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So, I am going to be playing the new AP Ruins of Azlant, and I am putting together a character.

Basic idea is a crafting focused wizard.

So I have the following picked out.


Human with Focused Study.

Arcane School

Arcane Crafter

Spark Of Creation (Magic)
Resourceful (Campaign from Ruins of Azlant): Lets you craft 1500 gp rather than 1,00 gp of magic items in 8 hours.

WB1: Scribe Scroll
1: Racial Heritage: Dwarf
Focused Study 1: Skill Focus (Spellcraft)
WB3: Craft Wondrous Item
3: Arcane Builder (Wondrous)
WB5: Craft Magic Arms and Armor
5: Arcane Builder (Arms and Armor)
7: Forge Ring
Focused Study 8: Skill Focus (Perception)
9: Craft Rod
WB10: Arcane Builder (Ring)
11: Arcane Builder (Rod)
13: ???
WB15: ???
15: ???
Focused Study 16: ???
17: ???
19: ???

Stats (15 PB)
Str: 10
Dex: 10
Con: 12
Wis: 10
Int: 20
Chr: 7

Arcane Bond
Valet Familiar: Petrifern (For Grooty Goodness)

Favored Class Bonus
2: + 1 HP
3: Dwarf Racial (Wondrous)
4: Dwarf Racial (Wondrous)
5: Dwarf Racial (Arms and Armor)
6: Dwarf Racial (Wondrous)
7: Dwarf Racial (Arms and Armor)
8: Dwarf Racial (Wondrous)
9: Dwarf Racial (Arms and Armor)
10: Dwarf Racial (Wondrous)
11: Dwarf Racial (Arms and Armor)
12: Dwarf Racial (Wondrous)
13: Dwarf Racial (Arms and Armor)
14: Dwarf Racial (Wondrous)
15: Dwarf Racial (Arms and Armor)
16: Dwarf Racial (Wondrous)
17: Dwarf Racial (Arms and Armor)
18: Dwarf Racial (Wondrous)
19: Dwarf Racial (Arms and Armor)
20: Dwarf Racial (Wondrous)

Items to acquire:

Arcane Family Workbook

Gloves of Elvenkind

Headband of Int

Int Tome

With the above in mind I have some questions.

1.) Is this how my various crafting abilities work? Say I am crafting a a wondrous item. This item costs say 40,000 GP so requires 20,000 gp of crafting materials. However due to spark of creation the cost is 38,000 gp so requires 19,000 gp in crafting materials. Normally I would be able to craft 1,000 gp per 8 hours but due to the resourceful trait I craft 1,500 gp in 8 hours or if I take +5 to the DC and hurry 3,000 gp per 8 hours. If I have the full 10 dwarven favored class bonuses I am planning on taking that would be 3,500 gp per 8 hours or 7,000 gp while hurrying. These numbers are then doubled by my valet familiar meaning 7,000 gp normal and 14,000 gp hurrying. Then I craft 25% faster due to Arcane builder which means 8,750 gp normal or 17,500 gp hurrying. This means that instead of the normal 20 days it would take to make this item while hurrying I instead take 3 days, correct?

2.) Any recommendations for any other magic item crafting, feats/items/stuff etc? I know about the amazing tools of manufacture but do not plan on using them due to the fact that they are for crafting with the craft skill and seem to only be for normal items I do not plan on using them.

So I am just coming back after taking a little Pathfinder break. I have decided that I want to try my hand at making a theme I like work, so as to shake off the build-fu rust.

Build Theme: A character that eschews the crutches of external power and seeks enlightenment via perfection of self. A Ki using martial artist.

Build Must haves:

A.) No weapons

B.) No armor

C.) No magic items (We will be using an intrinsic bonus system similar but tweaked to the one published in the Mythic Hero's Handbook)

D.) At least 80% of the damage of a Two Hand Full BaB Weapon User

E.) At least 15 + level AC.

F.) At least 60% chance to resist attacks against any save with DC's equal to those of an at level wizard who started with an 18 int and is using their highest level spell.

G.) Not a Caster. (Refluffing some buff spells as Ki use is fine, I just do not want to play a primary caster whose main focus is spells or a ranged character like a blast based Kinetisist.)

H.) Has ways to address common threats such as Incorporeal foes, Flying foes, ETC...

Build Nice things to have but not absolutely necessary.

1.) 90+% of the damage of a Two Hand Full BaB Weapon User

2.) 20 + level AC

3.) At least 75% chance to resist attacks against any save with DC's equal to those of an at level wizard who started with an 18 int and is using their highest level spell.

4.) Wis Based

5.) More than 4 Skill points per level (All classes except int based primary casters are 4+Int in our game)

6.) Some narrative power besides "Punch Good"

7.) Human

Feel free to offer any and all advice I am off to ruminate on this. Thanks!

Hello everyone,

So I have some questions about the Absorb Blow ability from the Guradian path in mythic adventures.

Absorb Blow:
Absorb Blow (Su): As an immediate action, whenever you take hit point damage from a single source (such as a dragon's breath, a spell, or a weapon), you can expend one use of mythic power to reduce the damage you take from that source by 5 per tier (to a minimum of 0 points of damage taken). If you have another ability or effect that reduces damage (such as protection from energy), reduce the damage with the absorb blow ability before applying any other damage-reducing effects. For every 10 points of damage that this ability prevents, for 1 minute you gain DR 1/epic and 5 points of resistance against acid, cold, electricity, fire, and sonic damage. The DR and resistances stack with any other DR and resistances that you have.

1.) When I designate a source I assume it is meaning on one attack from that source, so if say an NPC strikes a mythic character with this ability for 20 damage and he is at tier 4 then all 20 damage would be prevented if the player choose to expend a mythic power. However if the same enemy struck again with the same weapon for again 20 damage, the only benefit the mythic character would receive would be the DR2/epic and Resistance 10 granted by the second part of absorb blow and thus would take 18 damage if the damage can be reduced by DR or 10 damage if it can be reduced by the resistances or even the full 20 if none of these apply, say in the case of force damage, correct?

2.) Multiple hit spells such as say magic missile or scorching ray, does absorb blow apply against the total damage from the spell or just against the damage from one hit?

3.) DR stacking, well it is obvious it stacks with itself but what happens if say a character is wearing adamantine heavy armor and thus has DR3/- and gains DR2/epic from absorb blow? Does he have DR5 against any non-epic weapon and DR3 against epic weapons? What if the original DR was say DR5/evil from a level 17 paladin's aura of righteousness ability? Does he have say DR7 against all non-evil, non-epic weapons, DR2 against evil non-epic weapons, and DR5 against non-evil epic weapons?

I find this confusing so some help is appreciated.

So, as I am starting a new game I am thinking about adding some house rules to my repertoire.

First is I am adding a sorcerer bloodline to allow one of my players to realize her concept of master and familiar growing together in magic.

It is here

Second I am eliminating the increase in casting time for sorcerers using metamagic.

Third I am toying with the idea of giving sorcerers wizard progression in spells. While also adjusting spells per day. Table is here.

Fourth I am adjusting the rate at which sorcerers gain bloodline powers and feats. This will result in sorcerers getting two more feats and one more power over the course of their career.

Lastly I am going to give sorcerers their bloodline spells at the level where they gain the ability to cast that spell level.

Please check out at least the table under the "new sorcerer" tab and feel free to give me feedback, as it is both welcome and wanted.

So I have been putting together a war priest build and was hoping for some advice.

House rules that affect this build are the elimination of combat expertise and int 13 requirements from any feat that has them as a prerequisite.

Also all non classes that are not int based casters get a minimum of 4+skills.

Human War Priest of Chaldira Zuzadlara.

Str: 16 + 2 = 18
Dex: 14
Con: 12
Int: 10
Wis: 13
Chr: 10

Adopted -> Helpful
Fool for Friends

1: Combat reflexes
Human: Bodyguard
WP: Weapon Focus (Bardiche)
3: Gang Up
3 WP: Power Attack
5: In Harm's Way
6 WP: Weapon Specalization (Bardiche)
7: ???
9: ???
9 WP: ???
11: Divine Interference

Going to get benevolent weapons and armor.

Any advice on this? Trying for a reach build protector vibe using aid another. Asked my GM and order of the dragon does not stack with helpful.

Hey all,

Thanks to TOZ being amazing and my reading up on Mike Brock, who btw I found impressive I have decided to try PFS again.

Now I am enjoying the concept of a character I put together but I have some concerns, so some PFS specific advice would be much appreciated.

He is a soft hearted man that has been ill-treated by life and has come to believe that only life itself is really worth anything. He took up the worship of Asmodeus as at least with him all bargains are to the letter and there is no soft balling or lying about caring. So he is planning to achieve and succeed at life by first obtaining what he calls, little things or money/power, and then using that combined with his gifts to make a place where equivalent exchange is the law of the land. No short shift, no tilted scales only hard bargins.

Here is the character in question.

1.) I am afraid that at low levels I will have very little to do in combat. How would you feel if this character sat next to you at a table?

2.) I am planning on buying Authorative Vestaments when I can afford them. This would allow me to diplomacy to change attitude as a swift action correct, even in combat?

3.) Can I buy level one scrolls with my starting cash at 25 gp each?

Lastly any advice is appreciated.


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Hey everyone.

I am posting my house rules here for feedback and constructive criticism. Along with them I am posting a first draft of my slightly adjusted fighter.

I still have some fighter concerns such as lack of access to such things as dispel magic/spell sunder, lack of in class flight, and I am worried exactly how well he will scale. I do however think he will hold up better against a Paladin, Ranger, or Barbarian.

So please feel free to comment and criticize anything.

Just for clarity's sake my design goals are as follows:

  • Keep Fighter a mundane based simple class.
  • Make Fighter be able to perform at the level of a Paladin, Ranger, or Barbarian, both in and out of combat.
  • Ensure the class is fun to play.
  • Cut down on the system mastery required to make a "good" Fighter.
  • Have Fighter scale with levels in all areas.

House Rules



It appears I may have been doing this wrong for years.

When a Masterwork item is crafted you add a set amount to the base item price I understand that.

Items that are not trade goods are sold at half price, I understand that.

Does this mean that for example a Dagger of Venom which costs 8,302 gp to purchase, or 4,302 gp to craft sells for 4,151 gp?

Does a masterwork hand crossbow which is 400 gp to purchase have a sale price of 200 gp or 350 gp?

Basically when selling items do you only get half of the masterwork value?

I am planning on running Iron Gods and one of my players is interested in running a technomancer, however we are both disappointed in technological items especially cyberware when compared to magic items.

Are there any third party options for technology and technological items? I want to encourage my players concept.

Is there any non-item way to use strength instead of dexterity for to hit with thrown weapons?

I already know about the belt of mighty hurling.

Looking for a feat or class based solution, third party is ok.

So, I have been trying to reexamine my Pathfinder preconceptions lately and one I do have is that for any martial the Big Six is required, not simply nice.

Martial: Any PC which does primarily HP damage or attacks against AC/CMD without using spells as their primary attack form.


Magus with shocking grasp via spell combat/spell strike = Martial due to still being in melee and attacking AC/HP.

Sorcerer attacking with a scorching ray = Not Martial due to spells being the primary attack form.

Archer Bard/Cleric with self buffs such as Inspire Courage = Martial due to still attacking AC/HP and not using spells as their primary attack form.

I am going to try and deconstruct this and see if this assumption is correct or simply another faulty preconception of mine.

Level 1: There is obviously no difference between as no-one can afford the big six yet.

Level 3: WBL is 3,000 gp.

  • Weapon: Master work ~325 gp
  • Armor: +1 armor average about 1,300 gp
  • Amulet of Natural Armor: Not yet
  • Ring of Protection: Not Yet
  • Belt/headband: Not Yet
  • Cloak of Resistance: +1 1,000 gp

So you are losing 1 AC, and 1 to saves at level three. Not so bad but I think this is an artifact of the limited WBL.

Level 5: WBL is 10,500 gp.

  • Weapon: +1 ~2,325 gp
  • Armor: +2 armor average about 4,300 gp
  • Amulet of Natural Armor: Not yet
  • Ring of Protection: +1 2,000
  • Belt/headband: Not Yet
  • Cloak of Resistance: +1 1,000 gp

So you are losing 3 AC, 1 to saves, 1 to hit and 1 to damage at level five. This is more substantial than level three but sufficient optimization and smart play could overcome anything except something like incorporeals where non-magic weapons cannot hurt them.

Level 7: WBL is 23,500 gp.

  • Weapon: +2 ~8,325 gp
  • Armor: +2 armor average about 4,300 gp
  • Amulet of Natural Armor: +1 2,000
  • Ring of Protection: +1 2,000
  • Belt/headband: Not Yet
  • Cloak of Resistance: +2 4,000 gp

So you are losing 4 AC, 2 to saves, 2 to hit and 2 to damage at level seven. Less than I thought but the AC is becoming something that would be noticeable, the to hit and saves are still something some builds could possibly live without except in the cases of DR/Magic or incorporeals.

Level 9: WBL is 46,000 gp.

  • Weapon: +3 ~18,325 gp
  • Armor: Mithral +2 armor average about 6,800 gp
  • Amulet of Natural Armor: +1 2,000
  • Ring of Protection: +1 2,000
  • Belt/headband: +2 4,000
  • Cloak of Resistance: +2 4,000 gp
  • Jingasa: 5,000

So you are losing 5-6 AC, 2-3 to saves, 3-4 to hit and 3-5 to damage at level nine, along with losing the ability to auto deny a crit and bypass DR/Magic, or Cold Iron or Silver. I think at this point it would be very noticeable if a martial did not possess the big six.

Level 11: WBL is 82,000 gp.

  • Weapon: +3 ~18,325 gp
  • Armor: Mithral +3 armor average about 11,800 gp
  • Amulet of Natural Armor: +2 8,000
  • Ring of Protection: +2 8,000
  • Belt/headband: +2 4,000
  • Cloak of Resistance: +4 16,000 gp
  • Jingasa: 5,000
  • Dusky Rose Prism: 5,000 gp

So you are losing 9-10 AC, 4-5 to saves, 3-4 to hit and 3-5 to damage at level nine, along with losing the ability to auto deny a crit and bypass DR/Magic, or Cold Iron or Silver. Without the Big Six here your defenses become much weaker.

Past Level 11 it will just get more egregious.

Now I did not account for the fact that between 7-9 a martial should have in class or develop a way to deal with flying foes, such as being ranged focused, having winged boots, a helm of the valkyrie, or access in some way to flight/airwalk.

So I would say that the big six start becoming more and more mandatory the higher you go starting at ~7th.

Just hitting level 5 with my group running through Carrion Crown.

Thinking about what to take for my level 5 feat.

Current group is:

Destined Bloodrager (Melee)
Changeling With Kitsune Paternity for 3 natural attacks Bard (Melee)
Dex based Scimitar Magus (Melee)
Battlefield Control Arcanist (BC, Knowledges, and Buffs)
Archer Cleric (Buffs, Face, and Ranged Damage)

The three feats I am thinking of are

Rapid Shot (Keeps my ranged damage relevant, as it is now I am only hitting for D8+3 or D8+4 with bard buff)

Craft Magic Arms and Armor (Supplying the party with gear, but since the arcanist is taking craft wondrous I am thinking pearls of power + Lesser extend rod + Magic vestment/Greater magic weapon [from the arcanist so it is third] may be the way to go.)

Scribe Scroll (Lets me have a plethora of backup spells and also lets the arcanist have a way to refresh arcane points.) [We do not use the ACG errata]

Which would you pick?

Lvl 5 sheet here

So, while playing Carrion Crown, I have been thinking of playing a different character as my current full caster has been making my group sad.

Since I want everyone to have fun and also admit I probably have the highest system mastery in the group, I thought I would challenge myself by creating a character with one of my favorite sets of fluff that is weak in pathfinder.

Specifically a Monkish character.

Requirements (Self set)

Wisdom Based
Minimize skills.
No higher than 6th level casting, prefer 4th.
Do not take a leadership role
Level 5

House rules in effect:
Come in at WBL for the level you enter.
No Unchained except rogue.
No ACG errata
No UC errata
Max HP for levels 1-3, Average thereafter.

What this means for the character in question:
Original Master of Many Styles
Original Crane Style
Original Pummeling Style

So what I came up with was a Unarmed Fighter 1/Enlightened Paladin 2/Master of Many Styles 2. All levels after this will be Enlightened Paladin.

He seems to be a decent beatstick to me which is mostly what I wanted. I know in class flight will be hard, but I will have to get potions/items for it.

What do you all think.

Character Sheet

So some questions came up over the spell "Create Pit" in my gaming group.


Initiative order

Monster A
PC B (Melee)
PC C (Caster)

Monster A is Large and has "Grab". Monster A charges PC B and successfully hits and uses "Grab" to grapple PC B.

PC B and Monster A now have the grappled condition with Monster A being the grappler.

PC B uses his turn to try and escape the grapple and fails.

PC C casts Create Pit so as to be in the back two squares of Monster A's space but not adjacent to PC A.

Original Positioning


Positioning as spell is cast


Now Monster A obviously has to save vs create pit.

Question 1:
If Monster A fails what happens to PC B?

Question 2:
If Monster A succeeds on its save and is forced to move to the position below what happens? Does it provoke?

New position

Hey Pazioites!

Let's start this off on a clear high note!

The purpose of this thread is discuss a rocker of a class. Love em or hate em, almost no one is indifferent to our crescendoing friend. The Bard.

So please share you like and dislikes, pluses and minuses and let us know what you think.

I have my opinion of course but want to see what you other cats like. So let's ride this one all the way to the ground, shall we?

So, I have been toying with the Enforcer feat and have a couple of questions and ideas.

Bob-Bob, The Gentleman Thug
Lvl 1 Conversion Inquisitor of Sarenrae, Lvl 2 Thug UC Rogue, 3-19 Conversion Inquisitor of Sarenrae
1/2 Orc

Str: 16 (-10 pb) + 2 (racial) = 18
Dex: 12 (-2 pb)
Con: 12 (-2 pb)
Int: 10
Wis: 16 (-10 pb)
Chr: 7 (+4 pb)

1: Enforcer
2 UC Rogue: Weapon Finesse
3: Power Attack
5: Hurtful
7: Weapon Focus
9: Dazzling Display
11: Divine Interference
13: ??
15: ??
17: ??
19: ??

Feats I am thinking about:
Disheartening Display
Intimidating Prowess
Skill Focus (Intimidate)
Signature Skill (Intimidate)

A: Blade of Mercy
B: Adopted [Ifrit]->(Fiery Glare)

Intimidate on a take 10
1: 19
2: 20
3: 23
4: 24
5: 27
6: 28
7: 31
8: 32
9: 35
10: 36
11: 39
12: 40
13: 43
14: 44
15: 47
16: 48
17: 51
18: 52
19: 55
20: 56

Once Hurtful is online I think my attack sequence should be as follows.

Attack--> If Hit trigger Enforcer and make an intimidate check (DC 10 + HD + Wis Mod). -> On a successful check, If Crit target is frightened 1 round and Shaken X rounds, If not crit use "Frightening" to make frightened for one round.-->This Triggers "Hurtful" which means I can spend my swift for another attack.--> If attack hits triggers "Enforcer" again and I make another intimidate check (DC 15 + HD + Wis Mod)-->On a successful check, If Crit target is frightened now for 2 rounds and Shaken X + Y rounds or just Y rounds if X was converted via "Frightening", If not crit use "Frightening" to make frightened for two total rounds now.

Please note, I am never stacking fear conditions simply extending their durations as

PRD wrote:
Using demoralize on the same creature only extends the duration; it does not create a stronger fear condition.

is a thing.


1.) Is the above correct?
2.) On a Crit can I convert the rounds of Shaken via Frightening to Frightened for 1 round and so get 2 rounds of frightened from a crit?
3.) If so on a Double Crit does this mean I can get 4 rounds of frightened?
4.) Would Memorable extend the frightened duration or since I am applying it in 1 round increments would it get rounded away?

Raised by a traveling group of human monks, rescued from a circus as a small child, Ten-gu knows nothing of his history or his kind.

Emulating the ferocity of the eagle and focus of the owl his natural cousins, Ten-Gu wades into battle a scion of fluid destruction.

Taking a name found in an old tome showing a creature that resembles him as his battle name, Ten-gu wanders the land doing good.

No Rage:
Ten-Gu, The Warrior
Tengu barbarian (invulnerable rager, urban barbarian) 1
CG Medium humanoid (tengu)
Init +4; Senses low-light vision; Perception +7
AC 16, touch 14, flat-footed 12 (+2 armor, +4 Dex)
hp 15 (1d12+3)
Fort +4, Ref +4, Will +2
Speed 30 ft.
Melee bite +5 (1d3 + 4), 2 claws +5 (1d3 + 4)
Special Attacks rage (9 rounds/day)
Str 10, Dex 18, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 12, Cha 10
Base Atk +1; CMB +1; CMD 15
Feats Weapon Finesse, Deadly Agility
Traits berserker of the society, indomitable faith
Skills Acrobatics +8, Knowledge (local) +4, Perception +7, Stealth +7; Racial Modifiers +2 Perception, +2 Stealth
Languages Common
SQ controlled rage, crowd control, glide
Other Gear leather armor, 140 gp
Special Abilities
Berserker of the Society +3 rounds of Rage a day.
Controlled Rage (Ex) May gain lesser bonus split as desired, but without normal drawbacks.
Crowd Control (Ex) If 2+ foes adjacent, +1 to hit & AC. Unslowed by crowds & bonus to intimidate.
Glide DC 15 Fly check to fall safely from any height.
Low-Light Vision See twice as far as a human in low light, distinguishing color and detail.
Rage (9 rounds/day) (Ex) +4 Str, +4 Con, +2 to Will saves, -2 to AC when enraged.

Tengu barbarian (invulnerable rager, urban barbarian) 1
CG Medium humanoid (tengu)
Init +6; Senses low-light vision; Perception +7
AC 18, touch 16, flat-footed 12 (+2 armor, +6 Dex)
hp 15 (1d12+3)
Fort +4, Ref +6, Will +2
Speed 30 ft.
Melee bite +7 (1d3 + 6), 2 claws +7 (1d3 + 6)
Special Attacks rage (9 rounds/day)
Str 10, Dex 22, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 12, Cha 10
Base Atk +1; CMB +1; CMD 17
Feats Weapon Finesse, Deadly Agility
Traits berserker of the society, indomitable faith
Skills Acrobatics +10, Knowledge (local) +4, Perception +7, Stealth +9; Racial Modifiers +2 Perception, +2 Stealth
Languages Common
SQ controlled rage, crowd control, glide
Other Gear leather armor, 140 gp
Special Abilities
Berserker of the Society +3 rounds of Rage a day.
Controlled Rage (Ex) May gain lesser bonus split as desired, but without normal drawbacks.
Crowd Control (Ex) If 2+ foes adjacent, +1 to hit & AC. Unslowed by crowds & bonus to intimidate.
Glide DC 15 Fly check to fall safely from any height.
Low-Light Vision See twice as far as a human in low light, distinguishing color and detail.
Rage (9 rounds/day) (Ex) +0 Str, +0 Con, +2 to Will saves, -2 to AC when enraged.

What do you'all think?

With the Tengu favored class bonus and building a superstitious barb, this just seemed fun.

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I am looking at Overwatch Style for my archer cleric, and I have some questions.

First here are the feats, and the text of readied actions.

Overwatch Style

Overwatch Style:
You have learned to wait until your ranged attacks have the greatest effect.

Prerequisite(s): Precise Shot, Rapid Shot, Weapon Focus with the chosen weapon.

Benefit(s): While using this style, as a full-round action you can ready two ranged attacks with the chosen weapon, each with its own triggering event.

You take a –2 penalty on attack rolls made with these readied actions.

Special: A character with this feat and the weapon training (bows, crossbows, or firearms) class feature can use Overwatch Style with any bow, crossbow, or firearm, respectively, in addition to the chosen weapon.

Overwatch Tactician

Overwatch Tactician:

You quickly prepare to react to your enemies' actions.

Prerequisite(s): Overwatch Style, Precise Shot, Rapid Shot, Weapon Focus with the chosen weapon.

Benefit(s): While using Overwatch Style, you can ready two ranged attacks as a standard action, rather than a full-round action.

Overwatch Vortex

Overwatch Vortex:

You are ready to respond to many more of your foes' actions.

Prerequisite(s): Overwatch Style, Overwatch Tactician, Precise Shot, Rapid Shot, Weapon Focus with the chosen weapon, base attack bonus +11.

Benefit(s): While using the Overwatch Style, as a full-round action you can ready up to four ranged attacks, each with its own triggering event. You take a –2 penalty on attack rolls made with these readied actions.

Readying an Action


The ready action lets you prepare to take an action later, after your turn is over but before your next one has begun. Readying is a standard action. It does not provoke an attack of opportunity (though the action that you ready might do so).

Readying an Action: You can ready a standard action, a move action, a swift action, or a free action. To do so, specify the action you will take and the conditions under which you will take it. Then, anytime before your next action, you may take the readied action in response to that condition. The action occurs just before the action that triggers it. If the triggered action is part of another character's activities, you interrupt the other character. Assuming he is still capable of doing so, he continues his actions once you complete your readied action. Your initiative result changes. For the rest of the encounter, your initiative result is the count on which you took the readied action, and you act immediately ahead of the character whose action triggered your readied action.

You can take a 5-foot step as part of your readied action, but only if you don't otherwise move any distance during the round.

Initiative Consequences of Readying: Your initiative result becomes the count on which you took the readied action. If you come to your next action and have not yet performed your readied action, you don't get to take the readied action (though you can ready the same action again). If you take your readied action in the next round, before your regular turn comes up, your initiative count rises to that new point in the order of battle, and you do not get your regular action that round.

Distracting Spellcasters: You can ready an attack against a spellcaster with the trigger "if she starts casting a spell." If you damage the spellcaster, she may lose the spell she was trying to cast (as determined by her concentration check result).

Readying to Counterspell: You may ready a counterspell against a spellcaster (often with the trigger "if she starts casting a spell"). In this case, when the spellcaster starts a spell, you get a chance to identify it with a Spellcraft check (DC 15 + spell level). If you do, and if you can cast that same spell (and are able to cast it and have it prepared, if you prepare spells), you can cast the spell as a counterspell and automatically ruin the other spellcaster's spell. Counterspelling works even if one spell is divine and the other arcane.

A spellcaster can use dispel magic to counterspell another spellcaster, but it doesn't always work.

Readying a Weapon against a Charge: You can ready weapons with the brace feature, setting them to receive charges. A readied weapon of this type deals double damage if you score a hit with it against a charging character.


In general, speaking is a free action that you can perform even when it isn't your turn. Speaking more than a few sentences is generally beyond the limit of a free action.

The real payoff here is obviously Overwatch Vortex, and the earliest a cleric can take it is 15th so for my feats I am thinking

Planned Feats:

Human: Point Blank Shot
1: Precise Shot
3: Rapid Shot
5: Deadly Aim
7: Weapon Focus
9: Clustered Shots
11: Many Shot
13: Overwatch Style
15: Overwatch Tactician
17: Overwatch Vortex
19: Improved Precise Shot

I could drop Deadly Aim, Many Shot or Clustered shots to get Vortex 2 levels earlier, but I believe this will hurt my DPR quite a bit from as early as level 5. I am delaying Improved Precise Shot due to

Basic setup is as follows.

Let us say I am a level 17 Archer cleric.

At this level I will have the following to affect my attacks minimum.

+5 weapon

+10 Dex (16 base, +4 levels, + 6 Belt + 4 Inherent)

Bracers of Falcon's Aim

My normal attack rotation is

Attack Math:
[12 (BaB) + 5 (Weapon) + 10 (Dex) + 1 (Weapon Focus) + 1 (Bracers) - 2(Rapid Shot) -4 (Deadly Aim) = 23](Primary+ManyShot)/[12 (BaB) + 5 (Weapon) + 10 (Dex) + 1 (Weapon Focus) + 1 (Bracers) - 2(Rapid Shot) -4 (Deadly Aim) = 23](Rapid Shot)/[12 (BaB) + 5 (Weapon) + 10 (Dex) + 1 (Weapon Focus) + 1 (Bracers) - 2(Rapid Shot) -4 (Deadly Aim) - 5 (First iterative) = 18](First iterative)/[12 (BaB) + 5 (Weapon) + 10 (Dex) + 1 (Weapon Focus) + 1 (Bracers) - 2(Rapid Shot) -4 (Deadly Aim) - 10 (First iterative) = 13](Second iterative)

Basically +23(2 arrows)/+23/+18/+13.

If I use Overwatch Vortex it is

Attack Math:
[12 (BaB) + 5 (Weapon) + 10 (Dex) + 1 (Weapon Focus) + 1 (Bracers) -2 (Overwatch Style) -4 (Deadly Aim) = 23](First ready)/[12 (BaB) + 5 (Weapon) + 10 (Dex) + 1 (Weapon Focus) + 1 (Bracers) -2 (Overwatch Style) -4 (Deadly Aim) = 23](Second ready)/[12 (BaB) + 5 (Weapon) + 10 (Dex) + 1 (Weapon Focus) + 1 (Bracers) -2 (Overwatch Style) -4 (Deadly Aim) = 23](Third ready)/[12 (BaB) + 5 (Weapon) + 10 (Dex) + 1 (Weapon Focus) + 1 (Bracers) -2 (Overwatch Style) -4 (Deadly Aim) = 23](Fourth ready)

Basically +23/+23/+23/+23.

So my third and fourth attacks get better, but I lose one arrow from my first attack.

My damage should be something like

Damage Math:
1d8 + (5 strength + 8 Deadly Aim + 5 Weapon) = 18

Basically 1d8 + 18.

This means if I use the standard bestiary AC for level 17 which is 32, my DPR will be as follows for each set.

Full attack:

Full Attack math:
(2*((0.60*22.5)+(0.60*22.5*2*0.1)))[ManyShot + Primary] + ((0.6*22.5)+(0.6*22.5*2*0.1)) [Rapid Shot] + ((0.35*22.5)+(0.35*22.5*2*0.1)) [First Iterative] + ((0.10*22.5)+(0.10*22.5*2*0.1)) [Second Iterative]= 32.4 + 16.2 + 8.64 + 2.7 = 59.94

Basically ~60 DPR.

Overwatch Vortex:

Vortex math:
((0.60*22.5)+(0.60*22.5*2*0.1))[First Ready] + ((0.60*22.5)+(0.60*22.5*2*0.1)) [Second Ready] + ((0.60*22.5)+(0.60*22.5*2*0.1)) [Third Ready] + ((0.60*22.5)+(0.60*22.5*2*0.1)) [Fourth Ready]= 16.2 + 16.2 + 16.2 + 16.2 = 64.8

Basically ~65 DPR. So each of the Overwatch feats are about 1.6 DPR since you need all three for any real benefit.

Now how I am planning on using the feats is as follows.

My initiative starts --> Use a Swift/Free action and 5-foot step as required. --> Declare I am using a Full round action to use Overwatch Vortex, Triggers are:

1: When I say the word "Go" shoot target A. (Target A will be a defined person/thing in combat)
2: After I complete my first attempt at shooting target A, shoot target A again.
3: After I complete my second attempt at shooting target A, shoot target A again.
4: After I complete my third attempt at shooting target A, shoot target A again.

-->End my Turn-->As soon as my turn ends on the same initiative count say the word "Go".-->Take all of my readied actions-->Round Continues as normal.

Does all of this seem like it will work?

After looking at the numbers it seems like this is just not that great of an option as you gain a very nominal amount of DPR at the cost of three feats and losing access to clustered shots, which seems like it will be a bigger DPR gain. I know with a +5 weapon I am only not punching DR/-, DR/Epic, or DR/Slashing, but it seems to me that losing access to clustered shots hurts more than this feat chain helps.

The only place this seems valuable is when you need to try and interrupt someone's casting.

What do you think?

Perhaps this feat line would be better?

Planned Feats:

Human: Point Blank Shot
1: Precise Shot
3: Rapid Shot
5: Deadly Aim
7: Weapon Focus
9: Clustered Shots
11: Many Shot
13: Divine Interference
15: Improved Precise Shot
17: Empty Quiver Style
19: Stabbing Shot

Any input is appreciated.

What happens when a Cleric of Erastil casts Holy Ice Weapon to create a Composite longbow?

What strength rating is the longbow?

Does it affect any creature struck by an arrow fired by the longbow with the extra 1 cold damage and the holy water effect?

Hello everyone,

I have been reading and thinking about Mythic Adventures quite a bit lately. Full disclosure, I just finished GM'img a Mythic game.

Now based on this quote from James Jacobs I decided to do as asked and provide some feedback in a constructive way, along with hopefully evoking a response that is similar in style if not content from others.

The way I would love for responses to be formatted.

Requested format:
Example Quote wrote:
Mythic Power attack is slightly unclear, does it grant +4 damage and -1 attack bonus for characters that possess it and wield a weapon in two hands? Also how exactly is the damage doubled before a crit?


Example quote wrote:
Considering Mythic Power attack has the following text
Mythic Power attack wrote:
You can expend one use of mythic power when you activate Power Attack to ignore the penalties on melee attack rolls and combat maneuver checks for 1 minute.
Does Mythic Furios Focus simply remove the penalty from AoO at the cost of a mythic feat?
Mythic Furious Focus wrote:

Your attacks create a rhythmic barrage that doesn't sacrifice precision for force.

Prerequisite: Furious Focus.

Benefit: When you are using Furious Focus, you don't take Power Attack's penalty on attack rolls that are made as attacks of opportunity. As a free action, you can expend one use of mythic power to negate Power Attack's penalty on all melee attacks you make for 1 round while using this feat.

Both of the above are positive in tone and have concrete questions with definable answers.

In short please feel free to propose answers but at least ask clear questions and provide some constructive feedback.

Please avoid things similar to the following:

Please avoid:

Example quote wrote:

Mythic is just broken!
Example quote wrote:

Mythic SUKKS...
Example quote wrote:

Mythic is only for powergaming munchkins.
Example quote wrote:

Wrath sukks!

Now for my feedback. We did have some issues.

Issue 1:

1.) Mythic causes characters to grow offensively quickly but defensively at almost the same rate if not the same as not mythic.

-------->a.) Players are assumed to gain spells to remove conditions at certain levels, like getting restoration at ~4th and heal at ~11th. Usually monsters do not inflict conditions regularly that are not removable or at least mitigatable by PC's when encountered.

Mythic can cause this to be untrue due to PC's being so powerful offensively that their APL is enhanced to the point of needing higher level monsters which carry abilities that the PC's do not have the spells/abilities to deal with yet.

Now this is a small problem at lower mythic tiers but from 3+ grows into a large one faster and faster.

-------->b.) The math of Mythic is based on the assumption that 2 mythic tiers = 1 level. The actual offensive game numbers (DC's, To Hit, and Damage) far out strip this progression at closer to a 1 mythic tiers = 1 level or 1 mythic tiers = 1.5 levels as you reach higher mythic tiers.

Issue 1 answers:

1a.) This is a difficult issue and honestly I have yet to come up with an answer.

1b.) This issue could be solved by offering a bonus to defenses based on mythic tier and path similar to the bonus hit points already provided.

Specific Mythic Abilities:

1.) Foe-biting is so good that most melle will auto want it and allows for extraordinarily high amounts of damage.

2.) Undetectable is confusing and unclear. As written effectively you are completely undetectable, as in you can be stabbing someone in the face with a dagger and all they will know is that they are getting hurt not even your square or direction. No kind of special senses or even magic work.

3.) Mythic Vital Strike multiples bonus damage by the number of weapon damage dice you roll for that feat, which makes multiple dice weapons much better and results in extremely large amounts of damage.

4.) Can a Legendary Item with Intelligent and Rejuvenating use its actions to heal the bearer?

5.) Mythic surges as a swift action make the abilities based on re-rolling surges not as powerful due to how clogged swift action economy gets.

Specific Mythic Abilities Fixes:

1.) Remove Foe-Biting's ability to double a critical's damage by changing the third sentence to "If the attack is a confirmed critical hit, this ability still costs one mythic power, and only allows for the doubling of damage sources that would not normally be multiplied on a critical, such as precision damage". Also make it work as only another multiplier with other effects such that you get say a X3 on your bonuses and dice with mythic vital strike not total damage x 2, which is effectively a x4.

2.) I think undetectable needs a rewrite. I do not have anything concrete but perhaps only protecting against magical detection, or like Divine source having multiple layers of undetectability unlocked as you take the ability more than once.

3.) Instead multiply bonus damage by the vital strike multiplier, I.E. X2 for Vital strike, X3 for Improved Vital Strike, X4 for Greater Vital Strike. This would still be extremely powerful, but would prevent an enlarged person wielding a greatsword from adding a X9 - X12 modifier using Greater Vital strike depending on how the text is parsed.

4.) I did allow this however it did result in my players asking "Why would every Mythic weapon user not have this?" due to its extraordinary strength. Some balancing may be due here.

5.) We by accident played with surges as Free actions that can be taken anytime. It worked very well, helped bolster mythic characters defenses, made the surge powers/feats more desirable and also served to siphon off mythic power. Overall a large positive I recommend it.

General Mythic Maladies:

1.) Some Mythic abilities are amazingly potent while others are less so. The Paths generally seem to have rankings in that some are in toto better than others.

General Mythic Maladies:

1.) Using the Mythic Hero's Handbook can help quite a bit, however it may be best to in future Mythic releases to create content to boost slightly lagging areas as was done for the Barbarian in the APG or for the Monk via may archetypes.

I would like to say that the reason I have made this thread is that I and my players seriously love Mythic and feel that with some small tweaks and some further support it could be one of the best if not the best thing Paizo has released.

I would also like to take the time to plug the Mythic books from Legendary games! These are amazing and highly recommended.

Mythic Hero's Handbook

Mythic Monster Manual

Mythic Spell Compendium

So, does anyone have anything either specific or general to say about mythic?

Been Looking at a large sword wielding build, I know the druid ooze build is better, but just trying this out. Any advice is appreciated.

Demon Spawn Tiefling (Oversized Limbs)
Abyssal Bloodrager
Str: 16 + 2 Racial = 18
Dex: 10
Con: 14
Wis: 10
Int: 10 - 2 Racial = 8
Chr: 14 + 2 Racial = 16

1: Fiendish Heritage
3: Power Attack-(Retrain 300 gp)-> Furious Focus
5: Furious Focus-(Retrain 300 gp)->Arcane Strike
6: Power Attack
7: Vital Strike

Greatsword 2d6-->Tiefling(Oversized Limbs) 3d6-->Demonic Bulk 4d6-->Animal Aspect (Gorilla) 6d6-->Vital Strike 12d6

So at level 7 when vital strike comes online while raging.

Gear at 6 (23,500): +1 Greatsword (2,350), +2 Cloak of Resistance (4,000), +2 Mithral Breastplate (8,350), +1 Ring of Protection (2,000), +1 Amulet of Natural Armor (2,000), +2 Strength Belt (4,000), + 2 retrainings (600) = 23,300

Str= 18 (base) + 4 (Rage) + 1 (Level) + 2 (Enlarge Person) + 2 (Belt)= 27 = +8

To Hit: 7 (BaB) + 8 (Strength) + 1 (Weapon) -1 (Size) = +15
Damage: 12 (2-handing Strength) + 6 (Power Attack) + 1 (weapon) + 2 (Arcane Strike) = 21

DPR Without Vital Strike (AC 20): ((0.80*42) +(0.80*42*1*0.1))+((0.55*42)+(0.55*42*1*0.1))= (33.6 + 3.36) + (23.1 + 2.31)= 36.96 + 25.41= 62.37 DPR

DPR With Vital Strike (AC 20): ((0.80*63) +(0.80*63*1*0.1))= (50.4 + 5.04) = 55.44 DPR

Loss of DPR is 6.93.

However you maintain your mobility. I will pick up the Impact property when it becomes available.

Greatsword 2d6-->Tiefling(Oversized Limbs) 3d6-->Demonic Bulk 4d6-->Animal Aspect (Gorilla) 6d6-->Impact 8d6-->Vital Strike 16d6

Also when Improved Vital Strike comes online it should get better. What do you all think?

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I am looking at ways to increase caster level for some spell effects on my cleric. Specifically Magic Vestment, Barkskin, and Greater Magic Weapon.

I see Anointing Oil for Magic Vestment and Barkskin, but not Greater Magic Weapon.

I see Shaman's Paint for all three.

I see Bead of Karma for all three.

I see Outlander Missionary for all three.

I see Varisian Tattoo for all three.

I see Bloatmage Initiate for all three.

I see Orange Prism Ioun Stone for all three.

I see Gifted Adept for one of them.

I see Aether for all three.

I am also going to use a Lesser Rod of Extend.

Are there any other ways to boost caster level?

I have a few questions about mundane crafting.

Lets assume the following 0 Int modifier, Craft is a class skill, one rank, improvised tools.

To me that means 0 + 3 + 1 + (-2) = 2 modifier on Craft attempts.

Now if we take 10 on the Craft (Bows) attempt and I am simply making a set of 20 arrows which is 1 gp.

That means I get a 12 on my roll, the arrows DC is 12 so I multiply my roll by the DC which is 144 and divide by 7 which is 20 and change.

This means I can make 2 gp of arrows or 40 a day right? Now how long do these craft checks take? All day (8 hours, 12 hours, 4 hours)?

I have been trying to get a good Wolf Savage build going and this is all I can think of.

Cleric of Irori 1/Unarmed Fighter 1/Master of Many Styles 2/Cleric of Irori X

Strength: 12
Dexterity: 10
Constitution: 14
Intelligence: 13
Wisdom: 16 + 2 Racial = 18
Charisma: 10

Cleric of Irori: Improved unarmed Strike*
Human: Channel Smite
Character Level 1: Guided Hand
Character level 2 Unarmed Fighter 1: Improved Unarmed Strike --> Retrain to Combat Expertise.
Character Level 2 Unarmed Fighter 1: Wolf Style
Character Level 3 Master of Many Styles 1: Improved Unarmed Strike --> Retrain to Improved Trip
Character Level 3 Master of Many Styles 1: Wolf Trip
Character Level 3: Power Attack
Character Level 4 Master of Many Styles 2: Wolf Savage
Character Level 5: Combat Reflexes
Character Level 7: Vicious Stomp
Character Level 9: Greater Trip
Character Level 11: Divine Interference
Character Level 13: ???
Character Level 15: ???
Character Level 17: ???
Character Level 19: ???

This means the build is basically online at level 3 and Wolf Savage comes online at level 4 with a DC of 16.

Traits: Magical Knack

Now a few problems:

1.) Late spell access and lower caster level means that even self buffing is sub par

2.) Total BaB ends up at 14 and is behind for about half all levels.

3.) Needs to do 10 damage to trigger Wolf Savage, but that is difficult for this character.

4.) Must use the amulet of mighty fists so BaB problem is exacerbated.

5.) Trip build so lots of things are immune.

Anyone have any thoughts on how to make this work?


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So, I am looking to Speed Craft magic items. Nothing specific yet just planning on crafting in an AP that supposedly has very little down time, so I am kinda looking at it.

Please check my rules-fu on this.

Magic Item Creation:
PRD wrote:

To create magic items, spellcasters use special feats which allow them to invest time and money in an item's creation. At the end of this process, the spellcaster must make a single skill check (usually Spellcraft, but sometimes another skill) to finish the item. If an item type has multiple possible skills, you choose which skill to make the check with. The DC to create a magic item is 5 + the caster level for the item. Failing this check means that the item does not function and the materials and time are wasted. Failing this check by 5 or more results in a cursed item (see Cursed Items for more information).

Note that all items have prerequisites in their descriptions. These prerequisites must be met for the item to be created. Most of the time, they take the form of spells that must be known by the item's creator (although access through another magic item or spellcaster is allowed). The DC to create a magic item increases by +5 for each prerequisite the caster does not meet. The only exception to this is the requisite item creation feat, which is mandatory. In addition, you cannot create potions, spell-trigger, or spell-completion magic items without meeting their spell prerequisites.

While item creation costs are handled in detail below, note that normally the two primary factors are the caster level of the creator and the level of the spell or spells put into the item. A creator can create an item at a lower caster level than her own, but never lower than the minimum level needed to cast the needed spell. Using metamagic feats, a caster can place spells in items at a higher level than normal.

Magic supplies for items are always half of the base price in gp. For many items, the market price equals the base price. Armor, shields, weapons, and items with value independent of their magically enhanced properties add their item cost to the market price. The item cost does not influence the base price (which determines the cost of magic supplies), but it does increase the final market price.

In addition, some items cast or replicate spells with costly material components. For these items, the market price equals the base price plus an extra price for the spell component costs. The cost to create these items is the magic supplies cost plus the costs for the components. Descriptions of these items include an entry that gives the total cost of creating the item.

The creator also needs a fairly quiet, comfortable, and well-lit place in which to work. Any place suitable for preparing spells is suitable for making items. Creating an item requires 8 hours of work per 1,000 gp in the item's base price (or fraction thereof), with a minimum of at least 8 hours. Potions and scrolls are an exception to this rule; they can take as little as 2 hours to create (if their base price is 250 gp or less). Scrolls and potions whose base price is more than 250 gp, but less than 1,000 gp, take 8 hours to create, just like any other magic item. The character must spend the gold at the beginning of the construction process. Regardless of the time needed for construction, a caster can create no more than one magic item per day. This process can be accelerated to 4 hours of work per 1,000 gp in the item's base price (or fraction thereof) by increasing the DC to create the item by +5.

The caster can work for up to 8 hours each day. He cannot rush the process by working longer each day, but the days need not be consecutive, and the caster can use the rest of his time as he sees fit. If the caster is out adventuring, he can devote 4 hours each day to item creation, although he nets only 2 hours' worth of work. This time is not spent in one continuous period, but rather during lunch, morning preparation, and during watches at night. If time is dedicated to creation, it must be spent in uninterrupted 4-hour blocks. This work is generally done in a controlled environment, where distractions are at a minimum, such as a laboratory or shrine. Work that is performed in a distracting or dangerous environment nets only half the amount of progress (just as with the adventuring caster).

A character can work on only one item at a time. If a character starts work on a new item, all materials used on the under-construction item are wasted.

So what this means to me is that there are three basic ways of crafting in the core rule book.

1.) Work for 8 hours, and get 1,000 gp done per day.

2.) Work for 4 hours, take a +5 to the item DC, and get 1,000 gp done in those 4 hours. You may craft for a total of 8 hours, two 4 hour periods, and if doing so can get 2,000 gp per day.

3.) Work for a distributed 4 hours over an adventuring day and get two hours of work done, which nets you 250 gp per day. This cannot be hurried correct?


This would mean on a normal day a crafter may do the following, 8 hours adventuring, 8 hours rest, 1 hour to regain spells, 7 hours ???.

Should this not mean you could adventure while fitting in 4 hours getting 2 hours of progress (250 gp), then during the 7 hours of change use 4 hours for crafting at an accelerated pace for another (1000 gp) for a total of 1250 gp a day?


Then if you have a Valet familiar which granting cooperative crafting letting you double all amounts mean you would instead be getting:

1.) 8 hours=2,000 gp

2.) 4 hours and +5 DC = 2000 gp, twice a day = 4,000 gp

3.) 4 hours distributed gets 500 gp.

This would let you get 2,500 gp a day with one distributed session and one adventuring session correct?


Further how do Amazing tools of Manufacture fit in?


Am I able to do the above and use one of the three hours I have "spare" to use the tools and thus on a normal adventuring day gain 4,500 gp on items that match the craft skill for that item?

Does Cooperative crafting apply to the tools letting me get 4,000 gp done in an hour once a day?

If so does this mean my "adventuring" crafting is actually 6,500 gp a day?

If I have a ring of sustenance this should get a lot easier as well correct? That would make me 8 hours adventuring, 2 hours rest, 1 hour regain spells, 13 hours ??? right?

In that case with hurrying, tools and a valet familiar could I fit in 8,000 gp an adventuring day day?

I also assume that the amazing tools could not say be handed to my Familiar and then she could use them for another 2,000 gp progress?

Lastly if I do not have the required 6 ranks in a craft skill for the amazing tools, I can simply use UMD to emulate a class feature, I just need to get a 26 total correct?

Edit: Can more than one person work in shifts on an item to get more done in a day?

For example can I work 8 hours to get 4,000 GP and then while I rest my friend who also has a Valet familiar works for 8 hours, netting us another 4,000 gp of progress? For a total of 8,000 gp a day?

Sorry for the flurry of questions, just looking into this and ended up wondering.

I am soon going to be starting Carrion Crown, as a player for once! Yeah! *Happy Snoopy Dance*

Now what I would like is some advice.

I have three ideas for characters, and would like help selecting which one to play.

Characters for the rest of the party:

1.) Elf Dex Based Shocking Grasp Magus Lawful Neutral.

2.) Human Arcanist Most likely True Neutral

3.) Human Primalist Destined Bloodrager using a Nodachi ??

4.) Halfling Bard Melee of some sort, most likely Rapier ??

5.) Me!

Rules are:

20 pb
150 gp starting
All non-int based 2+ skill classes are 4+ instead.
Hero points
Max HP first 3 levels.
Races from the player's guide or core rulebook

Things I would like to provide:

Ability to heal out of combat, basically wands of CLW. Everyone chips in for cost of wands.

Condition removal, (remove X spells, Delay X spells, Heal)

Access to buffs off of the Divine caster list such as Magic Weapon and greater, Magic Vestment, and Barkskin.

So without further ado, here are my characters.

Chou Shen, Battle Cleric of Kofusachi:

Character Sheet

Back Story

Plus: Simple to play and has all of the cleric goodness. Hits all the Wickets.

Minus: We already have three Melee and because of that our Arcanist is not going Occultist, not sure want to add more melee.

Planned Feats
Half-Orc: Endurance
1: Improved Initiative
3: Power Attack
5: Craft Wondrous
7: Scribe Scroll
9: Weapon Focus (Falchion)
11: Divine Interference
13: ??
15: ??
17: ??
19: ??

Teris Eli, Archer Cleric of Estrial:

Character Sheet

Back Story

Plus: Ranged, which is something we are missing.

Minus: Less flavorful than my other two ideas, gonna have to develop him in play.

Planned Feats
Human: Point Blank Shot
1: Precise Shot
3: Rapid Shot
5: Deadly Aim
7: Weapon Focus
9: Clustered Shots
11: Many Shot
13: Divine Interference
15: Improved Precise Shot
17: ??
19: ??

Zedrian Lel, Animist Life Shaman:

Character Sheet

Back Story

Plus: Face and divine caster, plus I am in love with the Animist archetype. Gonna grab these ASAP.

Minus: No real way to deal HP damage, primary spell caster/diplomacy instead. I have also been told that even with a Valet familiar crafting is problematic in this AP.

Planned Feats
1 Creed of Virtue (Humility)
Human Scribe Scroll
3 Craft Wondrous
5 Craft Wand
7 Skill Focus (Diplomacy)
9 Signature Skill (Diplomacy)
11 Divine Interference
13 Craft Rod
15 Craft Staff
17 Persuasive
19 Voice of the Sybil

With this in mind which of these would you recommend? Further any advice on tweaking feats or such?

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I have seen the idea floating around the boards lately that being marginalized by flying encounters when you do not have flight yourself is easily dealt with by simply picking up a ranged weapon and starting to attack with it.

I am curious if the math supports this so I am going to run some numbers.

I am going to use fighter because I believe the difference will be the least and because it is easy.

I am not going to do every level.

20 pb as this is PFS standard and eliminates the randomness of rolling.

Human, cause yet again easy.

No traits, Not even gonna do skills.

Assumption is a target that is flying inside first range increment for longbow, not in melee and not in soft cover. I know this is vastly beneficial to the melee builds, but yet again easy.

AC is from the bestiary by level.

At level 1 all characters will be using a longbow for ranged as there is no way they can afford a composite with a strength bonus.

Two Handed Hank Lvl 1:

Human Fighter 1

Str: 16 + 2 Racial
Dex: 13
Con: 12
Int: 10
Wis: 14
Chr: 10

Human: Power Attack
1: Iron Will
Fighter: Furious Focus

To Hit with Greatsword: +5
Damage with Greatsword: 2d6 + 9

Melee DPR VS AC 12: (0.70*16)+(0.70*16*1*0.1)= 11.2 + 1.12 = 12.32

Against an at CR opponent you need 2 rounds/Characters worth of effort win.

To Hit with Longbow: +1
Damage with Longbow: 1d8

Ranged DPR VS AC 12: (0.50*4.5)+(0.50*4.5*2*0.05)= 2.25 + 0.225 = 2.475

Against an at CR opponent you need 6 rounds/characters of effort to win.

Damage loss is 12.32-2.475=9.845dpr

Spring Heeled Jack Lvl 1:

Human Fighter 1

Str: 14 + 2 Racial
Dex: 15
Con: 13
Int: 10
Wis: 14
Chr: 10

Human: Two Weapon Fighting
1: Power Attack
Fighter: Double Slice

To Hit with Kukri: +1
Damage with Kukri: 1d4 + 5

Melee DPR VS AC 12: ((0.50*7.5)+(0.50*7.5*1*0.15)) X 2= (3.75 + 0.5625) X 2 = (4.3125) X 2 = 8.625

Against an at CR opponent you need 2 rounds/characters of effort to win.

DPR without Power attack is 6.9575
DPR without PA and with Weapon Focus is 7.59

To Hit with Longbow: +2
Damage with Longbow: 1d8

Ranged DPR VS AC 12: (0.55*4.5)+(0.55*4.5*2*0.05)= 2.475 + 0.2475 = 2.7225

Against an at CR opponent you need 6 rounds/characters of effort to win.

Damage loss is 8.625-2.7225=5.9025dpr

Ranged Roger Lvl 1:

Human Fighter 1

Str: 14
Dex: 16 + 2 Racial
Con: 10
Int: 10
Wis: 14
Chr: 10

Human: Point Blank Shot
1: Precise shot
Fighter: Rapid Shot

To Hit with Greatsword: +3
Damage with Greatsword: 2d6 + 3

Melee DPR VS AC 12: (0.60*10)+(0.60*10*1*0.1)= (6 + 0.6) = 6.6 dpr

Against an at CR opponent you need 3 rounds/characters of effort to win.

To Hit with Longbow No PBS: +3
Damage with Longbow No PBS: 1d8

Ranged DPR VS AC 12: ((0.60*4.5)+(0.60*4.5*2*0.05)) x 2= (2.7 + 0.27) x 2 = (2.97) x 2 = 5.94

Against an at CR opponent you need 3 rounds/characters of effort to win.

DPR without PBS or RS, with DA: 4.6475
DPR without PBS or RS, with WF: 3.7125

To Hit with Longbow with PBS : +4
Damage with Longbow with PBS : 1d8 + 1

Ranged DPR VS AC 12: ((0.65*5.5)+(0.65*5.5*2*0.05)) x 2= (3.575 + 0.3575) x 2 = (3.9325) x 2 = 7.865

Against an at CR opponent you need 2 rounds/characters of effort to win.

DPR without RS, with DA + PBS: 5.3625
DPR without RS, with WF + PBS: 4.84

Damage loss without PBS (Melee better) is 6.6-5.94=0.66dpr

Damage loss with PBS (Ranged better) is 7.865-6.6=1.265dpr

Mage of Cantrips:

Str: 10
Dex: 14
Con: 14
Int: 16 + 2 Racial
Wis: 10
Chr: 10

Acid Splash\Ray of Frost DPR VS AC 10 for touch!: (0.65*2) +(0.65* 2*1*0.05)= 1.3 + 0.065= 1.365

Need 11 rounds to down an at CR opponent.

Difference from 2 hand: 2.475 - 1.365= 1.11
Difference from dual wield: 2.7225 - 1.365= 1.3575

Disrupt Undead DPR VS AC 10 for touch!: (0.65*3.5) +(0.65* 3.5*1*0.05)= 2.275 + 0.11375= 2.38875

Need 7 rounds to down an at CR opponent.

Difference from 2 hand: 2.475 - 2.38875= 0.08625
Difference from dual wield: 2.7225 - 2.38875= 0.33375

Conclusions at level 1:

1.) In terms of DPR 2-Hand>Dual wield>Ranged.
2.) Both 2-Hand and Dual Wield lose most of their DPR when switching to a ranged weapon.
3.) A Wizard using acid splash no feats or abilities for blasting is about 1-1.5 dpr behind a non ranged character using a bow.
4.) A wizard using disrupt undead no feats or abilities for blasting is about 0.1-0.4 dpr behind a non ranged character using a bow.
5.) Most of these numbers are most likely driven by lack of a strength composite bow.
6.) In their specialties all characters are at 2 rounds to down an at CR opponent. Melee --> Ranged jumps to 6 rounds, while Ranged --> Melee only goes to 3 rounds.


Level 5!

I am thinking of asking my GM if I can take the Diabolical Negotiator feat on a shaman I am putting together. Honestly I just want the attitude shift part as I already took Creed of Virtue (Humility).

I have two questions that I know my responses to but am just wondering what others think.

1.) Since I am NG and do not worship asmodeus, I worship the Kami, how upset would you be in your games at being asked to waive the worship of asmodeus clause? If you would be upset about that why and how much?

2.) I assume that I could not use Diabolical Negotiator and Creed of Virtue (Humility) together to get my Wis to Diplomacy twice. Is this true?

Hello again everyone,

My group just recently finished a campaign and after >10 years behind the screen I am finally going to get to play!

So I am excited and looking for some advice.

We all got together and our incipient GM informed us we would have to pick an AP as he did not want to create something from whole cloth. After some conversation we selected Carrion Crown.

Now we had heard that it can be difficult and that appeals to us as does the gothic horror feel, but it left me with some questions. No spoilers please, not looking to cheat or look ahead, but just want to be prepared.

Rules: Races as described in the AP players handbook, 20 PB, 150gp starting gold, Hero points.

1.) What do you think of this party makeup? Recommendations?

Our party currently consists of: Human Primalist Destined Bloodrager, Elf Shocking grasp dex based (Deadly agility from DSP) Magus, Human Arcanist, Halfling Melee Bard, Half-Orc Battle cleric of Luck and Travel [Me]. (4 melee worries me slightly, I am thinking of switching to a caster or archer cleric instead of a battle. Also I understand that it is very isolationist where we start and Half-Orcs are seen as monsters, this worries me.)

2.) Are there any ways with the exception of spells that a low level party (1-2) can hit incorporeal creatures? Weapon blanches alchemical stuff?

3.) Any recommended low level gear?

I just want to make sure I do not miss anything obvious such as holy water or alchemist's fire.

My thanks in advance everyone.

So, this is slightly frustrating for me to admit but I am trying to make a Blaster Cleric and it does not seem to be coming together for me.

So far this is what I have, any input is appreciated.


20 PB
Str: 10 (0 p)
Dex: 12 (-2 p)
Con: 12 (-2 p)
Int: 13 (-3 p)
Wis: 18 (-17p) + 2 Racial = 20
Chr: 7 (+4 p)

Race: Human

Class: Ecclesitheurge Cleric of Ra 5\Tattooed (Orc) Sorcerer 1\Ecclesitheurge Cleric of Ra 14

Alignment: LG

Domains: Fire (Primary), Inevitable (Secondary)

Human: Spell Focus (Evocation)
1: Spell Specialization (Burning Hands)
3: Improved Initiative
5: Empower Spell
6 Sorcerer: Varsarian Tattoo (Evocation)
7: Dazing Spell
9: Intensified Spell
11: Spell Penetration
13: Quicken Spell
15: Spell Perfection (Fireball)
17: Greater Spell Penetration
19: Greater Spell Focus (Evocation)

Regional: Wayang Spell Hunter (Fireball)
Magic: Magical Lineage (Fireball)

This gives me up to four 3d4 DC 17 burning hands, three of which I can swap for heal spells and, 1 channel and 8 uses of the command spell at DC 15 at level one.


1: Fire dependant: Uses one element and unlike an admixture wizard I do not know of a way to make it easier on a cleric.

2: Do not have room for all of the feats I want for the build. Specifically Selective spell and Maximize spell.

3: Does not have the crafting feats I want. Specifically Scribe scroll.

I have a character that I am very much looking forward to playing, his background is fun and I very much enjoy his story, but I have some mechanical concerns.

How would you feel if this character sat down next to you at a table?

I just want to make sure that I will not be a drag on the team.

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For all of you RPG Superstars in the making here are some additional critiques.

I will try to work my way through the CMI thread, please be patient with me, and please do not post your items here.

First I have some Caveats.
A.) I am not a professional game designer.

B.) I do not claim to be “Correct” all of the views expressed here are opinion.

C.) I am going to be honest and give as much constructive criticism as I can.

D.) I have no personal feelings either for or against any item creator, so I am going to be critiquing solely on the item’s merits.

E.) I hope this helps others, as I know that those who have been kind enough to critique items are trying to help me.

Scoring System::

Each Item will be rated A+ through F in the following categories.

Voice: Writing style and clarity of expression, along with word craft.

Ingenuity: Freshness of idea and novelty of mechanics use.

Template: Ability to follow the given template, and Paizo item precedent.

So, I am just checking to make sure I understand this.

I have a NPC who has a symbol of insanity on his shield that is attuned so as to not affect him or his cohorts.

He uncovers the shield as a standard, when within 60 ft of the PC's triggering a save.

PC A: Makes the save.

PC B-C: Fails the save.

PC D: Makes the save.

NPC is at 60 feet away from PC's. He moves back 5 feet and is now 65 feet away. He then as part of the same move action moves forward 5 feet and is now 60 feet from PCs triggering another save, he repeats until out of move.

Since he has 30 ft of move he can force 4 saves on each PC.

Is this correct?

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Hello everyone.

I am running a campaign that so far has been a rollicking ball of fun, however I have some conundrums that I hope to get some advice on.

Characters are all Level 11 Myth Tier 5.

a.) Arcanist/Archmage

b.) Primal Hunter/Marshall Wolf companion

c.) Synthesist Summoner/Guardian

d.) Superstitious Barbarian/Champion, Undead Pixie bard companion.

e.) Dreadborne Paladin(Spell-less, blackblade)/Marshall

1.) My Arcanist selected Flash of Omniscience. After him using this a few times it occurred to me that I had never really had to deal with readily available divination in any of the groups I have run.

I am trying to be fair about this but a lot of games are turning into "Have the arcanist ask questions, and then be ready to ambush/counterattack against whatever fully prepared".

So my question is "Without nerfing him or invalidating his build choice how do I deal with this ability?" also "What information should this kind of divination give, remembering that it cannot be cryptic?"

2.) Also several people have taken Undetectable.

How the heck does this work? Does this mean that the characters with this can stab you in the face and you still cannot know they are there? They can be riding on your back and you do not know?

My barbarian uses this + a ring of spell storing and greater invisibility from the summoner to be a crazy undetectable blender on command.

My arcanist uses a ring of invisibility and this to be basically nonexistent unless using attack spells.

Please understand that this is all about enhancing fun at the table by ensuring I can competently respond to player actions.

My players are all very fun to play with and I enjoy them immensely, I just want to create a game they can enjoy as well and ensure that I can, as I said, competently deal with all the balls in the air.

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Are there any 3pp that expand on the Words of Power subsystem from Ultimate Magic?

13 people marked this as FAQ candidate.

I have seen this issue discussed a lot, but have seen no convincing RAW one way or another.

So, the question is this.

May Celestial armor be made of Mithral or any other special material to add the material bonuses on top of the existing effects of Celestial armor?

Please FAQ this if like me you are curious on this issue and would like a firm RAW answer.

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Hello everyone.

I have been poking at a cleric archetype for awhile and would appreciate some feedback.

Now while the mechanics are essentially all there the fluff and exact wording will improve in the next iteration. With that in mind, please if you have the time tell me how this feels to you!

Greater Conduit

Hello everyone!

I am soon going to be getting the rare opportunity to play rather than GM a game.

I think we are going to be playing rise of the runelords.

I would love some advise on a build I am looking at, most of which is based off of the phenomenal guide for the blockbuster wizard made by Brewer.

Brief character synopsis:

A human from the Tian area of Minata he was raised in a family of hereditary magical defenders.

Lacking in the defensive and creative magical talents that would allow him to inherit his fathers position he was sent away at his majority to study foreign magic with an old adventuring compatriot of his father's.

Following the wandering path of his father's friend he eventually arrived in Magimar, where his now master decided to settle as he was growing older.

Believing he could now do some good and being officially dubbed a journeyman he set off to Sandpoint as he had heard rumors of a monster haunting the area and wanted to see if he could help the local residents.


Race: Human

Alignment: Neutral Good

Levels 1-5: Wizard, Admixture.
Level 6: Sorcerer, Orc Bloodline
Levels 7-20: Wizard, Admixture.

Stats: (20 PB)
Str: 10 (0 PB)
Dex: 14 (5 PB)
Con: 10 (0 PB)
Wis: 10 (0 PB)
Int: 18 + 2 [racial] (17 PB)
Chr: 8 (+2 PB)

Arcane Bond (Familar): Rabbit (+4 Initiative)

Human: Spell Focus (Evocation)
Wizard 1: Scribe Scroll
1: Spell Specialization
3: Varsarian Tattoo (Evocation)
Wizard 5:Empower Spell
5:Spell Penetration
7:Intensified Spell
9: Greater Spell Penetration
Wizard 10 (Character level 11): Dazing Spell
11: Quicken Spell
13:Maximize spell
15: Spell Perfection (Fireball)
Wizard 15: (Character level 16): Fast Study
17: Improved Initiative
19: Spell Focus Greater (Evocation)

Regional: Wayang Spell Hunter (Fireball)
Magic: Magical Lineage (Fireball)

Basic play:

The basic idea in this build is to use acid splash with intense spells and an alchemical focus component to do 1d3 + 2 at touch AC for the first level while mixing in magic missiles that do 2d4 + 3.

At level three your MM goes to 3d4 + 4, and at level 4 go to 4d4 + 6.

At level 5 and above you switch to fireballs. The admixture school combined with at least 7 skill points per level, should let you know your foes elemental resistances/immunities and switch as needed.

The level 6 sorcerer dip is to get the orc bloodlines + to damage equal to the number of damage dice. Also the darkvision does not hurt.

Beyond that it is all about the metamagic use of fireballs and the use of metamagic rods.

At higher levels the use of Black powder as an alchemical reagent can add a point of damage or two.


1.) A lot of what I have read recommends Burning hands over magic missile, however the extremely close range worries me. What do you think of my substitution of magic missile for the first four levels?

2.) Any ideas for improvements?

3.) I noticed the alchemical reagent Urea and was wondering how worthwhile this would be at lower levels? the extra d4 might convince me to go burning hands.

4.) For this build I thought about getting split slot instead of fast study, what do you think?

I have this concept in my head of a self sufficient gunslinger, who is determined to unlock the ancient secrets of magical guns.

I first thought Pistlero + Spellslinger -> Eldritch Knight but realized quickly that this would be rather weak.

You would need at least 5 wizard levels and I would think 5 gunslinger levels before you could realistically start taking EK levels.

It just seems that there is not a lot of existing content for this.

I may just have to homebrew something.

Any ideas?

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For all of you RPG Superstars in the making here are some additional critiques.

I will try to work my way through the CMI thread, please be patient with me, and please do not post your items here.

First I have some Caveats.
A.) I am not a professional game designer.

B.) I do not claim to be “Correct” all of the views expressed here are opinion.

C.) I am going to be honest and give as much constructive criticism as I can.

D.) I have no personal feelings either for or against any item creator, so I am going to be critiquing solely on the item’s merits.

E.) I hope this helps others, as I know that those who have been kind enough to critique items are trying to help me.

Scoring System:

Each Item will be rated A+ through F in the following categories.

Voice: Writing style and clarity of expression, along with word craft.

Ingenuity: Freshness of idea and novelty of mechanics use.

Template: Ability to follow the given template, and Paizo item precedent.

Edit: As Petty Alchemy suggested.

I know according to the below FAQ that a magus may cast a touch spell with multiple charges and deliver them all through a weapon attack. This uses spellstrike.


My question is on all rounds after the first in which he casts the spell does the magus receive his touch attack from the touch spell as an extra attack via spell combat or is he limited to his normal amount of attacks granted by his BaB but with each carrying a charge of the touch spell?

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Superstar Season's Greetings all,

I have noticed this year quite a few posters that are taking their first try this year at the RPG Superstar contest. Now, while I am a relative newcomer myself having only participated the past two years I thought perhaps someone could benefit from the story of my mistakes.


This year I discovered the contest right before it began. I almost did not enter, however, the spirit of camaraderie and well-wishing impelled me to try.

I quickly and without any real review built an entry that I at first loved.


Bracers of Joy
Aura faint enchantment; CL 3rd
Slot wrists; Price 6,500 gp; Weight 1 lb.
Often embroidered with scenes of athletic contest these soft leather, fur lined bracers, are usually found to be incredibly comfortable.
Upon donning the Bracers of Joy, you feel a wave of happiness and contentment emanate from the bracers to fill the rest of your body and spirit.

This feeling grant a constant increase in your base land speed of 10 feet, with this increase treated as an enhancement bonus. It further grants you the ability to once per day activate the bracers as part of making a skill or ability check to gain a +3 competence bonus to that skill or ability check. This bonus must be assigned before the skill or ability check is rolled. Activating this competence bonus causes a burst of pleasure to engulf you.

After using the bracers to gain a competence bonus, you find yourself craving the joy they give.

You may choose to activate a set of Bracers of Joy before one day has passed since their last activation. For each time the bracers are activated prior to recharging you take three points of lethal damage that may not be prevented.

After using the Bracers of Joy to gain a competence bonus for the first time, in any situation where you could benefit from the bracers, you must make a DC 13 Will save or activate the bracers gaining both the competence bonus and feeling of joy they confer.

Due to the life-sapping nature of the magic of the bracers, creatures that have fast healing or regeneration find the Bracers of Joy repugnant and the bracers are non-functional for any such creature.
Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, Skill Focus(Any), Delusional Pride, Longstrider; Cost 3,250 gp


I became disenchanted with this item almost immediately after the voting process started. Comparing it to some of the superstar items it is embarrassing.

The underlying reasons for this were mostly tied to my complete lack of preparation and the fact that in all honesty my entry was frankly a laundry list of things not to do in RPG superstar.

  • Name is boring and non-evocative: "Blank" of "Blank" is in my opinion a naming convention to avoid.

  • Item is basically cursed and possibly should have been DQ'ed on that alone.

  • Item's bonus is very Banal: A truly superstar item is something more than +"blank" to "blank" and some generic bonus/SiaC/penalty elimination.

  • Small formatting error's such as lack of italics on the item name in the description paragraph and using capitalization on the spells in the construction requirements.

Despite all of this however, the community was kind enough to give me some feedback and I feel that while embarrassing and showing how far I had to grow this definitely helped my stretch and try to achieve my potential, in short it was a humbling learning experience.


What I learned:

  • Take your time and do it right. Even the simplest ideas deserve some time and attention.

  • Do not simply try for something safe, really reach for the stars!

  • While plot and story are wonderful, an item entry is generally not the place for them to be.


Having done several review passes this year I found myself happily entering.


Soul’s Visage
Aura moderate divination; CL 11th
Slot headband; Price 5,000 gp; Weight
Spun of fine crystal but with the strength of steel, and shaped into a clan or creed's icon, a Soul’s Visage rests without aid upon its wearer's brow.

If worn by a character possessing an honor score greater than zero, a Soul’s Visage illuminates with a clear and penetrating light that bathes all who observe it in a sense of the wearer's integrity and worth. The Soul’s Visage continues to shine unwaveringly while worn and grants the wearer a +1 bonus to his honor score as long as the wearer's honor score remains greater than zero. The luminescence from a Soul's Visage is treated as a light spell for all purposes.

Due to the forthrightness and virtue represented by wearing a Soul's Visage the wearer’s honor is reduced to one instead of zero when the wearer overreaches while attempting to spend honor.

A successful Knowledge (nobility) check against a DC of 19 enables anyone who can observe the unobstructed light cast by a Soul’s Visage to determine the wearer’s exact honor score.

Intentionally hiding or falsifying the light from a Soul’s Visage while worn is considered a dishonorable act and results in an honor loss appropriate to the situation in which the infraction occurred.
Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, legend lore, light lance; Cost 2,500 gp


Yet again, I was humbled when comparing my item against the superstar and even the top 100 items. It was very clear to me that I had over-thought and over written my idea.

The community gave me some helpful and insightful feedback.

RonarsCorruption wrote:

Soul's Visage

A simple item, but you stretched a little too far when looking for a new rules area to tap into. Honor is a bit too obscure for the majority of voters, I think. Also, the biggest bonus for the item is a +1 to a PCs score - needs a lot more wow.
Thunderbuckets wrote:

Soul's Visage

First of all, add me to the list of people who don't know the honor system (and didn't look it up to get the exact mechanics).

That said: mechanically, it's still giving you a +1 bonus. It takes awhile to get to that fact, and it's got the business with the light and the Knowledge (nobility) and the hiding, but: this is a +1 bonus to something. It is so hard to make "you get a bonus to a thing" a Superstar-worthy idea, no matter what the bonus or what the thing. So the concept isn't making me jump up and want to run over and find out how the honor system works. I don't know everything about how psionics works, for instance, but if I get an item that's just "you get a +1 to your psionics points" then I can already tell I'm not going to be super-interested in what it does. That coupled with some minor structure things (lowercase and italicize your item, missing comma, weird word choice in a few places) kept this from superstardom in my book.

Feros wrote:
Honor is a very niche rule set, and consequently this item is only of use for a very small number of characters in most campaigns if at all. The visual (a glowing stone) isn’t all that spectacular either. For what it does, it is a good item. Just not Superstar.

Looking at this item it is almost a duplicate of the last year, but arrived at along a completely different path.


  • The name is much better and the idea is more coherent.

  • Is at least trying to work in an underdeveloped design space.


  • Writing is stilted and lacks flow and grace.

  • Is too esoteric, shows that I was not really grokking my audience.

  • Buried the lead: The major power of this is supposed to be the fact that you cannot go to zero honor from overreaching but that is almost at the end of the item.

  • Effect is a banal +"blank" to "blank", the same as last years entry.

  • Still has minor template errors, as noted.


    The fact is that this item was worked and reworked, basically to its death. Originally it was an item that let you wield your honor as shield and sword, but after so many passes, it was cut and homogenized to the point that you see.


    What I learned

    • While editing and review passes are essential, do not overcook your item and end up with bland tasteless glop.

    • No matter how presented a +"blank" to "blank" ability will very rarely have any wow factor.

    • Items should be dynamic and forceful, not passive and distant.

    • Know your audience, work in a space that appeals to them. If you are going to work on something truly esoteric ensure that it has some path that will make it accessible to your audience.

  • Basically, I have had a rough couple of years, due entirely to the fact that as a designer and a writer I had a lot of growing to do.

    I hope that some of you can see that I am in no way trying to be discouraging.

    I am attempting to say:

    "Trying, whether you fail or not is the only way to improve. No matter how your entry is received the fact is that merely competing will allow you to gain the most important and valuable thing... experience."

    I hope that this is encouraging to those of you entering for your first time, as it is my opinion that this contest is a wonderful thing and has an amazing community. You will find few if any places better to display and hone your craft.

    Tl;dr: You can do it! First year of fifth, the fact that you are here is awesome. Good luck!

    Hello Everybody!

    *Que crickets*

    Well... *Uhrm*

    I guess I will just jump right in.

    I have a paladin in my party who is playing an archetype that gives up spellcasting and detect evil.

    He basically does not have the normal ability of a paladin to detect evil alignment.

    The reason this is an issue is that in his party is a NE barbarian.

    They are level 6 and second mythic tier. This has not been an issue due to the fact that the reason the barbarian was evil was due to the fact that she had been beaten, burned and stoned out of any place she tried to settle due to her race.

    The party got together at level one by qualifying to be "Wardens", basically federal marshals.

    All of them were lumped together and told that they were rejects and had only got in on a "Pity Pass".

    All of them were odd races. For the barbarian this party is the first time in her very long (100 year+) life that she has ever been accepted.

    Now since joining the party the barbarian who originally started with the thought process of "Lock em all up and throw away the key! Club any who resist! Then no on else can kill em!" when told to defend a small hamlet, has actually proven to be a strong resource and a friend to the party. She is most likely going to switch from NE to N at some point. She may even go so far as NG.

    At the moment however she is NE, but by her actions the paladin thinks she is some flavor of N or NG.

    She did defend some villagers, however mostly because they promised her pie.

    My question is this:

    1.) If a paladin is adventuring with a character with an Evil alignment, and has no way of knowing either via magic or via actions that said character is evil, will the paladin in question fall/lose powers/get a warning?

    I know my answer and how I have been running it but just thought I would ask as I like others viewpoints.

    I have been looking over magic item pricing and while I know it is not an exact science, I just cannot see how it prices out to 120,630 gp.

    Could anyone break it down for me?

    Has anyone collated the CMD's of the bestiary creatures by CR?

    I am just fine tuning some of my projects and realized that I need to collate all of the bestiaries and also create "Average" CMD's for humanoids if has not already been done.

    So, in the attempt to not reinvent the wheel just thought I would ask if anyone had already done this?

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