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I need a clarification here before turn into a bloodrager.

I look at the power armor rules and I see small mechs. All but one are at least large, they have language in them with words like cockpit and weapon mounts and stats that are independent of the passenger/operator.

I read some of the Heavy armor descriptions and a lot of those sound like what I am used to calling power armor.

then I talk to other folks and it just seems like they haven't even read the descriptions, and jump to the same conclusions I might have if I hadn't actually read the book.

for example I argued with one guy today about the spider harness and he insists that this is like Doc Ock or the Iron Spider. I'm like "no Doc Oak wears a cumberbun that gives him extra arms x4 and reach. Not the same thing." (don't get me wrong, i'd F'ing love to be able to do the Iron Spider)

clearly this is a large thing which the medium sized character gets inside of. think spider the size of your car, you crawl inside and stretch out, the back six legs are for mobility and the front two are the powered arm braces with weapon mounts.

so can someone officially come out and clear up the issue. maybe explain why you chose to name things the way you did? is the spider harness a cumberbun or a mini-spider mech?


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Had a crazy idea the other night, and it won't get out of my head now.

A Monk, Magus,Inquisitor build. Focus mainly on the monk, with the other two mixed in for flavor and crazy ability stuff.

Tempted to even drop in some Mystic theurge in there too, but wow ...

anyway, any advice? think it will blend? Not looking so much to optimize (although if it can be, that would be awesome too), so much as will it even survive at higher levels being that it is so split up.

Help? tips? advice?

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So, someone else pointed out to me the details below and I wanted to ask if I was missing something, RAW this looks correct, likely not RAI

1)A monk's unarmed strike is treated as both a manufactured weapon and a natural weapon for the purpose of spells and effects that enhance or improve either manufactured weapons or natural weapons.

2)the magus spell combat/strike abilities only talk about weapons, but not specific ones, with Spellstrike saying: "he can deliver the spell through any weapon he is wielding as part of a melee attack."

so can the Magus buff his monk fists and wail away with them? Again, if I'm not missing something somewhere RAW looks like yes, but I want to be sure.


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Haven't tried this yet, Looks like it might be interesting. Has anyone tried this? any advice?

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When going through the spell list tonight with a new player I found the notation on the spell index that states "Evil creatures only" on the witches Summon monster I spell. The only other place I see this is on Antipaladin spells. This does not appear in the APG list, it's only in the PRD. Additionally this limit only appears on Summon I and III, all others are not listed this way. Is this a typo? makes sense on the AP because they MUST be Chaotic Evil, but a Witch can be any alignment, so I don't see why the limit. Is this a typo? Or do I just need to house rule this one out?