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Hi All,

Returned to playing with my sons and ran into the unavailability of the Monster Codex Box soon after.

Poked around and started seeing it pop up at under $40US on (France's Amazon) as "New" and "shipped and sold by Amazon" with an expected pre-order release date (Thank you Google Translate!).

This would pass, go out of stock, and then it would post a new release date to pre-order. With Amazon's guarantee the next time it came up I jumped. Ordered on May 24th, it arrived today.

It came in its original cellophane as-is and the box was a bit beat up and smells a bit musty (sitting on a warehouse shelf somewhere I figure)so I figured at best it was used. Popped it open and it is indeed NEW, unpunched with unopened stands and all. Amazing. :)

Thought I would post here for those looking, you might want to keep and eye on!

Hope this helps, they are definitely out there!

Here too, new to Pathfinder - just ordered all the essential books from our FLGS after we had a blast with the Beginners Box.

Having also grabbed the RotRL Anniversary Edition and Pawns, would really like these cards to further the attachment of the players (up to six of them at the moment!) to Sandpoint.

Please keep up informed when you can!