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I'm getting ready to give the Runesmith a test drive in a new campaign, and I had some questions that didn't seem readily apparent from the text:

1. Beyond weapons, armor, and environmental elements (walls, doors, floors, etc.), where does the Runesmith carve their spells? Do they carry around metal or stone plates of the appropriate size for things like Bless, Aid, Cure Light Wounds, etc.?

2. Does casting a spell from a rune provoke attacks of opportunity? Does placing a glyph provoke?

3. Does the Runesmith get Orisons, or just start at 1st level spells? If so, how long would a 0-level spell take to carve?

4. I assume that the Runesmith can carve runes without the Rune Carving feat? It never mentions that they get it for free.

5. The way I read it, the Runesmith gets their allotment of spells through their daily meditation, and can then carve them whenever they want to during the day. Sort of like leaving a spell slot open. Is that correct?

Any insight anyone has would be much appreciated.