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Nice try


I bought this based on the reviews, and I'm glad it was only a dollar. I appreciate the effort here and I will be able to take a bit or two out to modify the DC of somethings that have bugged me in the core rules system. If I had to guess I'd say the author has no experience with actually making tools, or jewelry. That said they obviously have lots of experience with games. I like realism in my games, which is why I don't play MMO's either. you don't craft things by wringing your hands in the air. You go to a workshop and you put in the blood sweat tears and most important, Time. the GP cost of an item reflects the time needed to make it as well. this is real. next time the mechanic charges you labor for fixing your car, you'll see what I mean. taking that factor out breaks the system.

the examples:
Gold is harder to smelt than silver, impurities in gold show up far more quickly than in silver. this is one reason why gold is more valuable. (example one thus isn't broken). Plate armor would take Six months to make in the real world. try it. (example two, not broken) making a box is easier than making a crowbar. try it. (example three, not broken).