yet... I'm thinking human for an extra feat. Also thinking about taking 4 levels of Druid with the feats shaping focus and shapeshifting hunter... I like the natural flavour and some wildshape, but don't want a melee wildshape fighting Druid. I like the whole natural vs unnatural thug the ranger has. Archtype is not set also...

Hi all, I'm going with a 2 handed melee ranger build...The pc is a supernatural monster hunter.. Any suggestions for archetypes and feats?

Hi all! I was wondering how exactly the spirit sense ability alters detect undead. How I read it it adds more types, not only undead but also fey and outsiders. When detecting undead you can also detect the sub type, ethereal and incorporeal... Or normal offcourse.
Is this right??

Spirit sense:
At 1st level, a menhir savant can detect the presence of undead; fey; outsiders; and astral, ethereal, or incorporeal creatures. This ability functions like detect undead, and the druid detects all of these creatures rather than trying to detect one kind.

Thanks all for the opinions!! I'm going working out my feral vs Druid ranger builds... Leaning more to feral at this moment :-)

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