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Congrats, you determined that the game wasn't playtested at high levels and that the scaling goes far beyond any PC's ability to do anything. That's pretty common knowledge at this point.

I recently got a wild hair up my butt and decided I wanted to self-publish my crappy Starfinder adventures (or possible adventure path if I can keep up the motivation). Assuming I follow any and all rules, can I do that? If this is the wrong place, feel free to point me in the right direction.

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I was thinking of playing an Eoxian devotee of Abadar who is adventuring to gain capital to start his undead laborer rental business. He saw how effective it was on Eox and saw an opportunity.

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rouges are overpowdered.

This is important, because I want to be Batman, and if I can't breath in space then what's the point?

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Alternate Lashunta: Lashunta are now genderless with two castes instead. Pic related:

I feel left out, I'm planning on building a soldier that's good at blowing stuff up...

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In my game I will keep the original Lashunta sexual dimorphism because I am okay with it (I breed tarantulas, and it's not uncommon for the females to be almost twice as big as the males). That being said, like a previous poster said I'm more disappointed that they gave them all +2 cha instead of +2 int like before.

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If I play a Shirren, I'm going to insist on no pronouns. Everyone will refer to me in third person form only or not at all. EDIT: It actually works in-character, why would someone who values individuality on an almost religious level be comfortable with anyone using a generic pronoun? Tc'Charok is Tc'Charok! Tc'charok is not a "he", "she", or "they", do not use words to erase Tc'Charok's indiduality!

(Tc'Charok's chitin-deficient friends finds Tc'Charok hard to pronounce. Tc'Charok gives them permission to call Tc'Charok "Skippy" instead, as it is agreed upon that "Skippy only refers to Tc'Charok)

I hope that's not like the 1d810 that the guy in the sneak peek book got for a melee attack...

Your allies could potentially give the enemy cover, but that's the only real penalty. As long as your party is good at not standing in your way like a bunch of doofuses you'll be good.

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kadance wrote:

Anecdotal evidence from the official games at Gencon says that a ship's tier doesn't change when PC take it. Until they spend the BP to upgrade/retrofit it, the tier doesn't increase, despite the line in the CRB:

** spoiler omitted **

Be careful where you say that, I was called a liar for posting that on a different board.

I'm curious as to how combat maneuvers in general will work in-game, from my perspective it seems they're kind of difficult...

I'm the GM so I'm going to say yes. You can add infinite turrets.

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I crunched some more numbers, and heard from a friend that was at Gencon and have some insight:

* Tier of the ship matters, APL is just recommended. If you capture a tier 8 ship and you're level 12 it's a tier 8 ship with level 12 people flying it. You aren't required to upgrade to APL unless you want to. You probably won't be able to past a certain point if you wanted to (see below)

* Gunners, Science Officers, and Engineers work in teams on bigger ships, and on smaller ships you aren't going to be able to upgrade past a certain point regardless of BP (energy budget is a lady dog, BP is not)

* Only 2 roles won't have teams on a larger ship, which means only 2 roles need the +10 bonus for computers per round. And a reasonably optimized pilot (any race, 18 dex plus stat increases, +6 implant, and max skilled ranks and computer assistance) will literally be able to make the Death Star barrel roll on a 10 or higher.

* Captain? Yeah, you're boned for one of your actions. Not only do you have to hit DC 70, but you need the skill you're trying to double up (which means an effective captain needs to reliably hit DC 70 for computer use, engineering, and piloting). The DC 50 and 55 checks at level 20 aren't out of reach though even if you don't play the lashunta envoy master race.

The last math I saw a lashunta envoy could hit a 70 once per day if she rolled a 20 then 16 on 2d8. That's so obscure to not count.

Really though the Captain and the Pilot are the only people that can't have teams backing them up, and pilot DCs are lower (a reasonably optimized pilot (18 dex + 4 skill increases +6 implant + 20 ranks trained + 10 computer) can make the Death Star do a barrel roll on a 10 or better).

The one specific 10+3xtier ability needs to be tweaked as it's not only too high but the captain needs to match the skill that he's trying to inspire (computer use, piloting, or engineering). Even though he's the only other person on a large capital vessel that needs that +10 he still can't do that, like ever.

Rysky the Dark Solarion wrote:

Just to point out,

A) Barricade lets you get cover anywhere, not just if a table is nearby.

B) Harrassing/Covering Fire are actions anyone can do. The Suppresive Fire Feat just makes you a lot better at them.

B) I'm a little confused as to how this makes you better. You seem very informed, could you explain?

Vesk soldier. Demolitions expert, uses explosives, heavy weapons and heavy armor in combat. Expert engineer and pilot, loves tinkering and collecting vehicles. Intends to retire before he ever has to make a DC 70 skill check for anything.

Androids smell like burning plastic and feet. So, yes.

Depends on the turret. All the medium ships in the CRB list a size and quantity (explorer is one light, transport is 2 light). The only real rule is that turrets don't have a dedicated arc, they can shoot in any direction, but only one direction per round (for example, a transport couldn't aim its two weapons in different directions in the same gunnery phase). If you're looking into the transport look into getting two identical linked weapons, it costs more but it makes them strike as one weapon, good for overcoming damage threashold.

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I'm particularly interested in playable Eoxians. I feel like it would add interesting roleplaying opportunities if there were intelligent undead that didn't automatically want to eat your face that you pretty much had to deal with as long as it didn't start trouble. I also feel that the core book did give the bare bones when it came to equipment, but does seem a bit light on the selection (everything you might need, but not everything you might want if that makes sense) More themes? Also welcome.

I think I have a new favorite poster on this forum. because this whole thread is hilarious.

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Zaister wrote:
CountArioch wrote:
I'm going to be ignoring nearly all of the FAQ, and if you're cool like me you'll do the same thing.
I can still use all the FAQ and errata rules and be cool, too.

True, but I specified "cool like me". You clearly are cool in some other way :p. I just wanted to specify that I didn't like the changes presented but wasn't angry about it.

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I'm going to be ignoring nearly all of the FAQ, and if you're cool like me you'll do the same thing.