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Those of you digging the soundtrack to Bram Stoker's Dracula should check out Danny Elfman's work on The Wolfman soundtrack.

And for those moments when the PCs are busting in to stop a evil cult from completing rituals there are a few tracks from Jerry Goldsmith's The Omen .

TONS of great stuff here though... I've got to do some serious listening over the next few days.

I loved what F. Wesley Schneider & Paizo did in Pathfinder #8. And if the Nosferatu in that issue was any "omen" of things to come, I'm gonna love this as well.

Dark Mistress is right though. Would've been nice to get the brain gears turning for an all night nail-biting Halloween session! Oh well, all the more planning for next year.

Ravenloft anyone?

Though seriously I'm a horror junkie & I love the classic stuff from the Silents to the Hammer films & I can't wait to see Paizo's take on some of the gothic horror tales.

Any chance that some folklore will be added/taken into account with any of the monsters? The Romanian Strigoi/vampire stuff for example?